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Letter to the EditorSherbrooke RecordAugust 28, 2002
Champlain must become part of the solutionDear Editor,The more I’ve read about the Allore et al case, the more troubled I am by what seems to have been the uncaring attitude shown by the police. This we might regrettably be forced to accept, but it appears certain former Champlain authorities are being shielded from legitimate accountability — which would be truly a travesty.”We have no desire to get involved in a point-by-point discussion of Mr. Allore’s argument.”How else can this statement (The Record August 26) by Bertrand Daigneault be interpreted other than they’ll not respond to the call for accountability? Is this not a classic deniability response doing little to assuage what is now increasingly becoming grounds for reasonable doubt — as already clearly suggested by Patricia Pearson’s mid-August story in the National Post, and followed by The Record (Aug. 19).Surely finding out the truth with respect to who, if anyone, may have dropped the ball would do much to assure us that such a thing would not happen in this era. So although Champlain personnel may not have been “part of the problem” it still would be comforting to know whey might still become “part of the solution” which is to leave no possibility unexplored in the hopes of closure.Attacking John Allore for his legitimate outspokenness sidesteps due process. The Police, to their credit, believed there were sufficient questions to re the triple murder investigation. Answers from anywhere are made more necessary than ever by recent unsolved cases, since even the most remote possibility of a connection to this gruesome past should be seen as a deadly serious cause for concern.Ray TylerLennoxville, Quebec


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