The following is courtesy of Fox News. I am loath to admit it, but Fox has a valid point:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The more Canadian police dig underneath a pig farm east of Vancouver, British Columbia (search), the more death they unearth.

Over the past two years, police have discovered the partial remains of 31 women, making it the country’s worst serial killer case.

“This is supposedly the good and peaceable kingdom … Canada,” said criminologist/sociologist Bob Ratner. “It’s getting increasingly difficult to think of Canada as some kind of sanctuary from those crimes.”

Farm owner Robert Willy Pickton (search) faces 22 counts of murder so far. His alleged victims are all prostitutes from downtown Vancouver’s east side.

The details of the murders are unbelievably gruesome. Police found human body parts in freezers used to store unsold meat. They also discovered remains in a wood chipper (search) — the victims’ bodies turned into pig feed. But most Canadians don’t know any of this horrifying evidence because the country’s media has been barred from reporting it.

“Canadians are trying to protect the integrity of the criminal justice system, protect people’s reputation against encroachment, against jury taint,” said Mary Lynn Young, an assistant journalism professor at the University of British Columbia (search).

But experts warn that Canada’s coverage ban has a dangerous flip side — shielding the public from the details of the case also protects the police from critical scrutiny and has the public wondering why it took so long for the women to be found.

Pickton is scheduled to appear in court in June and a trial date may be set at that time.


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