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Response from Champlain CollegeAugust 26, 2002
Dear Editor, Subject Mr. John Allore’s Letter The management of Champlain Regional College was stunned by the allegations made by John Allore in a letter published in your paper on August 21.The College sympathizes deeply with Mr. Allore and his family for the loss of their sister and daughter, Theresa, in 1978. We cannot, however, remain silent about remarks Mr. Allore makes about the College, which are patently defamatory and go well beyond any inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Theresa Allore’s disappearance. In essence, it is tantamount to putting our institution on trial.We have no desire to get involved in a point-by-point discussion of Mr. Allore’s argument. We do feel that it is important to point out that the College management stated on numerous recent occasions that it had cooperated with the police at the time of the event and that it intends to do so again when and if the investigation is red.A teaching institution such as Champlain Regional College has an abiding respect for freedom of expression. Statements such as those made by Mr. Allore in his letter published August 21, intended more to harm the College’s reputation than to make headway in the case, are something altogether different.Champlain Regional College will not tolerate this gratuitous, unfounded and untruthful attack on a sterling reputation that has been carefully developed during the past 30 years and is acknowledged by the Eastern Townships community, the rest of Quebec and well beyond its borders. That is why we are today bringing this letter to your readers’ attention.Yours trulyBertrand DaigneaultDirector / Champlain-Lennoxville


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