Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm / Route 112 – WKT #10

A recap of the Highway 112 murders is discussed. Also, we discuss the work of retired journalist Thomas Hargrove and Michael Arntfield (author of Murder City) and the Murder Accountability Project:

Here is a map for the index of related unsolved murders in Quebec in the 1970s.

You can click on the map to explore. Click on a photo it will give you details of that particular unsolved case:


The Highway 112 cases:

Clockwise from top / left: Sharron Prior, Louise Camirand, Helen Monast, Lison Blais, Manon Dube, Denise Bazient, Theresa Allore (center)


Map of Pointe Saint Charles, Rail yards, Ports, HYW 112


Here is a link to Thomas Hargrove’s Murder Accountability Project website:

Here is a link to the Bloomberg article, Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm:

A link to Canada Justice Statistics:


More on Michael Arntfield’s book about homicidal copycatting, Murder City:



The very kind people at Historia have said “they will tolerate” my placing the episode of Poirier Enquete about my sister on my website:

Le 3 novembre 1978, Theresa Allore, une étudiante au Collège Champlain de Lennoxville, disparaît. Le 13 avril 1979, le corps de la jeune femme de 19 ans sera retrouvé dans un bras de la rivière Coaticook à Compton, à un kilomètre de sa résidence étudiante. Longtemps, les enquêteurs de la Sûreté du Québec affirmeront qu’elle est morte d’une overdose, même si ses proches affirment qu’elle ne consommait pas de drogues dures. Récemment, les enquêteurs ont reconnu qu’elle a été victime d’une mort violente de nature indéterminée et que toutes les hypothèses sont encore étudiées.

Pour fournir des informations qui permettraient de faire avancer l’enquête, tout en restant anonyme, contactez Info-Crime Montréal au : 514-393-1133. Vous pouvez également joindre le SPVM en composant le : 514-280-2222



The Murder of Sharron Prior / Route 112 – WKT #10

The 1975 murder of Sharron Prior is discussed, and the significance of Highway 112 which is the route between Sherbrooke and Montreal:

Route 112 from Pointe-Saint-Charles to Chambly:


Here is a link to Sharron Prior’s website:


Sharron Prior


Sharron Prior crime scene:

Prior crime scene


This is a link to the National Film Board of Canada documentary, The Point:


Where Sharron Prior Lived


The site of Chez Marius Pizzeria


Rue Sebastopol


Where Sebastopol converges with Congregation


Sebastopol and Congregation converging with Wellington (note street signs). To the North is Route 112


Bad Dream House – The Disappearance of Deborah Key / WKT #9

In this episode we discuss the 1997 disappearance of Deborah Key and that case’s influence on the Who Killed Theresa? portfolio:

Here is a link to the Friends of Debbie Key website:

This is a link to the Surete du Quebec’s Cold Case website (in English):

This is a link to the original story, Bad Dream House:


The Allore-Camirand-Bazinet-Blais theory is supported by Claude Poirier: WKT #8

In this podcast we discuss the Quebec television program Poirier Enquete which aired a 1/2 hour program on the Theresa Allore case on January 4th, 2017:

The program discusses the possible links between the cases of Theresa Allore, Louise Camirand, Denise Basinet, and Lison Blais.

Later we sit down for an interview with criminologist Sue Sutherland who organized the searches of the Chemin des Peres nexus site.

Here are some links to topics of discussion:

This is a link to Historia television’s website where – in Canada – you can find full episodes of Poirier Enquete, including the program on Theresa Allore:


CBC article calling for a Quebec public inquiry into 8 of the cold cases:

L to right: Solange Blais, Stephan Luce, Michel Dorion, Moreen Prior, Yvonne Prior, Lise Dorion, Remi Dorion, Collete Dorion, Doreen Prior John Allore, Stephan Parent, Sue Sutherland, Ugo Fredette



Louise Camirand, Theresa Allore, Denise Bazinet, Lison Blais:

Camirand, Allore, Bazinet, Blais



This is a photo of me in front of the Surete du Quebec’s headquarters on Parthenais street in Montreal:



A pretty good article from the Courrier Laval on the Johanne Dorion Case (in French):


Helen Monast / Confirmation bias / the Least Effort Principle – WKT #7

In this podcast we discuss the murder of Helen Monast, confirmation bias, and the Least-Effort-Principle:

Here are some links to topics of discussion:

Here is an in depth article from the Montreal Gazette on the Monast case:

The Surete du Quebec’s Cold Case profile on the SQ website:

Geographic profiling and the Least-Effort-Principal:

Here is a link to French language episode on Helen Monast that appeared on the Quebec investigative television show Poirier Enquete:


Crime & Culture in the City of Montreal – Interview with Kristian Gravenor – WKT #6

Here’s our interview with Kristian Gravenor, author of the soon to be released MONTREAL: 375 TALES.

 This is Episode 6 of the Who Killed Theresa? podcast:

Here are links to some things we discussed including Coolopolis, Montreal Biker Gangs (including legendary figure Michael French), the Reet Jurvetson case, Sharon Prior, Norma O’brien / Debbie Fisher and the Chateauguay Full Moon Killer murders, the Montreal tabloid Allo Police:

Here’s a link to Kristian’s blog, Coolopolis, and the Chateauguay Full Moon Killer case:

Here’s a link to Coolopolis’ reporting on the Charles Manson / Reet Jurvetson case:

Satan’s Choice biker Michael French and the connection to the Sharon Prior case (French is at the bottom on the left):

The history of Allo Police / Photo Police:

Link to National Film Board of Canada documentary, Station 10:

Maurice “The Rocket” Richard:

This happened:


Theresa Allore podcast #6 – Kristian Gravenor

We have a treat for you. Coming up this weekend on the Who Killed Theresa? podcast we’ll have our first interview: Kristian Gravenor from the Montreal website Coolopolis has agreed to join us. Kris was one of my earliest influences. We’re gonna talk about all things crime-time including:

Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss it.

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