But I Digress…

An article in today’s Montreal Gazette suggests pathological gamblers are prone to suicide. If they’re talking about poker, the only thing more despairing than playing the game is being forced to watch others play it. Ever been invited to a party only to find it’s really a poker circle and you’re the only one that doesn’t play? How much does that suck. You’re forced to sit in the corner and pretend like you’re caught up in the enthusiasm.

Which brings me to the latest television trend – Celebrity Poker. Whose idea was this? What could be duller than watching guys play poker? Watching guys play poker ON TV! And what’s worse, they’re “celebrities”. Do I really want to watch the cast of The West Wing locked in a grueling hand of Texas Hold’um?


For laughs, I’ll tell you what to do. When the final showdown airs on January 13th, make like you’re Stella to Richard Schiff’s Stanley (the big gorilla). Go to the kitchen and make the fellas a plate of sandwiches. Set the plate down in front of the television for the boys to enjoy. They’ll ignore you and act like you’re not in the room (’cause you’re not; you’re in your livingroom and they’re ON TELEVISION). Sit in the corner and sulk.

See, it’s just like the crappiest party you’ve ever attended!


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