Surete du Quebec Charged With Gross Incompetence

So get this. A guy is driving home from work when he notices an SQ cruiser weaving through traffic at 120 kmh. The SQ cruiser pulls over to the side of the road, so the citizen does the same and attempts to narc on the SQ officer for his poor driving. Sensing his undoing, the SQ officer gets out of the cruiser and proceeds to issue the guy a ticket for speeding and tailgating. The officer then attempts to confiscate the citizen’s license and registration, thus forcing the guy to break the law by driving without the proper paperwork. Only in Montreal!

It took nearly two years for a judge to recognize the utter stupidity here; he charged officer Carl Thibault with unethical behavior and total abuse of his position of authority.

Ladies and gentleman… Quebec’s finest, the Surete du Quebec!


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