#HannahGraham #MorganHarrington investigations: What’s in it for Me

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I’ve been thinking about my reasons for being so vested in these cases.

This is why:

I need to take a fresh look at my sister’s case. I’ve been gearing up for it for a while now, but I need to look at something similar from a fresh perspective first. I’m not ready for it yet (it takes 4 o’clock in the morning courage to look at your sister’s autopsy report… all of it drains you). Corresponding with folks on the Hannah Graham / Morgan Harrington / Jesse Matthew affair, sharing ideas, this all helps with the process.

It’s not like I need the attention. I surely don’t. I appreciate connecting with all you lovely folks in the States, but for my purposes, the people I need to engage with to solve a crime are all in Canada, more specifically in Quebec, and more directly most likely Francophones from the Eastern Townships.

Morgan_Harrington_courtesy_photoMy interest in Graham / Harrington / Matthew is all about the similarities (not connections, there are none) with Allore / Camirand / Dube:

1. Multiple victims / cold cases

2. “Town and Gown” environments / politics

3. Similar populations: Under 100,000, but they balloon when school commences.

4. Rough, wooded, mountainous surroundings.

5. Disappearances in the Fall.

6. Re. 5 above; hinderances with the coming snow, hinderances / opportunities with the coming of hunting season.

7. Seemingly high-risk victims who initially got blamed for their final circumstances.

Probably other reasons, I will leave some room for comment / input.

What’s not similar?

Theresa Allore

Theresa Allore

The French / English issue in Quebec, but this is easily substituted with the potential for a Black / White race issue in Virginia. And on this issue, I would offer this advice: If it comes down to this, always take the high  ground. I have already heard some despicable comments in reference to Jesse Matthews. Don’t go there. He’s a suspect, that’s all. The first thing I did when I started my sister’s investigation was to learn French, so that card could never be played. You can’t change the color of your skin, but you can avoid being an ignorant fossil. 

I feel so much love for the families of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington. 3 weeks is a long time. 5 years is a long time.  36 years is a long time.


#JesseMatthew timeline via Websleuths

The "tracks in the field" theory

The “tracks in the field” theory

Websleuths has posted an incredible timeline for Jesse Matthew. Note: Items in blue are not necessarily tied to Mathew but occurred during the time frame  as possible victims:

12/14/1981 – Jesse Mathew born

Charlottesville Athlete of the Year – earned him scholarship to Liberty University http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crim…icle-1.1952383

Graduated from Moticello High School http://www.newsadvance.com/news/stat…=image&photo=0
Begins attending Liberty University, Plays Football
~~05/02/00 Namus #789 -African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 30-50 Sussex County, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/789
~~11/11/00 Hope Curry missing – Virginia Beach, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/c/curry_hope.html

~~6/03/01 Annie Horne missing – Richmond, VA www.charleyproject.org/cases/h/horne_annie.html[/COLOR]
**9/1/01 Liberty Flames @ Boone, NC (L)
**9/8/01 Liberty Flames @ Richmond, KY (L)
**9/22/01 Liberty Flames @ home (W)
~~09/27/01 Namus #6470 – African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 15-20 Fairfax County, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/6470
**9/29/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**10/13/01 Liberty Flames @ @ Orlando, FL (L)
**10/20/01 Liberty Flames @ Boiling Springs, NC (L)
**10/27/01 Liberty Flames @ Tampa, FL (L)
~~11/01/01 Janice Johnson – Henrico, VA – 42 – missing http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…on_janice.html
**11/3/01 Liberty Flames @ Cullowhee, NC (L)
**11/10/01 Liberty Flames @ Charleston, SC (W)
**11/17/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**11/23/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)

~~01/21/02 Namus #788 – African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 25-35 Petersburg City, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/788
~~05/31/02 Marlene Robinson – Hampton, VA – 57 – missing http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/3389dfva.html
~~8/29/02 La-Teasha LaMone Brooks missing – Farmville, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…la-teasha.html
**8/31/02 Liberty Flames @Home (L)
**9/7/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**9/21/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
~~9/22/02 Sharon Jones missing – Norfolk, VA www.charleyproject.org/cases/j/jones_sharon.html
**9/28/02 Liberty Flames @ Orlando, FL (L)
**10/5/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**10/12/02 Liberty Flames @ Akron, OH (L)
10/17/02 alleged sexual assault at Liberty University http://www.whsv.com/home/headlines/M…277088541.html
**10/19/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**10/26/02 Liberty Flames @ Lexington, VA (L)
**11/02/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**11/09/02 Liberty Flames @ Elon, NC (L)
**11/23/02 Liberty Flames @Hempstead, NY (L)

01/2003 – begins attending Newport University, Newport News, VA
~~02/01/03 Julie Marie Fraser missing – Norfolk, VA www.missingin.org/reg818/julie_marie_fraser.htm
~~7/24/03 Autumn Wind Day missing – Newport News, VA www.missingin.org/reg791/autumn_wind_day.htm

8/14/03 – 9/12/03 Member of Newport Football Team
**09/06/03 CNU Game – played
~~9/07/03 Sophia May Rivera missing – Newport News, VA http://www.blackcelebritygiving.com/…-newport-news/
**9/13/03 CNU Game- played
**9/27/03 CNU Game – no play
**10/4/03 CNU Game no play
**10/11/03 CNU Game no play
10/15/03 – Leaves Newport University
~~10/18/03 Rachel Good – Elkton, VA – 20 – missing http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/g/good_rachel.html
10/29/03 – Traffic Charges – No State Inspection (charges dropped), failure to wear seatbelt (guilty) in Newport News

6/17/04 – Traffic Charge: Fail to obey traffic signal
8/5/04 – Hearing –guilty in absentia 6/17/04 – Fail to obey traffic signal
~~09/10/04 Namus # 960 – African American Female Found – EPI 3 years – age 40-60 – Norfolk City, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/960

~~1/24/05 Crystal Soles – Andrews, SC http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…_crystal.htmll
~~1/28/05 Vestora Leatrise Spriggs – Norfolk, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…s_vestora.html
3/04/05 – Traffic Charge: Speeding
4/22/05 – Hearing: waived/paid – Buckingham General District Court (Charlottesville address) 3/04/05 – Traffic Charge: Speeding
~~9/24/2005 Fairfax, VA Sexual Assault http://www.readthehook.com/67132/mor…ope-fresh-fear
~~10/21/05 Kathleen Hulderman missing – Chesapeake City, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…_kathleen.html

2/1/06 – Traffic Charge: failure to obey stop sign
2/21/06 – Hearing: guilty 2/1/06 – failure to obey stop sign
6/21/06 – Traffic Charge: speeding
7/24/06 – Traffic Charge: speeding
7/25/06 – Hearing – cont 6/21/06 – speeding
8/9/06 – Hearing – guilty 7/24/06 – speeding
8/22/06 – Hearing –not guilty 6/21/06 – speeding
~~8/26/06 Qauisra Khan missing – Alexandria, VA www.charleyproject.org/cases/k/khan_qasira.html

Receives taxi permit
1/24/07 – Traffic charge – speeding – Charlottesville 22903
3/21/07 – Hearing- RE: Speeding Charge in Greene County 1/24/07 – guilty
~~05/14/07 Namus # 6665 – African American Female Found – EPI weeks – age 20-30 – Petersburg City, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/6665
~~7/22/07 Ivonne Biviano missing – LaCrosse, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…no_ivonne.html
~~07/28/07 Namus # 9512 – White Female Found – EPI: 3 years – age 18-99 – Richmond City, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/9512

Fall 2007 – Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
~~9/21/07 Sereda McGlothin missing – Carrol County, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…in_sereda.html
~11/16/07 Namus # 6666 – African American Female Found – EPI: Years – age 20-35 – Dinwiddle County, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/6666

11/20/07 – Traffic charge – speeding – Charlottesville 22903

Holds taxi permit
2/4/08 Hearing – RE: 11/20/07 speeding charge – guilty
~~4/21/08 Gracie MacCord – Spotsylvania County, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…rd_gracie.html
Spring & Fall 2008 – – Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
~~ 06/27/08 Anne Turner – Newport News, VA – 38 – missing http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/t/turner_anne.html
8/19/08 UVA Health Services Warranty in Debt (civil)

Holds taxi permit
~~3/14/09 Latonia Smith – Portsmouth, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…h_latonia.html
6/4/09 – Assault & Grand Larceny Charge Incident
6/23/09 – Warrant in Debt – Martha Jefferson Hospital
~~07/07/09 Hattie Brown – Halifax County, VA – 48 – missing http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/b/brown_hattie.html
7/9/09 – Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
8/20/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~8/27/09 Heidi Childs & David Metzler Virginia Tech students found murdered – Jefferson National Forest
9/17/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~10/10/09 Cassandra Morton missing – Lynchburg, VA http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho…rg-10-Nov-2009
10/02/09 Traffic Charge –speeding
~~10/17/09 Morgan Harrington goes missing (Forensic link to JLM) http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho…-2009-1/page12

10/22/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~11/11/09 Morgan Harrington – shirt found @ corner of 15th St & Grady Ave outside apt building
~~11/18/09 Tatawanda Hill – Norfolk, VA www.charleyproject.org/cases/h/hill_tawanda.html
11/24/09 – Hearing – cont 10/02/09 speeding
~~11/29/09 Norma Avillan – Herndon, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…lan_norma.html
~~11/29/09 Cassandra Morton – body found on Liberty University property

12/22/09 – Hearing –cont 10/02/09 speeding

Holds taxi permit
dba Jesse L MatthewJr – Ponderosa Trail business shows founded
~~1/24/10 Joan Cook – Salem, VA www.charleyproject.org/cases/c/cook_joan.html
~~1/26/10 Morgan Harrington body found at Anchorage Farm in Southern Albemarle County

1/26/10 Hearing: RE: 10/2/09 Traffic charges – dismissed
3/17/10 Trespassing after Forbidden – Keswick, VA 22947
3/24/10 Traffic Charges – Speeding – Keswick, VA 22947
~~ 4/5/10 – Morgan Harrington- info RE: Shirt found released to public
4/22/10 Hearing: RE: 6/4/09 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges & 3/7/10 Trespassing Charges – nolle prosequi on assault and grand larceny; guilty on trespass after forbidden
~~4/30/10 Arianna Davis – Henrico, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…s_arianna.html
5/6/10 – cont 3/24/10 – speeding
5/23/10 Traffic Charges – Speeding – Charlottesville 22903
6/3/10 Hearing: RE: 3/24/10 Speeding Charges – guilty in absentia
07/10 Authorities announce forensic evidence connects Harrington case & 2005 Fairfax rape case
7/6/10 Hearing: RE: 5/23/10 Speeding Charges – guilty
~~9/3/10 Samantha Ann Clarke – Orange, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…_samantha.html
~~10/1/10 UVA Robbery 1AM “blk male 5’6-5’8, 120-140 lbs” – NOTE: all dates marked “UVA” are taken from this source:http://www.virginia.edu/uvapolice/safety.html
~~10/25/10 UVA Robbery 10:30 pm “blk male 6’1-6’2 early 20’s”

11/2/10 Traffic Charges – Failure to obey RR signal – Charlottesville 22947
12/9/10 – Hearing – cont 11/2/10- fail to obey RR crossing signal
~~12/12/10 UVA Sex Assault 1am – “blk male, 5’10”
12/26/10 – Traffic Charges – Driving on suspended license & speeding in Madison County, VA– Charlottesville 22947

1/13/11 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 11/2/10 guilty in absentia
~~1/29/11 – Bethany Decker- Loudon County, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…r_bethany.html
3/18/11 – Hearing –cont 12/26/10 – driving on susp license; speeding – Madison General District Court
5/26/11 – Hearing-RE: Driving on Suspended License & Speeding– Madison County – guilty sent 10 days, susp 10 days
8/10/11 – Traffic Charges: Def. exhaust, no inspection, driving while suspended – 2nd offense – Charlottesville 22947
8/19/11 – Hearing –cont 8/10/11 – Def Exhaust, no inspection
8/27/11 Traffic Charge: Driving suspended 2nd offense & evading traffic control – Charlottesville 22947
Fall 2011- Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
9/2/11 – Hearing –cont 8/27/11 – evasion of traffic control drive susp – amended to drive susp 2nd offense
9/6/11 – Hearing – cont 8/10/11 – Def Exhaust, no inspection Driving Susp 2nd offense
9/13/11 – Hearing – cont 8/27/11 – evasion of traffic control – drive susp – amended to drive susp 2nd offense
~~10/15/11 UVA sex assault 4:30 am – “blk male 5’10”
10/17/11 Failure to Appear – Charlottesville 22947
~~ 10/22/11 UVA sex assault 3:40 am
11/7/11 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 8/10/11 nolle prosequi
~~11/21/11 Lauren Smith – Leon, VA http://projectjason.org/forums/topic…h-va-11212011/
12/16/11 Hearing-RE: Traffic Charges 8/27/11 & Failure to Appear on 10/17/11- guilty 30 days sentence, 26 days suspended, 30 days suspended license – driving suspended 2nd offense; not guilty – evasion of traffic control; dismissed failure to appear
~~12/22/11 Joseline Arriaza – Alexandria, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…_joseline.html

Listed on Virginia Silverbacks Roster as #55
1/12/12 Warrant In Debt – University of Virginia
~~4/9/12 Heather Hodges- Rocky Mount, VA http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/…s_heather.html
**5/5/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**5/12/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ AHS
**5/26/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**6/23/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**7/14/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Fairfax, VA
**7/28/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Richmond, VA
**8/4/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
**8/11/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Richmond, VA
~~8/12/12 – Namus # 10692 – ? Female – Found unknown EPI – age 9-99 – Petersburg City, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/10692
8/12/12 Hired at U of VA Medical Center
**8/18/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ St. Augustine, NJ
**8/25/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home (We know LJ plays)
~~9/1/12 Kathleen Haley – Newport News, VA http://projectjason.org/forums/topic…y-va-09012012/
**9/8/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
**9/15/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Baltimore, MD
9/20/12 Garnishment – Martha Jefferson House – Charlottesville 22903
**9/22/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
9/22/12 Traffic Charges: Possession of stolen inspection sticker – Charlottesville 22902
9/22/12 Traffic Charges: Driving under revocked/suspended license, illegal inspection sticker, failure to submit inspection, failure to obtain registration/altered registration – Keswick 22947
~~9/23/12 UVA Sex. Assault 1:45 am “blk male”
9/28/12 – Hearing cont 9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension – stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration
**9/29/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
10/18/12 Warranty in Debt University of Virginia
**10/20/12 Silverbacks Play off game against Arbutus, MD team – Lost (unsure home or away)
10/23/12- Hearing cont 9/22/12 – stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension
~~08/14/12 Leyla McCullagh – Leesburg, VA – 36 – missing http://projectjason.org/forums/topic…h-va-08132012/
11/04/12 –Hearing RE: guilty – sentence 90 days, suspended 90 days; license susp 30 days9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension
~~11/20/12 DaShad Laquinn Smith missing – Main St/Charlottesville www.charleyproject.org/cases/s/smith_dashad.html
11/27/12 – cont 9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration
~~12/1/12 DaShad Laquinn Smith – search dogs “hit” on pond behind UVA Medical Center
12/4/12 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 9/22/12 – guilty

~~2/24/13 UVA Indecent exposure “blk male”
3/1/13 Traffic Charge: Operating uninspected vehicle – Keswick 22947
4/1/13 Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 3/1/13 guilty in absentia
~~5/3/13 UVA 2:30 AM “2 males”
~~5/17/13 UVA Sex. Assault 1am – “blk male 6′ heavy build”

5/26/13 Warrant in Debt – University of Virginia
~~5/30/13 UVA Stolen Purse 3 AM “blk male 5’9”
~~ 6/5/13Wendoline Garcia – Manassas, VA – 16 – missing http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1218030/1
~~6/14/13 UVA Possible Abduction Attempt “possible blk male”
~~6/28/13 UVA Sexual Assault “blk male 5’8-5’10 140-150 lbs”

6/28/13 Garnishment – University of Virginia Medical Center
~~9/6/13 Shanea Lockwood – Fairfax, VA – 16 – missing http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1225035/1
~~11/16/13 UVA Theft 2:45 & 3:12 AM
~~11/29/13 Jamisha Gilbert missing after car accident- Lynchburg http://www.newsadvance.com/news/loca…7a43b2370.html
~~12/7/13 Margennae Dixon – Fairfax, VA – 16 http://www.missingkids.com/poster/NCMC/1226608/1
~~12/8/13 Jamisha Gilbert body found in briar patch in cemetery – unclothed

12/27/13 Traffic Charge: Failure to to obey traffic signal – Charlottesville 22902

~~1/1/14 UVA Sexual Assault 8:51 pm “light skinned blk male w/mustache”
1/9/14 – Garnishment – University of Virginia Medical Center
2/6/14 – not guilty 12/27/13- speeding
~~5/19/14 UVA Sexual Assault
~~05/30/14 Ogechi Uwasomba – Chesterfield, VA – 28 – missing http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho…ld-30-May-2014
~~06/06/14 Namus # 12683 – White Female Found Estimated Postmortem Interval 1 month – age 25-45 – Newport News, VAhttps://identifyus.org/en/cases/12683
~~06/06/14 Zulma Pabon-Midlothian, VA – 26 – missing http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho…ld-6-June-2014

6/27/14 Traffic Charge: No rearview mirror – Charlottesville 22901
8/01/14 – Hearing- RE: 6/27/14 – no rear view mirror– waived “complied with law”
8/14 Begins as part time volunteer coach at Covenant Christian School
8/1/14 Hearing – RE: Traffic Charge 12/27/13 waived “complied with law”
~~9/13/14 UVA Sexual Assault
~~9/13/14 Hannah Graham Missing – Charlottesville, VA
~~9/14/14 UVA Sexual Assault – early morning
~~9/15/14 Sexual Assault – early morning

9/18/14 Hearing-RE: Failure to display license plate/driving suspended
9/19/14 Police receive warrant to search car and condo of LJ Matthew
9/20/14 LJ Mathew visits Police Dept/asks about lawyer – later police lose trail after Matthew drives recklessly
9/21/14 Warrant issued for Matthew for 2 counts of reckless driving
9/22/14 Uses Cell Phone @ Tiger Truck Stop – Baton Rouge Louisiana
9/23/14 Matthew charged with abduction with intent to defile in Graham case
9/24/14 Matthew found in Galveston, TX
9/27/14 Matthew flown back to Charlottesville, VA
9/29/14 Source: Confirms forensics tie Matthew to Harrington case
10/2/14 – continued9/20/14 – Reckless Driving (2 counts); abduction with intent to defile

Note: Items in blue are not necessarily tied to Mathew but occurred during the time frame we are discussing as possible victims.


#HannahGraham case: Hurry up and wait


I can’t imagine the frustrations of law enforcement in dealing with a case like the disappearance of Hannah Graham / murder of Morgan Harrington / suspect in custody, Jesse Matthew: such a complex and emotionally charged problem.

In an interview with the Associated Press Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo stressed the need, ” as frustrating as it is… to be very careful to get it right, not to rush to judgment.”

What I can imagine is the frustration and confusion caused all too often when law enforcement sends mixed messages to the public. Last week we were told of the utmost urgency to leave no stone unturned. This week’s message from Chief Long is, “he wont rush Hannah Graham investigation”.

To be sure, this is a fast-moving process, and priorities are going to change. But police should be sympathetic to the public’s predicament:

– We are told to check everything immediately, but then asked not to rush.

– We are told that no tip is insignificant, then instructed not to bother the police with information that is not evidentiary. 

It would be helpful if law enforcement could give the public some idea of the kinds of things they are looking for (what exactly might be evidence), but then of course they can’t because that could potentially compromise the investigation. The result is the police have to sift through a lot of irrelevant information, and both sides are left tired and frustrated.

While we wait, a couple of things I’ve observed don’t add up:


1. Place and time (video surveillance) link Graham to Matthew.

2. DNA links Matthew to Harrington.

3. The discovered black  Pantera t-shirt links to Harrinton (DNA), so then possibly to Matthew.

The black Pantera t-shirt found on a bush outside an apartment building at the corner of 15th Street and Grady Avenue, reportedly was the one Harrington was  wearing when she disappeared after attending an October 17 Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena.

The shirt was found 3-weeks after Harrington’s disappearance, spread out on a bush, logo up,  as if it had been placed there to be discovered.  Witnesses state they are certain it was never there in the weeks prior to discovery. And the location is in the heart of Charlottesville / the investigation plot points.

Something isn’t right here. This does not sound like what we’ve been told of Jesse Matthew. The placement of the t-shirt is a deliberate, calculated and bold gesture. Matthew, from all accounts, is reactive and impulsive.  Either:

1. The t-shirt has no link to the Harrington disappearance, and therefore Matthew.

2. Matthew changed his m.o..

3. The police are giving the public bad information.

4. There are errors with some of the facts we have been told.

All comments and opinions are welcome.



Where is #HannahGraham? #JesseMatthew #MorganHarrington

I have been asked this question by a number of posters. So here is my answer, with the following caveats:


1.  I don’t pretend to know where Hannah Graham is. This is just my opinion. And judging on what I’ve seen so far? The police / FBI know what they are doing.

2. I am about to break the cardinal rule: Don’t chase suspects. Having said that, this is more about chasing – what we have been told is – evidence, not suspects. So I will avoid what I observe a lot of sleuthies are doing: trying to pin every missing persons case / unsolved murder on Jesse Matthew.

3. To the parents of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington: I know what you are going through because I have been through it. My sister’s murder is an unsolved cold case. My family lived with her being missing for 6 months. Your approach in this matter is absolutely right. Bond with each other, trust no one. The families possibly connected in my sister’s case are very close (Prior, Monast, Dube). We trust no one. Even the brother of Louise Camirand, who prefers to keep relatively anonymous: we talk when necessary. And we warn each other of the nut-jobs. (For more on those cases, click here.)  

With those caveats, a few more:

1. I am a relatively sane person with a normal life. I have a 9 to 5 job. I have 3 daughters. My life is rich and fulfilled. I do not need attention. 

2. I am not a professional investigator. My experience comes from living with a 35 year old cold case, and 15 years of semi-professionally studying the patterns of murder. Kim Rossmo – who invented geographic profiling – is a friend; we worked together on profiling the serial murders in Quebec, and he is always available to me as a confidante / consultant.    Rossmo spent time at the Police Foundation in Washington, DC, and has consulted with the FBI at Quantico, VA: I would be surprised if they haven’t yet consulted on these cases.  

3. 15 years has gained me access to a lot of material; I have a library of  over 1,000 photos of Quebec crime scene photos, I have pretty much exclusive access to Quebec cold-case files (no, you can’t know my source). I have frequently been asked for advice on cold cases (for better or worse).  I sometimes “think” better than law enforcement on these matters… that is no-knock to law enforcement. As I said, I’ve got 35 years of experience.

4. And, one more time: I’m a dad. I couldn’t post about this until now because I was making dinner. But I think of these things because last night my eldest daughter was out at a concert until 12:30 AM: it’s hard not to think of these things.

So with that long introduction, here’s what I think about #HannahGraham / #MorganHarrington / #JesseMatthew:

1. I think police are targeting the right areas. I think Hannah Graham is West or South of Charlottesville.  I believe this based on where Morgan Harrington was last seen and where she was found (that trajectory), where Matthew was born and recently lived, and because the North and East are more urbanized. Matthews has experience with the West (Harrington), and the the West and South are more rural. Also, for what ever reason, I have observed over time that predators tend to hunt near their living environment, and dump South. That’s not statistically significant, just something I’ve noticed in my experience.

2. Someone asked me – if we presume Matthew is responsible for the murder of Harrington and the disappearance of Graham – were the dump sites pre-meditated?  Given those assumptions, I say No. If we take the account of Jesse Matthew’s assault on a driver to be true, he is very impulsive (consider the 1,300 mile run to Galveston).   So, a guy who reacts, then figures out what he’s going to do later. No premeditation, though on the prowl. An opportunistic predator. Though I would say he’s learned from experience: impulsive in the heat of the moment, but over time, he’s learned to put contingencies in place.  


U-Va. seeks to cope with trauma after sophomore #HannahGraham vanished #MorganHarrington #JesseMatthew

Well they’re all “tranquil academical villages in a bucolic settings”… until you scratch the surface.

Chapel Hill was just that when Wendell Williamson went on his shooting rampage in 1995. We certainly pissed-in-the-Lennoxville-party-punch when evidence suggested the burb of Sherbrooke, and home to both Champlain College and Bishop’s University, had a problem with sexual assaults on campus.


I feel terrible for the parents. Two weeks is a long time. From The Washington Post:

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Orange ribbons adorn lapels and backpacks throughout the campus here known as the Grounds, a reminder that the University of Virginia yearns for the return of sophomore Hannah Graham three weeks after she vanished in the night.

Anxiety over what befell the 18-year-old from Fairfax County, believed to be a kidnapping victim, grips the U-Va. community even as officials redouble efforts to protect students and provide counseling to those in need.

It is a jarring moment for the elite public university that founder Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president, envisioned as a tranquil “academical village” in a bucolic setting.
The alleged abduction followed two other widely publicized crimes against young women that occurred around here in the recent past: the abduction and death of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, 20, after she attended a rock concert at a U-Va. arena in October 2009, and the death of U-Va. student Yeardley Love, 22, when an ex-boyfriend attacked her in a drunken rage in May 2010.

Harrington’s case remains unsolved. Her body was found in a field 10 miles south of here in January 2010. But the arrest of Charlottesville resident Jesse L. “LJ” Matthew Jr., 32, on a charge of abducting Graham with intent to defile, provided what police call a “new forensic link” in the earlier case, a link two people close to the investigation say is Matthew’s DNA.
John and Sue Graham, the parents of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, released a statement Saturday begging for those who have information on their daughter’s whereabouts to come forward. (City of Charlottesville)
Now this school of 23,000 students — a point of pride for Virginia and regarded among the nation’s best universities — is enduring a trauma with an unknown end. Claudia Kuchler, 19, a sophomore from Centreville, said Graham’s disappearance Sept. 13 cast a pall over the Grounds.

“You could feel it in the air, it was palpable,” Kuchler said late last week. “There was a gloomy aura over everything.”
Parties were canceled, she said, including a birthday celebration for Kuchler’s friend Alana Ama, 19, a sophomore from Falls Church. Instead they joined thousands at a candlelight vigil off the iconic Lawn in the first week after their classmate vanished.

Then Kuchler and Ama tried to figure out what to do next.

They stopped tuning in to social media after stories about Graham deluged the Internet, updates that felt overwhelming. The students — who, like Graham, live off the Grounds — also changed their routines. Once comfortable walking alone at night, they now go in groups and map out plans for bus or cab rides.

“Before, I never thought twice,” Kuchler said.
For university officials, the answer to what to do next is complex.

They are tending to the worries of students, with special attention to those close to Graham, such as members of the school’s alpine ski club. They extended hours at the counseling and psychological services center, and they are planning to add staff there to handle a spike in requests for help.

They added a fourth safe-ride van to a fleet that ferries students in the dark when buses aren’t available. They convened a group of 17 administrators and students to scrutinize safety from top to bottom. That means a fresh look at where on the Grounds a stairwell or a parking lot might need more light, where off the Grounds a landlord might be urged to install a surveillance camera, and what could be gleaned about safety procedures from urban schools such as Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
They also are seeking to reassure parents, alumni and the wider world that Charlottesville remains not only a premier college destination, but also a secure one. Like 78 other U.S. schools, U-Va. is facing federal scrutiny for its handling of sexual violence reports amid a national focus on sexual assault on the nation’s campuses. Last year, the university police force recorded 15 reports of rape or forcible fondling, according to a 2013 Clery Act report. Charlottesville police have investigated 28 cases of rape or fondling so far this year, according to city data. The school hosted a national conference on the issue in February.

“U-Va. is as safe as we can make it,” university President Teresa A. Sullivan said in an interview with The Washington Post. “We continue to try to learn ways that we can make it safer. We are learning all the time.”

Sullivan, who teaches a class on labor markets that ends at 6:15 p.m. in Madison Hall, said she is keeping an eye on the autumn dusk. As days grow shorter, she has told her students: “I want to be sure you have a good way to get home.”

The president of a school founded nearly 200 years ago, famed for its architectural grace, cautioned against “overly romanticizing the idyllic aspects” of the U-Va. setting. “Let’s be real,” Sullivan said. “There are incidents that happen.” Indeed, Sullivan organized a dialogue on campus safety in September 2010 within weeks of taking office. That event was prompted by the Love murder. But the conversation has never really stopped.
Before Graham disappeared in September, many students were nonchalant about safety, said sophomore Morgan Phelps.

“People think that they are invincible and that ‘bad things are not going to happen to me’ and ‘I’ll be fine walking two blocks home alone at night,’ ” said Phelps, 19, of Chesapeake, Va. She lives in the same off-campus apartment building as Graham. “An event like this has really opened our eyes.”

Others, though, were already mindful of safety this fall because of a groundswell of national attention on prevention of sexual assault on campus.

Graham’s disappearance “has made students more conscious and aware of the ways that we can look out for one another,” said Sara Surface, 20, a junior from Richmond who is active in a campaign against sexual violence called Hoos Got Your Back. “Now more than ever people are reaching out to their friends [about] how they can be there through this rough time.”

For many here, one of the biggest challenges is that no one knows how long the rough time will last, or how it will end.

Allen W. Groves, U-Va.’s dean of students, said he remembers the 2:30 a.m. wake-up call from police with news about Love.

“You knew right away that something had happened, that it was bad and someone had died,” Groves said. The university’s student support team then mobilized in response to the death, standard practice for schools everywhere. Groves keeps a white ribbon pinned to the shade of a desk lamp in his office as a reminder of Love.

By contrast, there are no answers yet on Graham. An extensive and expanding search for her enters its third week Sunday.

On Saturday, Sue and John Graham, Hannah’s parents, thanked police and the university community for helping in that search and pleaded for more information that might lead to her whereabouts.

“We appeal to you to come forward and tell us where Hannah can be found,” the family said in a statement. “John has already said that this is every parent’s worst nightmare. That is true, but it is also a nightmare for our son, James, for Hannah’s grandparents and other members of our family, as well as for all of Hannah’s many friends here in Charlottesville and beyond. Please, please, please help end this nightmare for all of us. Please help us to bring Hannah home.”

For Jenna Van Dyck and Hallie Pence, two of Graham’s friends in the ski club, the tear-filled days since Sept. 13 have taken a toll.

Van Dyck, 20, who like Graham is from the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, and Pence, 21, of McGaheysville, Va., were with Graham in the hours before she was wandering the Downtown Mall and sending text messages indicating that she was lost and was looking for help. The two juniors were among the first to call police to report her missing.

“There’s a sense of numbness now,” Pence said. “We are exhausted. You could run yourself absolutely dry if you let everything get to you.”

Van Dyck said the tight-knit ski club, which has 439 members, is beginning to prepare for the worst.

“Whenever I hear a siren, it makes me hopeful that they could be responding to something for Hannah,” Van Dyck said. “But gaining closure would be a relief at this point.”
Van Dyck and Pence are edging back into the college routine. Van Dyck said that she’s beginning to pay more attention in class, instead of losing focus because of her worries about Graham, and that she’s once again sleeping through the night.

Among friends, Van Dyck and Pence said, they tend to ask, “How are you doing?” rather than “Are you okay?”

“Because no one is okay,” Pence said.

Professors are handing out orange ribbons to wear as tokens of solidarity with the missing student, said Abraham Axler, 19, president of the Class of 2017.

Students in recent days also have been sending thank-you notes to Charlottesville police and search-and-rescue teams working to find Graham. “Bring Hannah Home,” a message that her friends painted on the landmark Beta Bridge, still greets people walking to and from class. But as days pass, Axler said, the outlook appears more grim.

“There’s getting to be a lot of frustration,” said Axler, who’s from New York. “There’s a lot of questions, and it’s wearing people down.”

Lani Galloway, 20, a senior from McLean, was among a group of U-Va. students, including Graham, who spent last spring break helping rebuild homes after tornados hit Tuscaloosa, Ala. She said Graham showed poise with a circular saw and meticulous attention to detail. “She gave it her all,” Galloway said.

Galloway walks around town with a pink bottle of pepper spray hooked to a key chain, which she bought after hearing about some stabbings that occurred last summer near the school.

Galloway said she was shaken by news of the forensic link between Graham’s case and the investigation into Harrington’s death.


Interactive Map #JesseMatthew #HannahGraham #MorganHarrington

I’m not seeing very helpful maps, so I made my own (just click and navigate). These are the facts. I may add some more speculative points later:


I have other crime maps. Mostly for Canadian cases, and the Rocky Mount Serial Killer case here in North Carolina (click on the PAGES link above).



#JesseMatthew timeline September 12 and 13 #HannahGraham

I don’t know anything about the Charlottesville blogger Coy Barefoot, but if his sources are accurate, this timeline of Jesse Matthew’s actions on September 12 and 13 are damning:

The Hours Before LJ Met Hannah

“He kept trying to put his hands on my legs, above and below the knee,” the young woman says. “He’d been way too aggressive all night, putting his arm around me, picking me up, putting his hands on my legs. I looked at him and told him to keep his hands off of me.” They were in Tempo Restaurant on Fifth Street in downtown Charlottesville. It was shortly after midnight, in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13.

The woman is a 25-year old resident of Charlottesville. The man is 32-year old Jesse “LJ” Matthew, who was arrested September 25 in Galveston, Texas on a charge of Abduction With Intent to Defile in the case involving the still-unexplained disappearance of second-year University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Hannah was last seen by an eye witness walking with LJ Matthew in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13. She appeared heavily intoxicated, the witness told me, slouched against him, not quite able to walk on her own. They were seen together outside Tempo, the same restaurant where just about an hour before, another woman had told him to get his hands off of her. I ask that young woman what one thing she remembered most about that night. She thinks for a moment and says with a steady stare, “That he creeped me the fuck out.”

In the days since 18-year-old Hannah Graham went missing, investigators have managed to piece together a timeline of events that track her movements away from the University area, where she had socialized with friends, to Charlottesville’s popular Downtown Mall, a multi-block pedestrian thoroughfare, which is the heart of this small city of about 40,000. With the aid of eyewitness accounts, cell phone records, and surveillance video footage, we have been able to learn a great deal about where Hannah was that night in the hour or two before she was last seen.

What about LJ’s timeline? Where was he that night before a witness saw him with his arm around Hannah, heading off into the night? Using the information provided to me by a number of eyewitnesses, none of whom had yet spoken to any reporters— but all of whom had already talked with police in a timely manner — I have been able to piece together a partial timeline of events for LJ Matthew in the hours leading up to the disappearance of Hannah Graham.

What I have learned is this: throughout the night, LJ Matthew demonstrated a troubling lack of respect for the physical boundaries of women and men— or perhaps even a deeper lack of understanding that those boundaries exist.

Unprovoked, he suddenly grabbed a man in the Blue Light Grill and wrenched him into a wrestling hold so forcefully that he pulled the man’s hamstring, leaving this man limping for days. In the first few seconds of meeting two women for the first time, he yanked them up off the ground and threw them over his shoulders and laughed, making them uncomfortable and embarrassed. He continued to follow both these women, at the Blue Light and later at the Tempo restaurant, putting his arm around them, his face uncomfortably close to theirs, touching their backs, their hair, their faces, their legs— until one of them cursed at him to stop. After one of the women slipped off the boots she was wearing, LJ unexpectedly pulled off her socks, saying he wanted to see her toes. A friend of LJ’s for over nine years described him as a “prowler,” clarifying his use of the word by adding, “which is not to say he was looking for a victim, but looking for a girl who’s already compromised a little bit, maybe improve his chances.”

LJ Matthew’s behavior that evening— as reported by eyewitnesses and the people socializing with him— while quite troubling in light of the disappearance of Hannah Graham, the subsequent charges against him and his arrest, does not make him guilty of any crime with which he’s been charged. In fact, as one friend casually said to me during the course of my investigation, “He sounds like most men I run into when I’m out on a Friday night.”

3pm: The Hospital
Around 3pm Friday September 12, LJ Matthew wrapped up his working day at the University of Virginia Hospital, where he has been employed as a Patient Care Technician in the main operating room. One of his colleagues explained the job to me like this: “You are everyone’s assistant.” LJ was part of a team that was responsible for transporting patients throughout the facility, setting up and breaking down the main operating room for procedures. In several published media accounts, he has been described by those who know him personally as polite, quiet, helpful, respectful, and kind-hearted. One individual told me LJ always seemed like “a gentle giant.”

4-6pm: The Football Game
LJ was at the Covenant High School home football game on late Friday afternoon. A volunteer coach for the Covenant Eagles, LJ was cheering on the sidelines at that game, and watched his team crush Hargrave Military Academy 50-26, an exciting victory that included a thrilling third quarter in which the Eagles scored 24 points.

10pm: The Lazy Parrot Grill
LJ’s timeline picks up next at the Lazy Parrot in the Pantops Shopping Center, about a mile and a half from the Downtown Mall. Two witnesses confirmed that LJ came in at about 10pm that Friday night. They also confirmed that he is captured on an interior surveillance video camera, ordering one drink, and socializing with others in the bar. Eyewitnesses say he did not stay long. One said he was a regular, and that “he’s usually alone.”

11:45pm: The Blue Light Grill
Dave Johnson, a 33-year-old Charlottesville resident, has known and socialized with LJ Matthew for over nine years. He remembers going out that Friday night, September 12, and running into LJ at the Blue Light on the Downtown Mall.

“I went out with a big group of people that night,” Johnson says. “A couple of friends from out of town, friends from here, and some people I work with. There were about eight or 10 of us hanging out that night. We went to Fridays After Five, got some pizza, stopped by Sky Bar, and eventually ended up at the Blue Light around 11:30.

“LJ came into Blue Light by himself, I guess it was around 11:45. I recognized him coming in through the door.” LJ Matthew would be hard to miss at 6’2” tall, 270 pounds, with long dreadlocks. “I introduced him to my friends who were visiting, one of whom was a wrestler,” Johnson continues. “I knew LJ had wrestled in high school, so he would like that. Well, right away LJ shot in on the guy with a wrestling move, took him to the ground there in Blue Light. He pulled his head down to his leg into a standing cradle. My friend heard a pop and felt his hamstring go. So he was hobbling around all night, and for the rest of the weekend. It was an odd thing to do. It was an aggressive thing to do. It wasn’t really provoked. LJ just kind of did it.”


Johnson raises his phone at 11:55pm and grabs a photo of the scene. In the image (at right) people are crowded around the Blue Light bar, and LJ Matthew is clearly visible from behind. According to eyewitnesses, he is wearing a checkered shirt over a burgundy tank top with baggy white cargo shorts and socks with Crocs.

Johnson also introduces LJ to two female friends, one of whom is an attractive, 25-year old African-American woman who has recently moved to Charlottesville.

“He immediately picked us both up and held us over his shoulders,” recalls Molly, who agreed to speak with me on the condition that I use a pseudonym. “I didn’t like that at all and told him to put me down. It was very strange. He put us down, and we sort of tried to move away from where he was. But he kept coming around, putting his arm around us and stuff like that.”

“He was being aggressive,” Johnson admits. “But it’s nothing I don’t expect from LJ.”

The Blue Light Grill, 12:05am, Saturday September 13. Jesse :LJ: Matthew is at right.

At 12:05am, Johnson captures another image on his phone (at left) which shows LJ standing with Molly. At that very moment, Hannah Graham is at a party with friends across town near the University.

Molly says she quickly grew tired of the uncomfortable advances from LJ. “I just didn’t like how he was grabbing my friend and I.” Hoping to leave him behind, Molly and her group of friends left Blue Light for Tempo. “But he followed us,” she says, despite the fact that no one in their group had invited him to come along. “But after we got to Tempo, he walked in the door right behind us.”

12:18am: Tempo Restaurant
Computer records at Tempo show that at 12:18am, LJ Matthew uses his Visa card to purchase three bourbon shots. He drank one and passed two to others at the bar, one of whom was Dave Johnson.

“There’s a range of his temperament,” Johnson replies when I ask about LJ’s behavior that night. “He was a little more aggressive that night than usual. But he’s been aggressive before. Sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop. He’s a pretty tough guy. Wrestling-wise, you’re not going to beat him. But it’s not something that you would ever extrapolate out and say that he’d have the propensity to rape or murder somebody.”

Molly recalls that she and a girlfriend sat at a table near the bar. “My friend had on cowboy boots, and they hurt her feet so she took her boots off. [LJ Matthew] walked over to her, took her socks off, and said “Let me look at your toes.” Molly says they didn’t know how to react to him, as he continued to be inappropriate.

“Then he came over to me and tried to touch my legs,” Molly says. “I told him no. He said, ‘I just want to see your feet, like her.’ I told him no. Don’t touch me, do not touch me. One time he reached above my knee, and the next time below my knee. I finally told him, don’t fucking touch me.”

Still concerned by LJ’s unwelcome behavior, and in a second attempt that night to leave him behind, Molly says she gathered up her friends, including Johnson, and they all left LJ there at Tempo to walk down the Mall to the Escafé restaurant on nearby Water Street. She remembers seeing LJ outside as they left, standing around a group of people near the front door. I ask if at some point he followed them. Did he show up at Escafé?

No, she says.

12:45am: Fifth Street, in front of Tempo
“I remember him dancing around out front,” Abby says. “He was being obnoxious, bumping into people. He seemed really out of place.” Abby, a 23-year old employee of Tempo who, like Molly, agreed to speak with me only if I used a pseudonym, was at the front door that night checking IDs beginning around 10pm. She remembers quite well interacting with LJ Matthew that night at Tempo.

“He came in alone,” she says. “He wasn’t really hanging out with any one group of people. He was dancing some. He was really sweaty. He kept coming out front to bum cigarettes from people who were smoking.”

“I was talking to this woman and her husband,” she continues. “I was talking with her about her hair, it was really short and pretty. I remember them because they had British accents. At one point, I remember [LJ Matthew] was dancing around outside, and he bumped into this British lady pretty hard, just as a way of getting her attention. He was kind of grabby with her, and asked her for a cigarette. Her husband was standing right there. He was like, ‘listen, you can’t treat people like that. You can’t just bump into someone. You need to ask politely if you want something.’ Someone finally gave him a cigarette, and I think he might have sat on the curb and had a few puffs before he got up and walked away. He was alone.”

That was a little before 1am. Hannah Graham was at that time walking up Market Street and turning onto Second Street in front of Fellini’s restaurant, where an eyewitness saw her and she was captured by surveillance video. She is walking quickly. She is only minutes away from meeting up with LJ Matthew.

1am: The Downtown Mall
LJ Matthew leaves Tempo by himself at about 1am. He walks up Fifth Street and turns left, heading west down the Mall. At about the same time, Hannah Graham has turned off of Second Street a few blocks away, and is walking east up the Mall in his direction.

Two surveillance cameras on the Mall, one at Sal’s Italian Restaurant and the other inside Tuel Jewelers, record what happens over the next few minutes.

In the Sal’s video, LJ is seen walking into view from the left just as two women are approaching from the opposite direction. He playfully high-fives one of them, and continues walking west. A few seconds later, Hannah appears in the same footage, walking east on the other side of the Mall. She is by herself.

Slightly off camera to the right, LJ crosses the Mall and merges in with a group of five people. He is walking east now, not too far behind Hannah. In the Tuel’s video a few seconds later, he can be seen walking directly next to Hannah, just to her right, and is keeping pace with her long stride.

An eyewitness reported seeing an African-American man walk up to Hannah about that time and throw his arm around her. I ask LJ’s long-time friend Dave Johnson if he believes LJ knew Hannah before that night. Did he ever mention her? Did he speak of her? Was she a known person among your circle of friends?

“No, not at all, not at all. I don’t know her,” Dave answers. “He never mentioned her. I don’t think he knew her. In fact, I’m fairly certain of it, because he walked up and threw his arm around her. That’s what he did to women when he was hitting on them. If he threw his arm around a woman like that, that was not usually a sign that he knew her. That was a sign that he didn’t. If Hannah knew him, she wouldn’t let him put his arm around her.”

According to investigators, LJ Matthew and Hannah Graham walked up the Mall together, turned right down Fifth Street and headed to Tempo. Within minutes, LJ was back at the Tempo bar, ordering two drinks.

1:10am: Back at Tempo
Abby, who had been checking IDs at the door since about 10pm, does not remember seeing LJ come back to Tempo just after 1am, which would have been only a few minutes after he’d left. Nor does she recall Hannah coming up to the door or asking to come inside. “I don’t remember her,” she says. “Not then. I saw her later.”

Tempo Owner and Chef Brice Cunningham disagrees with those who contend that Hannah Graham was inside his restaurant that night. “I have great respect for the Charlottesville Police,” he says. “I want to do everything I can do to help find Hannah. Everyone at Tempo feels the same way. We are all so upset about this. We want to help find her. But some people have been saying that they saw Hannah here at Tempo. No one I have spoken with, not my guests or my staff, remembers her being here that night.”

Chris Gallagher, who works with Brice to promote the popular dance events that are held at Tempo on Friday nights, agrees. “I never saw her here,” he tells me. “No one I know who was here that night remembers seeing her inside. I know Abby saw her outside after last call. Maybe she was outside waiting for LJ. I don’t know.”

Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo has said publicly that a single witness saw LJ Matthew and Hannah Graham together inside Tempo drinking together.

“It’s possible some people were confused,” Gallagher says. “Because most of the night there was a woman here with friends, sitting at the end of the bar, wearing a sequined crop top. But it wasn’t Hannah. It was a woman a few years older than Hannah, and she was shorter and chubbier. My guess is some people remember seeing that other woman here, and because they were dressed similarly, maybe they think that was Hannah. I’ve asked around. I haven’t talked to anyone who was here that night who remembers seeing Hannah inside drinking.”

What is not contested is the fact that LJ Matthew used his Visa a second time that evening at Tempo. According to the records that were shared with me by Cunningham, LJ ordered two drinks at 1:09am and paid for them exactly one minute later. The bartender rang them up at $7 a piece. Witnesses with whom I spoke do not recall whether they were beers or mixed drinks or one of each. And no one I spoke with recalls watching LJ drink one or both of those drinks. Nor does anyone recall him taking them outside to share with someone.

1:45am: Last Call
Abby does remember quite well seeing LJ Matthew and Hannah Graham walking away outside about a half hour later. “A lot of people were outside then,” she says. “It was a typical, crowded Friday night. I guess it was about 1:40 or closer to 1:45. I remember because it was definitely after last call.”

“He came out the side door,” she says of LJ Matthew. “I saw him come walking by and I thought, there’s that obnoxious guy from before. I noticed he had his arm around a girl. She was wearing a crop top.” Abby says it was days later, after she’d seen some video images on the news, that she recognized the girl. She learned that that same girl she’d seen on the Mall was a second-year University of Virginia student named Hannah Graham.

“When I saw her that night,” Abby says, “I remember thinking, she’s really drunk. She couldn’t walk well. She was slouched into him, leaning against him, like she was having difficulty standing up. He was talking to her, and his right arm was around her, not over her shoulder, not at the waist, but around her back and holding her right arm. He was holding her close, like he was almost holding her up. They walked away together up the street towards the Mall.”

That was about 1:45am on Saturday, September 13. That was the last time anyone remembers seeing Hannah Graham.


#GuyPaulMorin and the #ChristineJessop killing: 10 things learned from the case

I remember this case clearly. I was living in the residence above Strachan Hall at Trinity College. The 10 “Lessons Learned” are excellent for any investigation:


Hamilton Spectator

Nine-year-old Christine Jessop was abducted 30 years ago Friday and her partially clothed body was found three months later in a wooded area 50 kilometres from her Queensville home north of Toronto.

Her homicide remains unsolved, although it did lead to the wrongful conviction of her 25-year-old next-door-neighbour, Guy Paul Morin, and a profound shakeup in thinking in the Ontario legal community.

Morin was eventually cleared and freed because of improvements in DNA testing, after two trials and 18 months in jail.

Thursday is International Wrongful Conviction Day around the world, a time when activists and lawyers call attention to cases like Morin’s.

Here are 10 things experts say were learned from the Morin case:

1) The dangers of tunnel vision.

Police were sharply criticized for quickly fixating on Morin because they considered him an oddball.

“We learned that wrongful convictions most often occur when somebody is an outlier — someone who seems strange to the rest of us; a loner; part of an unusual family; a ‘weird type guy,’ as one of the police investigators so artfully described Morin in their notes,” says award-winning author Kirk Makin, whose 1992 book Redrum the Innocent remains the definitive work on the case.

2) The dangers of “demeanour evidence.”

Morin was criticized for what were considered inappropriate facial expressions and the fact that he didn’t search for Jessop’s body or attend her funeral.

Makin calls this drawing conclusions based on “whether someone looked or behaved the way ‘we’ expect them to under certain circumstances.”

3) The need to be skeptical of “experts.”

Hair and fibre evidence was incorrectly presented to the jury, making Morin appear guilty.

“We learned about junk science — the unreliability of so-called expert witnesses,” said Win Wahrer, who started a grassroots group, the Guy Paul Morin Defence Committee, which eventually helped Morin prove his innocence.

4) The need to take a broad look at the system and wrongful convictions.

The Guy Paul Morin Defence Committee morphed into the Toronto-based Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC), with high-profile lawyers like James Lockyer. He and AIDWYC have championed the causes of several prisoners who have proven to be wrongly convicted.

A commission headed by Fred Kaufman, a former Quebec Court of Appeal judge, looked deeply into the institutional conditions that made the Morin conviction possible and made sharp recommendations to improve things.

“The Morin case led to the creation of AIDWYC,” Makin says. “It was formed out of the Guy Paul Morin Defence Committee, whose members decided there were too many systemic problems not to create something more permanent. That’s a hell of a legacy in itself.”

The wrongful Morin conviction is often mentioned in the same breath at the wrongful murder convictions of Canadians Donald Marshall and David Milgaard.

The “Three M” cases “were a cold water shower for anyone who thought that when someone is arrested, the police must know they did it,” Makin says.

“It was hopefully a crash course in the lengths to which lazy/inexperienced/over-heated/crusading police will go to get a conviction when they become convinced that somebody is their man.”

5) The need for police not to bond too tightly with a victim’s family.

“We learned that police have to make some effort to keep a victim’s family as a discreet distance from the investigation, lest officers be influenced by their lobbying and personal beliefs, and lest they feel a compulsion to make a premature or ill-considered arrest,” Makin says.

6) The dangers of jailhouse snitches.

Kaufman pulls no punches in the chapter of his report that centres on jailhouse informants, and how the Crown used their words to buttress the false case against Morin.

Kaufman had particularly harsh words for Robert Dean May, a fellow inmate of Morin’s at the Whitby jail.

“May was diagnosed by mental health experts at the second trial as a pathological liar,” Kaufman writes. “He had a deficient social conscience and was skilled at deceiving others.”

7) The realization that prosecutors are capable of misconduct.

“Their relationship with the police at times blinded them to the very serious reliability problems with their own officers,” Kaufman writes.

8) The dangers of withholding evidence. \

Fibre evidence that supported Morin’s case was not provided to the court by the Centre for Forensic Sciences. Then the fibre evidence was incorrectly summarized in the Crown’s closing address.

9) The dangers of cutting a deal to avoid trial.

Morin’s first lawyer initially wanted him to cut a deal. He later enlisted top criminal defence lawyer Clayton Ruby and successfully fought to prove his innocence.

10) The need for full and accurate records of interviews with witnesses.

“Hours of untaped interviews might be reflected in a single entry in a notebook or in an incomplete précis or description of the interview contained in a supplementary report,” Kaufman wrote.

Torstar News Service


#JesseMatthew #HannahGraham : Wait for the facts


I don’t know who said, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear?”, possibly an artist, probably a social scientist. Anyway, the speculation surrounding #HannahGraham and #JesseMatthew is getting out of hand.

My point in emphasizing the need to wait for facts is this: This case is ripe for confirmation bias. There is now a growing hysteria to throw every unsolved case at the feet of Jesse Matthew, while overlooking  every rational fact that may disprove he is a homicidal maniac.

Up to this point the information connecting Graham and Matthew is not looking good for Matthew. He appears to have been the last person seen with Graham, he fled 1,300 miles to Galveston, 12 years ago he has accused of rape.

But given the number of exonerated criminals in this country over the last ten years I would think the last thing anyone wants is another falsely accused black male.