Natasha Cournoyer: Case Cold

Les policiers n’ont rien. Ils ont fait appel au public pour des témoins à se présenter, qui aurait vu une activité suspecte dans la nuit Natasha Cournoyer disparu. Aussi, rapporte que Michel Trottier passé un test de polygraphe:


The police have nothing. They are appealing to the public for witnesses to come forward who might have seen suspicious activity the night Natasha Cournoyer disappeared.  Also, is reporting that Michel Trottier passed a lie detector test.:


L’ami de coeur de Natasha Cournoyer, assassinée il y a dix jours, aurait passé avec succès le test du polygraphe mercredi après-midi. C’est ce que a appris de sources sûres.


Il semble que Michel Trottier a répondu avec succès aux questions des enquêteurs des Crimes majeurs de la police de Montréal qui peuvent ainsi l’écarter de la liste des suspects potentiels du meurtre de Natasha Cournoyer, cette employée des Services correctionnels du Canada qui est disparue de son lieu de travail, à Laval, le soir du premier octobre dernier et qui a été retrouvée morte cinq jours plus tard sous un pylône du quartier Pointe-aux-Trembles, à Montréal.

C’est volontairement que l’homme de 32 ans a accepté de se soumettre à ce test. À l’origine, la séance devait avoir lieu le 6 octobre dernier, mais la découverte du corps de la femme de 37 ans, le jour même, avait forcé les autorités à remettre le rendez-vous à plus tard.

Ces conclusions permettent aux enquêteurs de fermer une porte et de se concentrer vers d’autres pistes issues de différentes informations obtenues dans les jours suivant le meurtre. Il est cependant trop tôt pour dire si ces informations déboucheront sur des choses concrètes.

L’ami de coeur de Natasha Cournoyer, Michel Trottier, a passé avec succès le test du polygraphe. Photo d’archives Luc Laforce

Après la découverte du corps, les policiers de Laval avaient effectué des recherches le long de l’autoroute 19 et trouvé plusieurs objets. Il semble cependant qu’outre une carte d’identité de la victime, avec photo, et quelques papiers, les objets trouvés en bordure de la voie rapide n’appartiendraient pas à Mme Cournoyer.

Contrairement à certaines informations véhiculées dans les médias, il est également trop tôt pour conclure que la femme a été abordée et enlevée par un ou des individus qu’elle connaissait.


Rappelons qu’une somme de 10 000 $ est offerte à toute personne qui permettrait aux enquêteurs d’arrêter le ou les meurtriers. Toute information doit être acheminée à Info-Crime, au (514) 393-1133.

Natasha Cournoyer sera exposée vendredi, au Complexe funéraire Urgel Bourgie Saint-François-d’Assise, rue Beaubien, dans l’est de Montréal. Ses funérailles seront célébrées le lendemain, à Saint-Sauveur, dans les Laurentides.


Rocky Mount Women – body identified


I’m wondering when these cases are going to get the attention they so desperately deserve:

Body of seventh victim identified

By Mike Hixenbaugh 
Rocky Mount Telegram

Monday, October 12, 2009

Authorities on Monday identified a body found earlier this year inside city limits as 33-year-old Elizabeth Jane Smallwood, bringing the known number of Rocky Mount women found dead in similar circumstances in recent years to seven.

Smallwood, a black woman with a criminal history of prostitution and drug abuse, matches the profile of six other Rocky Mount women killed since 2003.

A task force of federal, state and local investigators has been probing the murders the past several months. Deputies so far have made an arrest in one of the seven deaths.

Of the victims, Smallwood is the only to have been found inside city limits. A prison work crew clearing tree limbs and debris found her decomposing remains on Feb. 13 off Melton Drive. She had been dead for six months to a year before the body was discovered, according to the autopsy. The cause of death has not been determined.

“Smallwood had not been reported missing to the Rocky Mount Police Department by family or friends,” Capt. Laura Fahnestock said. “But through investigative leads, we were able to link her to the skeletal remains.”

The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Chapel Hill identified the body by comparing Smallwood’s medical records to the remains, authorities said.

Rumors of a serial killer stalking poor women have spread through East Rocky Mount the past few months, and in June authorities publicly connected the dots between the unsolved murders of Jarniece Hargrove, 31, Taraha Nicholson, 28, Ernestine Battle, 50, Jackie Thorpe, 35, and Melody Wiggins, 29. Responding to a report in the Telegram, Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight announced last month that 21-year-old Denise Williams’ 2003 murder also is included in the probe.

Investigators won’t say if they believe the murders are linked, but they believe they could be.

Each of the previously identified victims was found in swampy and wooded fields in Edgecombe County, a few miles outside the city, and each was known to have traded sex to feed drug addictions, according to criminal records and family members.

Smallwood had been arrested on a number of occasions since 2001 on drug and prostitution charges, according to criminal records. She had been charged with prostitution as recently as 2007.

Authorities are searching for three missing Rocky Mount women as part of the investigation: Yolanda Lancaster, 37, Joyce Renee Durham, 46, and Christine Boone, 43.

FBI agents are assisting in the investigation.

Authorities in September arrested Antwan Pittman, 31, and charged him in Nicholson’s murder. Investigators won’t say if they believe the Rocky Mount man might be involved in any of the other deaths.

The case, which grabbed national headlines this summer, has shined light on the city’s fight against the illegal sex and drug trade and has inspired a local coalition of community advocates working to raise awareness about murdered and missing women.

A $20,000 reward is offered to anyone with a tip leading to an arrest in the case. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Twin County Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111.


Top Ten Crime Blogs

dumping the van

This is an update of a piece e-justice did a while back on the 50 top detective blogs. I wanted to see who’s still plugging away at it, so I did a  blog lit review and condensed it down to my top 10 (what’s sad is I was challenged to come up with ten, many of these great sites are now abandoned or shut down)

All of these sites are well written and extremely well designed, enjoy:

1.   LAPD Blog. Detailed descriptions of crimes occurring in LA. Nice use of Compstat data

2.   The Philosophical Cop Police Blog. Blog offers stories, advice, and he also enjoys answering “Ask a Cop” questions. Love this guy, only wish he’d post more often

3.   The Johnny Law Chronicles. This popular and hard-hitting blog brings plenty of information, news, and opinion about being an officer. Well done, well written.

4.   Crime, Guns, and Videotape. Written by an ex-detective from Chicago. Clearly has an ax to grind with the current Administration, but I love a contrarian.

5.   Bonnie’s Blog of Crime. This blogger posts crime stories, some of which are closed, but most are open and ready for readers to offer any help they can with missing persons and similar incidents.

6.   The Malefactor’s Register. Read about true crimes from the early 1900’s to present day in this well-done blog. For when you want to get away from it all, but you don’t wanna get away from crime.

7.   The Investigator’s Notebook. This real-life PI in Dallas, TX. Nice and Noir.

8.   Police Inspector Blog. This ex-British Army soldier is now a police inspector in the rural England. Extremely funny.

9.   The Twining Chronicles – A British Police News Feed. A black police sergeant, Twining blogs about race and policing in an honest and direct manner that is worth having on your blogroll.

and finally one that is not on the e-justice list but has always been a personal favorite:

10.    Coolopolis is Kristian Gravenor’s study of Montreal. More than just a crime blog, it often focuses on the city and its sleaze. And it has some of the best photographs of the city I’ve ever seen. 

If you have others, please send me a link.