Canada’s Parole System: A Midway Carousel

More fear and loathing from La Belle Province.

Francois Despres was given 15 years for stabbing a man 50 times and beating him with a cricket bat.

Then Corrections let him out.

Less than sixty days later he crossed paths with 65-year-old Denyse Abel and proceeded to stab her 32 times – but Abel survived and is now suing the attorney-general and Corrections Canada for $1.2 million.

Right on Granny!

The National Parole Board denied Despres early release in 1993, ’95, ’96, and ’97. Then in 2000, Corrections Canada decided that Despres would benefit from a change of scenery, so they let him out; never bothering to consult with the NPB who had denied him parole those four times.

Now I’m not sure what the official release date is for Despres’ current sentence, but you and I both know it’ll likely be before the next Olympics.

As for Denyse Abel, I hope she gets every nickle of that $1.2 million. Better yet, put her on a province wide tour to demonstrate to taxpayers that the constant retrialing of offenders and subsequent civil suits caused by a soft parole system is milking the country to its financial capacity.


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