Ya! That’s the Ticket!

Now I admit the Democratic race is not my oeuvre, but allow me to weigh in on the subject of Wesley Clark (Warning: I will spin this around to an argument about Canada and violence).

It’s bad enough that everytime he smiles Clark looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy… and draping himself in girth of America’s number one Canadian ass-kisser is a sure way not to capture the White House. Yes, I’m talking about Michael Moore – whose idea was it in the Clark camp to latch on to this guy?

I am no lover of guns or the Conservative party, but Michael Moore and his distortions of Canadian society must be addressed; if only to keep Canadians in line. The last thing we need is Canada feeling self-satisfied. Yes, Bowling For Columbine is old news now, but I’ve been chewing on this one for a while and I’d like to have my say.

I have no problem with Moore asserting that Canada has less gun violence than the U.S., but when he conveniently drops the gun part and makes the broader statement that Canada is a less voilent society than the States, I’ve got to take issue:

Clifford Olson, William Fyfe, Robert Pickton. No the names aren’t as well known as their American counterparts, but these three men committed crimes to equal or surpass the likes of Gary Ridgeway and Ted Bundy.

And what’s this business about Toronto being safe? Tell that to the parents of Cecilia Zhang or Holly Jones. Jones was found, in pieces along the shows of Lake Ontario. Anyone want to go boating?

No guns? I’ve felt safer in Watts then I would ever be strolling the Jane / Finch corridor. Toronto subsidized housing is idealic? Come to my home town of Saint John, New Brunswick. I’ll show you some projects. They don’t call it “the Rifle Range” for nothing.

What was I talking about? Oh ya, the Democratic Primaries… well anyway, Wes Clark’s a wooden puppet, and Michael Moore’s still a weenie – my fair and balanced analysis of the situation.


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