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Pig in a Poke – WKT #18

We add the final cases of Lise Choquette and Nicole Gaudreaux and summarize all 16 cases.

The Canadian Federal Government is looking for an Ombudsman for Victims of Crime:



The game was Buckaroo! by Milton Bradley
















Lise Choquette: You can read more on Choquette by going here (click):






















Nicole Gaudreaux: You can read more about Gaudreaux by going here:







The Curious Case of Tammy Leakey – WKT #17

Discussion of the 1981 murder of Tammy Leakey. Relation to the Sharron Prior case is reviewed. Both victims were from Point St. Charles, Montreal, Quebec. We reveal the names of two unknown victims; Maria Dolores Bravo, and (possibly) Johanne Lemieux:


Leakey crime scene map:

Chez Bert:


Chez Bert today:









Coroner’s Report: Longeueil Unidentified Victim #1 ( Johanne Lemieux ):

























News article on Dorval Unidentified Victim #2 (Maria Dolores Bravo):


A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu – The 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge – WKT #16

On the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the Battle of Vimy Ridge we remember my grandfather’s brother, Thomas Edward Allard who died the morning of April 9th, 1917:

Tom and Annie are at the back to the right:

I’m with The Band (bottom left):


The letter:


All the boys, but not Thomas Edward:


The fifties, good times:


Charles Allore (jacket and tie), Wilfred Allore to the left:


And In The End…


Prior to shipping out for Europe, Thomas Edward and Blanche lived in this house at 751 Gerrard street in Toronto:


Joanne Dorion / Chantal Tremblay – WKT #14

A recap of the Kim Rossmo and Michael Arntfield interviews.

We introduce the cases of Johanne Dorion and Chantal Tremblay:


Here is a link to the CBC article on the public inquiry into the Montreal police:



Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Auguste Dupin:



Surete du Quebec investigators recovering evidence:



The Laval police handle the evidence in the case of Joanne Dorion:



The video from Poirier Enquete about Joanne Dorion can be viewed by clicking here:


The letter from Yvonne Prior to the Dorion family:



Joanne Dorion’s eyeliner recovered at the snack bar, Chateau Laval:



Allo Police article about Joanne Dorion:



Allo Police article about Chantal Tremblay:



The mother of Joanne Dorion:



SPVM Screw-up: the Tragedy of Katherine Hawkes / WKT #11

We discuss the case of Katherine Hawkes, murdered in the Cartierville region of Montreal, September 20th, 1977:

Here is the audio recording from the anonymous caller:

Here is today’s article in The Montreal Gazette on police corruption in the Montreal police force:

I think this is the link to the Montreal Memories Facebook page.  🙂

Images from the Hawkes case:

Katherine Hawkes arrêt de bus à Val-Royal. Notez la lumière, ce qui aurait été sombre à cause de la panne.

Katherine Hawkes-1977


Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm / Route 112 – WKT #10

A recap of the Highway 112 murders is discussed. Also, we discuss the work of retired journalist Thomas Hargrove and Michael Arntfield (author of Murder City) and the Murder Accountability Project:

Here is a map for the index of related unsolved murders in Quebec in the 1970s.

You can click on the map to explore. Click on a photo it will give you details of that particular unsolved case:


The Highway 112 cases:

Clockwise from top / left: Sharron Prior, Louise Camirand, Helen Monast, Lison Blais, Manon Dube, Denise Bazient, Theresa Allore (center)


Map of Pointe Saint Charles, Rail yards, Ports, HYW 112


Here is a link to Thomas Hargrove’s Murder Accountability Project website:

Here is a link to the Bloomberg article, Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm:

A link to Canada Justice Statistics:


More on Michael Arntfield’s book about homicidal copycatting, Murder City:



The very kind people at Historia have said “they will tolerate” my placing the episode of Poirier Enquete about my sister on my website:

Le 3 novembre 1978, Theresa Allore, une étudiante au Collège Champlain de Lennoxville, disparaît. Le 13 avril 1979, le corps de la jeune femme de 19 ans sera retrouvé dans un bras de la rivière Coaticook à Compton, à un kilomètre de sa résidence étudiante. Longtemps, les enquêteurs de la Sûreté du Québec affirmeront qu’elle est morte d’une overdose, même si ses proches affirment qu’elle ne consommait pas de drogues dures. Récemment, les enquêteurs ont reconnu qu’elle a été victime d’une mort violente de nature indéterminée et que toutes les hypothèses sont encore étudiées.

Pour fournir des informations qui permettraient de faire avancer l’enquête, tout en restant anonyme, contactez Info-Crime Montréal au : 514-393-1133. Vous pouvez également joindre le SPVM en composant le : 514-280-2222