Part IV

I Can’t Seem To Get To You Through The U.S. Mail

The Sherbrooke Record newspaper won’t publish my letter to the editor. They say I’m fuming because I got busted for sending spam, and now I’m using it as an excuse to get back on my soapbox. Also, I accused a current School administrator of obstucting justice and called for his resignation.

– well, ya.. –

I counted to the Record that they were trying to silence me. They are the only newspaper in the region that hasn’t acknowledged that the police have reactivated my sister’s case.

The Record stated that this wasn’t true. That there have been over 18 stories in their paper about the case, and they have given ample attention to the matter – everyone in the region is aware of the Theresa Allore tragedy. Moreover, everytime they talk to the Surete du Quebec, the Srete says that in fact there isn’t an active investigation.

Well the part about the SQ is true, and it’s an ongoing problem. The Surete never confirms anything for the press. Everytime a journalist contacts the Surete, they give them their standard pitter-patter:

the case is still open because as an unsolved crime it can never be closed… if we receive new leads of course we always pursue them, but currently we have received no new information…

This, despite the fact that for the past year I have had weekly contact with a Surete investigator who is working on my sister’s case. Nevertheless, as far as the Record is concerned, I’ve been talking to a big white rabbit.

By now I have gone through about a dozen revisions for a letter I don’t even care about anymore. I’ve spent more time on this letter than some people dedicate to their doctoral thesis. I am so sick of this fucking letter.

Finally I say screw it – the Record never intended to publish anything I wrote, they were just stirnging me along to embarrass me. Then they throw me a bone. If I will agree to remove all the stuff about naming current employees, they’ll take one more look at the letter.

Ok, whatever…

What a rediculous thing for me to be wasting my time on.

Finally, the editor of the Record called me back and agreed to publish my letter in tomorrow’s paper. I’ve wasted an entire week on this thing.


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