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Chantal Tremblay – July 29, 1977

Chantal Tremblay

Chantal Tremblay

Chantal Tremblay was a student attending the CEGEP of Old Montreal just off Saint Denis street. She lived with her parents in Rosemere, QC. At approximately 5:30 pm Friday, July 29th 1977 Chantal Tremblay left her home at 250 rue Oak in Rosemere. The 5 foot tall, 90 pound 17-year-old girl boarded a bus at route 344 on Grande Cote bloulevard in Rosemere. At approximately 6:15 pm the bus driver noticed Chantal exit his bus at the Henri Bourassa Metro Station in Montreal (Henri Bourassa, just West of Papineau). Chantal was on her way to meet her 7-year-old sister Christine at the Berri-de-Montigny Metro Station in downtown Montreal. The two young girls intended to travel together to Quebec City. Chantal never made it to Berri-de-Montigny.

Almost two years later, on April 21, 1979, two boys who were walking in a wooded area owned by the Department of National Defence, near 165, rang Saint-François in Saint-Louis-de-Terrebonne, discovered human bones on a hill. (this is right on the western tip of Terreborne near Rosemere). Her clothing was lying about 200 to 300 feet from her remains. Cause of death was not stated, but the newspapers indicated that she had been “murdered”.

The jurisdiction in this case is confusing. Initially the St. Eustache police were notified, but Montreal SQ are the first to arrive at the scene (Pierre Lanoue and Francois Lalancette). Jacques Gagne of the Surete du Quebec is also involved. Eventually the investigation is headed up by Normand Trapanier and M Charette of the Rosemere Municipal Police. This is odd. Rosemere is were Chatal lived. However she was last seen in Montreal (MUC police), and was found in Terrebonne (presumably at that time, the Surete du Quebec’s territory). The point being that, as in so many of these cases, there appears to have been jurisdictional confusion.



There is not a lot to go on with this case except what little I found in newspapers. Requests for photo archives from Section Rouge Media and the Quebec National Library for autopsy reports yielded nothing.

Matters of interest

  • The area where the remains were found is about a 10 minute drive from the Archambault prison in Sainte Anne des Plaines (see Jocelyne Houle).
  • It is odd that Chantal is last seen at Henri Bourassa, but her remains are found all the way back in Terrebonne, very close to where she lived. Was someone following her on that bus?

Bus stop at the Henri Bourassa metro. The brasserie on the right has been there since 1978.


  • Chantal Tremblay’s entered the Henri Bourassa metro station and headed for the Berri-de-Montigny station located downtown. That metro route touches where the following victims lived: Lison Blais, Denise Basinet, Lise Choquette and Jocelyne Houle (Houle would have taken the Jean-Talon bus to the metro). If any of these women commuted in Montreal (and most likely they did) they would have used the Henri Bourassa metro line.
  • Tremblay’s final destination, Berri-de-Montigny, is in the area that Jocelyn Houle was last seen: presumably she would have used the Berri-de-Montigny station to get to the Old Munich.
  • The article makes mention of the Johanne Dorion case (which we will visit next), and the fact that she used the same bus route as Tremblay (the Henri Bourassa line)
  • Dorion and Tremblay went missing on the same day, July 29, 1977.

Personal note: I know the Rosemere / Terrebonne area well. My brother lives there. I have driven Grand Cote many times. A number of years ago I tried to make contact with the parents of Chantal Tremblay, but they had moved away.

Note: This case should not be confused with 24-year-old Chantal Tremblay who was murdered in Valleyfield in 1998.


Lise Choquette – April 22, 1975

Lise Choquette

Less than three weeks after Sharon Prior is found the body of Lise Choquette (30 years of age, 5’1″, 141 lbs) is discovered by Alexandre Aube, an employee with Corrival in Laval. Aube was working construction on the then new 440 autoroute when he found her naked body  near the construction site of the Viaduc Vimont at approximately 11:00 am on Tuesday, April 22, 1975.  Choquette was found lying in the mud approximately 275 feet behind Quebec Ciment, a company at 101 Chemin Haut-St. Francois, in Laval.


The investigators on the scene were M. Lafond and Andre Lebrun of the Laval police, assisted by Sgt Det Fred Funaro and SD Jean Guy Sauve. Choquette was beaten and strangled, and found only with a tie around her neck ( grey tie with a black circles made by “Caporicci”). The tie was “very tight” around her neck.  There was a small amount of blood around her nose.  Her clothing was found about 200 feet away from the body. She had no identification or jewelry, though police know that Choquette wore a ring. The body had not been disposed at the location for a very long time.


Choquette lived at 2247 rue Lariviere,  about a block away from the headquarters of the Surete du Quebec on rue Parthenais. 

Choquette’s residence was about a 10 minute drive from where Denise Bazinet lived, at 4252 rue Brebeuf. Bazinet’s residence is a 10 minute walk from where Lison Blais lived and died, at 4685 avenue Christophe Colomb.

Choquette lived in the apartment building to the left, 2247 Lariviere

Choquette lived in the apartment building to the left, 2247 Lariviere


Choquette was found near the construction site of the Viaduc Vimont in Laval. The location is interesting because it places Choquette directly between where Chantal Tremblay was last seen (the Henri Bourassa metro station), and where Tremblay lived / remains were discovered in Terrebonne (for more Tremblay information, click here)

Medicale Legale


The body was identified by Choquette’s mother, Emelide Choquette who lived at 6668 44e in Montreal. The case was lead by Sergent Detective Alfred Funaro of the Laval Police. The chief coroner was Maurice C Laniel, assistent by Andre Brosseau (pathologiste). 


In a sworn statement to Andre Gauthier, a Surete du Quebec stenographer,  on November 6, 1975 (on behalf of the coroner’s office), Funaro declared that he had interrogated several persons, but without results, and that the investigation was ongoing. Choquette suffered a “violent death”, but the police needed to continue their work, and report back in future.

For the moment the case was une “Enquete sine die”, a “postponed investigation”.


The actual autopsy report determines the cause of death more specifically: “strangulation and connected contusions” about her head. So Choquette was strangled and beaten about the head.  There were no signs of alcohol in her system.

The autopsy was performed by Andre Brosseau at the demande of Roch Heroux at the Parthenais medical laboratory. There was no evidence of sperm in the vagina area.


Update August 2017:  Police suggest connection between murders of Choquette and ”lady of the river Nation“:  (click here) 


Sharron Prior and the “Chateauguay Killer” (Part 2)

I grew up on the island of Montreal in a neighborhood very similar to Chateauguay. New suburbs right on the frontier of development. Mixed neighborhoods, French and English. Pierrefonds was bound by Riviere du Prairies to the north and to the west, and highways to the east and to the south. We would venture out on our bikes and explore areas like Roxboro and Dollard Des Ormeaux. The worst thing I ever saw was a dead dog. In something right out of a Stephen King novel a bunch of us heard there was a dead dog next to the rail tracks down in Roxboro. One Saturday we all set out on foot on those tracks. I remember it took forever and eventually we saw it, resting far down an embankment. Its eye was oozing yellow puss. The whole thing left me feeling sad and empty.

We would hear rumors of kids getting kidnapped or killed, but it was all school yard talk. I never heard of a Chateauguay killer. Though I knew Chateauguay and Laval and Longueuil were to the south and north and east, I had never been there. I would occasionally take the train into downtown, but I never left the island of Montreal unless it was on a vacation with my parents. I suppose my parents knew about these things because they read the newspapers. My dad probably knew about Sharon Prior because he worked in Lachine. I didn’t read papers. The only books I took out of the library were about UFOs, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

Sharron Prior


Sharon Prior

Sharron Prior



The murder of 16-year-old Sharron Prior happened after the July 9th, 1974 murder of 12-year-old Norma O’Brien, and a little before the June 23, 1975 murder of 14-year-old Debbie Fisher. In an erie twist of fate, Sharron Prior had been following the O’Brien case in the newspapers (If you’re reading this cold, you may want to go back to Part 1 of this piece which is all about O’Brien and Fisher).


445 Congregation today


Sharron disappeared on Saturday evening, March 29th, 1975. She had been at her home at 445 Congregation street in Pointe Saint Charles with friends and family when she decided to go out to meet friends (including her boyfriend) at a local pizza parlor. She left her house around 7:30 pm. She leaves behind her bus pass and money, and declines the offer of a friend to accompany her. Her destination is 5 blocks away, Marina’s Pizza at 2050 Wellington street at the corner of Avenue Ash. She never made it to her destination.


2050 Wellington street, the site of Marina’s pizza


During the initial phase of the disappearance the case falls under the jurisdiction of the Montreal Police, the MUC (Montreal Urban Community). When the body is found off the island of Montreal in Longueuil, the case quickly transfers to the Longueuil police. To the best of my knowledge, Quebec’s provincial police, the Surete du Quebec are never involved.

Discovery of Sharron Prior

Prior crime scene

Prior crime scene

Prior’s body was found just three days later, April 1st, 1975. Prior was found in a field at Chemin du Lac and Guimond blvd. in Longueuil by Jacques Bertrand, a beekeeper. Bertrand, who kept bees on the property, had been told to go check the lock on the gate, someone had observed that it was open.

The first investigators to process the scene were Jean Brais and Guy Alarie, wtih Constable J Leo Gagnon providing a crime scene map. Other investigators to work the case were Pierre Lambert, Louis Lasurre, Raymond Trotier, Pierre Robidas and Pierre Robidoux. The Longueuil police who would continue investigations into the next century were Renault Lacomb, Pierre Robidoux and Jacques Dutrisac. 

Prior had been badly beaten. She had choke marks on her neck. She had choked on her blood. Her nose was broken. The assailant had crushed her chest with his knee. 

Prior was dressed in her suede coat, sweater, shoes and socks. Her pants were about 6 feet away from the body. Her underwear was hanging from a tree. A branch was clutched in her hand. There was blood and branches in her hair. A man’s shirt was found at the scene, detectives concluded that this was used to bind her. A receipt was found at the scene with Sharon’s name on it. A tire mark was observed along with a footprint of a man thought to have weighed about 200 lbs. It was concluded that the loose items were thrown from the window of a vehicle.

The autopsy was performed by Jean Hould. Longueuil police Renault Lacomb and Jacques Dutrisac were both present at the autopsy. Among other things the autopsy concluded:

  1. Sharron Prior had been raped.
  2. the blows to her head were most likely caused by a pointed instrument, maybe a ring.
  3. The partially chewed tape found in her hair meant that Prior was most likely gagged.
  4. Sharon most likely died Tuesday afternoon which would mean she was held captive from Saturday evening through Tuesday morning.


Early on Investigators focused on Frank Daly (aka Gerry Moore) as a suspect. Daly managed Marina’s Pizza.  Persons interviewed in relation to Daly were Ronnie McQuire, Richard Cassive, Maie Anne and Dolores Boucher, the owners of Marina’s Nick and Marina Chionidis, Claude Laporte, John Beaubien, Audry Payne, Anne Benoit, Caroline Smith and Harold Regan. 

Police also interviewed the co-owners of the Longueuil property, Jacques Bertrand and Roger Augry, as well as Raymond Amont who owned adjacent property.  Police interviewed Prior’s boyfriend John McAleer, as well as friends Bryan Victor Morneau, Margaret Neil, Laury Derick and Debbie Cote.

Other initial police suspects included Daniel De Courval, Gerard Jubinville, Laurie Kenneth and Normand Hunt.

Police agents interviewed included Andre Charette, Bertrand Audet, Jacques St Mars (SPCUM), Agent Faucher of SCU St. Hyacinthe, and Sgt Detective Tetrault of Laval.

Other Factors

Sharron Prior and the Chateauguay Killer

We’re going to now circle back to my original trajectory, Sharron Prior and any link to the Chateauguay Killer.

As you can see, there are some similarities between the cases of Sharron Prior and Norma O’Brien. To summarize:

  1. They died roughly 9 months apart, and in a fairly close vicinity. Prior on the Island of Montreal / Longueuil; both regions about a 30 minute drive from  O’brien / Chateauguay.
  2. Both were adolescent girls: O’Brien 12, Prior 16.
  3. Both were raped, savagely beaten, and choked to death in a brutal manner.
  4. As late as 2010 some were still probing a connection between O’Brien and Prior (rather sloppily I might add).

So the question comes up, did the Chateauguay Killer (who we’ve dubbed MX), ever have cause to be in the vicinity of Sharron Prior?

The answer is yes.  According to his confession, in June of 1975, MX was working at Record Tools, Ltd. an 5110 Fairway Ave. in Lachine, Quebec.  His confession reads, 

“The 23 of June 1975… I took my motorbike to go to Lachine, Record Tools, Ltd. in 5110 Fairway Ave, where I work.”

Before anyone gets too excited with this piece of information, there are several obstacles in considering MX as a serious suspect in the Sharron Prior murder:

  1. 5110 Fairway avenue is still a twenty minute drive to Pointe Saint Charles.
  2. That drive would have been made in the winter in late March 1975. You can see from the photos there is still snow on the ground.
  3. The drive would have been made on a Moped. I think everyone would agree that the assailant in the Prior case wasn’t driving a Moped. 
  4. The level of violence inflicted on Norma O’Brien is very formidable for a then 16-year-old, but MX doesn’t quite fit the Prior profile. Simply put: he is too young, too skinny, and he doesn’t wear the  jewelry that could cause the damage borne out by the Prior autopsy (remember the reference to the ring).

Here’s MX from the waist down (in the middle):


Contrasted with his beefy companions, MX doesn’t have any rings. 

So hopefully this lays to rest any further questions of a connection between the Chateauguay Killer and Sharron Prior.

There is however one troubling piece of information concerning MX and another unsolved murder that needs mentioning. Record Tools, LTD where MX worked is about a 10 minute drive from 890 Lindsay street, where the body of 12-year-old Tammy Leaky was found strangled in 1981.

So where was MX in 1981? Not sure. According to some sources he served very little time for the O’Brien / Fisher murders, and in a minimum security facility. Lot’s of access to day-passes. It’s very conceivable he was let out by 1981.

I’m sure some of you may think, surely after all this time the police would have looked into this? I wouldn’t be too confident. Remember what I said in an earlier post about too much accountability leading to lapses in responsibility. There was already a crowded field in these cases with the Surete du Quebec, Chateauguay, Montreal and Longueuil police all having some involvement. Also remember the lesson of the Quebec Police Commission’s inquiry into Ursula Schulze: no one pursued the victim because everyone assumed someone else was taking care of it.


And where is the Chateauguay Killer today? He lives and works in the Montreal area.


Postscript: The night before Sharon Prior disappeared, March 28th, 1975, was a full moon.


Lison Blais = Louise Camirand, and the issue of false memory

So let’s talk about false memory.

Last year I was contacted by a woman who was convinced her brothers murdered my sister. Her evidence was this:

In late October, 1978, a week before Theresa disappeared, she said she witnessed her brothers and my sister talking together at Mount Orford, Quebec. The location itself was very compelling because Theresa had been in fact at Mount Orford the week before she died.

But when I questioned her further, the story began to crumble. My sister was hiking at Mount Orford. This woman’s account was more like a ski expedition. Everyone was skiing in the snow. Contact was made. They said, “Theresa, hello!”… She acknowledged the greeting.

Very compelling. There’s just one problem. There was no snow on Mount Orford in late October 1978. I cannot recall a year where there was ever snow on Mount Orford in late October, 1978.

I believe the woman believes she was telling her version of the truth. No question. This is a false memory, and it happens all the time.

A reporter asked me recently how often I get people claiming they know who killed Theresa. I think they were shocked when I said, about every two months for the past 13 years. And they all sincerely believe they have the piece that will solve the puzzle.


I don’t post every lead I get on this site because I believe it fool-hardy to send everyone on a wild goose-chase. When I get a good lead, and post it, you can best believe it has been vetted, and I have confidence that it deserves to be shared with the public.

So publishing yesterday that there may be a possible connection between Louise Camirand and Lison Blais and a purse was not done haphazardly. This is something that needs to be considered in a measured fashion.


So back to false memory. Last Saturday I took my youngest daughter to the high school dance. She was wearing a red and white striped strapless dress, tapered at the waist and cut at the knee, of that I am certain. I cannot be certain of the direction of the stripes. Maybe horizontal, maybe diagonal, but I think diagonal because that is a more attractive dress (but this is not based on my memory, this is based on an assumption).

So this was five days ago. And a fairly important event. I had taken all my other daughters to similar dances, this was the first time I took my youngest: I would expect to remember that.

Jump to the next day. Ask me what my daughters wore on that Sunday. I haven’t the slightest clue. It was a routine Sunday, I remember muted colours, maybe greys and blues, perhaps jeans?

It has always frustrated me the degree of uncertainty with my sister’s case. Was she seen on a staircase at the residence at Compton, or not? Did the hunters find blue corduroys (like the ones she was last seen wearing) or blue jeans?

King's Hall staircase

King’s Hall staircase

But think of it. You are asking people to recall an event that IN RETROSPECT is very significant, but at the time was very routine and mundane.

And this brings us to the purse. My daughters have all kinds of purses, I could not describe any of them. Is it important that the composite drawing does not exactly match the photo of the purse recovered from the Camirand site?


Camirand purse

Camirand purse

The two purses has the same basic shape. They are both black. They have a similar strap. Does the recovered purse have vertical lines like the composite? No. Does it matter? No. Might we be looking at the back of the purse which has a different shape than the front, and which was never photographed in the recovered purse? Yes.

Composite purse / Blais

Composite purse / Blais

When is a purse not a purse?

When it is a composite. A drawing made by a police artist, derived from the memory of someone who remembered the purse.

Is this matter easily resolved? Yes. We know the Blais family, we will take the photo to them and ask them, “Is this Lison’s purse?”.  And they will answer, Yes, or No, or I Don’t Know, it’s been too long. And EVEN if they say NO, they might be wrong. It’s been close to 40 years = false memory.

Here’s what is certain. It is someone’s purse. And it is NOT Louise Camirand’s. The only thing missing from her belongings were her boots and underpants and “identification” (not a purse). Here’s another thing, it’s not Catherine Hawkes’ purse who was murdered under similar circumstances in Montreal at that time, and also had a purse go missing. Here is Catherine’s purse:


This is a completely different purse. We would never confuse it with the Camirand and Blais purses.

And here is yet another thing. A lot of these cases had missing items from the crime scenes, but particularly wallets and purses. Here’s a run down:

Allore – 1978 – missing wallet

Bazinet – 1977 – missing wallet

Blais – 1978 – missing purse

Camirand – 1977 – missing identification

Hawkes – 1977 – missing purse

Is it unusual for wallets and purses to be missing? No. It is quite understandable to separate a crime scene from the means of discovery of the victim, such as identification. This tells us that the perpetrator does not want anyone to easily discover who they murdered.

But here’s what I do know. This very fact tells me that these cases and a case like the murder of Roxanne Luce are not connected. Why? Because Roxanne was found on her bed in her home. Everybody knew who the victims was, or had a pretty good idea from the moment of discovery. There was no attempt to hide who was murdered


And still all of this misses the larger point. This should have been looked into decades ago by Quebec law enforcement. I am in no rush to get the purse back and process it. I am in no rush to talk to the Blais family. That point is long past. We are past the point of resolving these crimes. It’s not the perpetrators who are under investigation at this point, it is the police, and there absolutely lack of effort to solve these crimes.

Demand a public inquiry for Quebec Police to do their job.


Human remains found by I-89 in Colchester

The circle shows where the remains were found. The other GIFs represent women who have gone missing, or have been murdered in the area:

Screen shot 2015-12-02 at 5.11.24 PM

You can find an interactive version of this map HERE.



Repost: Quebec 1977: Who Was The Bootlace Killer?

There was a serial killer operating not only in the Eastern Townships in the 1970s, but also in the Montreal region. Call him The Bootlace Killer. Louise Camirand, Helen Monast, Denise Bazinet and Theresa Allore were all most likely strangled by a thin ligature. Camirand with her bootlace, Monast and Bazinet most likely with their shoe laces, and my sister, Theresa Allore with her scarf (she was wearing Chinese slippers with no laces when she disappeared). Because some of these cases extend into the Montreal region, they call into question many other murder investigations from that era that remain unsolved, most notably the unsolved murder of Sharron Prior.

Let me begin by stating that I do not like unifying theories, especially those involving serial killers. But given the explosion in information exchanged due to the Internet in the last 10-years, the communication between the Victims’ families in these cases and the vast amount of cyber-sleuthing, and the fact that within these 10 years Quebec law enforcement has not solved any of these cases; the matter now requires some innovation, imagination and – above all else – simple curiosity. It is time for a fresh approach.

The original investigation


Louise Camirand’s body is found

When the theory of a serial predator roaming the Eastern Townships was first put forward ten years ago we were only talking about 3 cases; Theresa Allore, Manon Dube and Louise Camirand (for a quick refresher on those cases, check out the Wikipedia site here). What made this theory so compelling was the timing and geographic immediacy of all the crimes. As Geographic Profiler, Kim Rossmo summarized:

“Three murders of low-risk young women in a 19-month period, in such a tight geographic cluster, is highly suspicious, and not likely to be a chance occurrence.”

However, there were differences in some of the circumstances. Dube was a child found fully clothed and the exact cause of her death has never been determined. Allore was most likely strangled, presumably by her scarf . Louise Camirand was the least elusive case; she was clearly strangled by her boot lace, and her boots were never recovered.




Denise Bazinet

The case of Denise Bazinet, to my understanding, has been forgotten. Trawl the internet and you will find one reference to it: The Quebec journaliste, Jacques Guay apparently covered the case in 1977. The case has been sitting in the archives of Allo Police for 35 years where I recently discovered it.

(Photo of Bazinet removed)

Like many of the victims, 23-year-old Denise Bazinet was a low risk female. She worked as a cashier at Saint Hubert barbeque. On the night of her disappearance she was last seen at a local restaurant. She disappeared from Montreal in the Fall of 1977. Her semi-nude body was found on October 24th, 1977 at the side of autoroute 35 near the Chambly Saint-Luc exit, east of La Prairie. Bazinet had been sexually assaulted and strangled. She was wearing her jewelry; a watch, earrings, a ring on her finger. Some of her clothing was found strewn along the shoulder of the road, but some items were missing. She was wearing her right shoe – sport shoes with thick laces – but her left shoe was off and discarded along the road. The crime scene photo of Bazinet clearly shows the thin line along her neck where the mark of strangulation was made, presumably by something thin like her shoe lace. The crime scene is just under 10 miles from Chambly, Quebec where just 6 weeks earlier Helene Monast was found strangled.


Helene Monast

Crime scene of Helene Monast

Crime scene of Helene Monast

September 11, 1977. Again, a low risk female. She was out with friends the night she disappeared, last seen at a local restaurant, Chez Marius. She was found across the street in a public park along the Chambly canal. Clothing was discarded along side of the body… personal items; a pack of Export A cigarettes, a box of Chiclets. Some articles of clothing were missing, notably her shoes. Investigators asked her family at the time of the discovery whether Helene wore shoes with laces. When Helene’s sister saw the body she noticed a thin line along her neck from strangulation.









Louise Camirand, Denise Bazinet, Helene Monast, and Theresa Allore. Low risk females. All found in wooded or rural settings. Articles of clothing missing. In the case of Camirand, Monast and Allore shoes are missing. Articles of clothing scattered next to the bodies. Jewelry left on most of the victims. All strangled, presumably by thin ligatures like a shoe lace or a scarf.


Crime scene of Denise Bizanet

Crime scene of Denise Bizanet


The addition of Bazinet and Monast to the original 3 cases of Camirand, Dube and Allore extends the geographic radius beyond the Eastern Townships of Quebec to the Montreal region. I believe it a worthy exercise to consider other unsolved homicides from the same era in the same region with similar victimologies. It has been close to 40 years and Quebec police have not been able to advance the resolution of any of these cases, it’s time for some fresh eyes.





 Jocelyne Houle

24 year old Jocelyne Houle disappeared from the Old Munich bar in downtown Montreal (corner of St. Denis and Dorchester / Rene Levesque) in April 1977, one month after Louis Camirand’s disappearance in Sherbrooke. Her body was found along the side of a rural road in Saint Calixte, North of Laval. She was sexually assaulted and beaten to death. Articles of clothing were scattered.

Johanne Dorion

17 year old Johanne Dorion was last seen by a bus driver at boule Arthur-Sauve and Sainte Rose in Fabreville on July 30th, 1977, six weeks before the Monast murder. She was found shortly thereafter eight blocks away in a wooded area along the banks of Riviere des Mille Iles. The body was badly decomposed, but she had been stabbed. Note that both Houle was a nursing student, Camirand and Dorion worked at hospitals.

Katherine Hawkes

34 year old Hawkes was found in a wooded area next to the Val Royal CN train station on September 20th, 1977, 9 days after the Monast murder, and a month before the Bazinet murder. She was sexually assaulted, beaten and stabbed. Her clothing was stacked about 12 feet from the body. Personal items were missing, including her purse.


Eight possibly related cases. Now let’s pause for a moment. Little of what I have proposed so far is original.   I lifted it.   In a November 6th, 1977 article on the Denise Bazinet murder, Allo Police implied that six of the cases might be related: Bazinet, Camirand, Houle, Dorion, Monast and Hawkes. But what Allo Police was suggesting was that given the timing – 6 murders in 8 months – the accelerated pace might imply a connection. I am suggesting this, but a further element. Time and place are certainly important; but the victimology is similar: low risk women, rural wooded sites, clothing scattered or missing, strangulation in most cases. And something Allo Police could not have known in the Fall of 1977; there would be / could be more cases, most notably Theresa Allore and Manon Dube. One further disclosure. The Camirand / Dube / Allore connection? That too was not an original idea. Allo Police suggested it by referencing each of the cases in their articles, each time a new body was discovered.

Can we go further?

Having gone this far, why stop there if there are other cold cases that fit the victimology? As I have said, the Quebec police don’t have any new ideas, so let’s consider the following:

Claudette Poirier

15 year old Claudette Poirier disappeared from Drummondville July 27, 1977. Later her bicycle was recovered from the side of a rural road in the area. Nearly 10 years later her bones were recovered in a local camp ground. We don’t know how she died.

Chantal Tremblay

17 year old Chantal Tremblay was from  Rosemere, north of Laval.  She was last seen by a bus driver on July 29, 1977 at the Henri Bourassa metro station. Her body was recovered 8 months later in Terrebonne. She was murdered, but we don’t know how she died. 













A murder victim between the ages of 18 and 25 was discovered along chemin de lac in Longeueil on April 2nd, 1977. And given the time and place of this discovery, this then leads back to the consideration of the murder of…

Sharron Prior

Crime scene of Sharron Prior

Crime scene of Sharron Prior

Of all these cases, Sharon Prior’s is the most widely known. Given the geography, timing and victimology her case should be considered in these matters. It’s been nearly 40 years, and the Longeueil Police have advanced nothing.

Consider this:

The unidentified victim from 1977 and Sharron Prior were both discovered along Chemin de Lac in Longeueil. Prior went missing from Montreal, and – like Bazinet, Tremblay and Houle – her body was found off the island in the “suburbs”. Prior was found in a wooded area. Her clothing was scattered around the crime scene. There are obstacles with making a connection; Prior is a 1975 case (does that go back too far?). She was savagely beaten; her chest was collapsed, a tooth was driven through her lip. Was she strangled? We don’t know.

But maybe Sharron Prior fought harder. Maybe she resisted her assault more than the others. If you look at the crime scene photos of Camirand, Monast and Prior, it is the same victimology; you think you are looking at the same crime scene.

Is there anything else?

Certainly. The question is, how far forward and backward are you willing to go? What else should be considered? Here are my  best / worst ideas:

 Alice Pare

14 year old Pare disappears from her school in Drummondville in February, 1971. Her body is found in April 1971 in a wooded area near Victoriaville. She had been strangled.

Tammy Leakey

The 12 year old goes missing from Point Saint Charles in Montreal blocks from where Sharron Prior disappeared in March 1981. Her body is discovered soon after in Dorval; raped, stabbed once, and strangled, possibly with a cord or lace. There was always criticism that Manon Dube didn’t fit the profile because she was too young (10 years old). I think the rape and murder of Leakey puts to rest any doubts about who a predator may prey upon.

The following cases are disappearances. They just vanished. We don’t know if they were runaways, or what happened to them:

Johanne Danserault: 16, disappeared from Fabreville, June 1977

Sylvie Doucet: 13, disappeared East Montreal, June 1977

Elizabeth Bodzy: 14, disappeared Laval, July 1977

The police need to look into these cases to determine if they ran away from home, if they were murdered or if they simply “vanished”.

Here is a GIF animation showing locations of disappearances, followed by where bodies were discovered. Worth a thousand words. In the 1970s, someone was moving bodies out of Sherbrooke, and off the island of Montreal:

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To see more maps click on this link.

With the exception of Helene Monast, none of these cases are included in the Surete du Quebec’s  cold case file for special examination. Quebec law enforcement (SQ, SPVM,Longeueil, RCMP, Laval) all need to work together to consider the evidence in these cases. These cases need to be re-examined as a group of potentially linked sex murders. At the very least, physical evidence from the cases (if any of it still exists) should be re-examined using modern DNA testing, and all the evidence should be cross-referenced to look for potential patterns and links.

Update: On March 9, 2016 the Theresa Allore case was added to the Surete du Quebec’s website: 

(All photos are the  property/used courtesy of Allo Police/Section Rouge Média Inc.)


Police search area where remains thought to be those of #HannahGraham were found

The initial interview with SGT Dale Terry who found the remains contained the following:

“It was behind a vacant home, in a dried-up creek bed, Terry said he found a skull and bones, along with a pair of tight, dark-colored pants.”

Description has since been scrubbed:



From the Washington Post:

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Police on Sunday combed a narrow two-lane back road near an abandoned property in Albemarle County south of here, where searchers on Saturday found human remains thought to be those of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Graham, an 18-year-old from Fairfax County, vanished in the early hours of Sept. 13. Jesse L. Matthew Jr., a 32-year-old Charlottesville man with whom Graham was last seen, was arrested and charged in her disappearance, but the young woman’s whereabouts were unknown.

branchThe remote location where the body was found was within three or four miles of the hayfield where the body of another missing college student was found in 2010. Both Graham and the second woman, Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, disappeared late at night in Charlottesville.
Police on Sunday blocked off a three-mile section of Old Lynchburg Road near where the body was found as investigators scoured the area. For much of its length the road is unmarked and without shoulders, surrounded by woods that are turning amber, gold and crimson, and with houses set back from the pavement, several with white country fences. A tiny brick church sits at one end of the barricaded stretch, across the road from a cemetery with several dozen weathered tombstones.

The northernmost police barricade on Old Lynchburg on Sunday was at its intersection with Red Hill Road. From that point, Red Hill winds a little more than three miles to the northwest before it borders the 742-acre Anchorage Farm. It was there that Harrington’s skeletal remains were found.
The grim discovery Saturday of human remains on a stretch of road in rual Virginia has put Charlottesville residents on edge. Officials have not determined the identity of the remains. 
Virginia State Police investigators said last month that the arrest of Matthew was a “significant break” in the Harrington case and provided an unspecified “new forensic link” in the quest for her killer.

The remains found Saturday were discovered by a sheriff’s deputy searching an abandoned property, Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo Sr. said. A conclusive identification has not been made and the remains were sent to the Virginia medical examiner’s office for forensic testing.

Longo said Graham’s family members had been notified. They have not commented on the discovery of the remains. Authorities also called off a search for Graham planned for Sunday, saying they would focus on identifying the body.

Graham’s disappearance has shaken Virginia’s flagship public university, where students have held candlelight vigils and worn orange ribbons in the hope of Graham’s return.

Student council president Jalen Ross helped organize a vigil on the U-Va. campus that attracted hundreds of students. Ross and others at the event, which occurred five days after Graham was last seen, spoke about the missing sophomore in the present tense. Now Ross said that the student council was planning a memorial for Graham to provide a central place on campus for students to honor her.​

“Nobody wanted to hear there’s been a body found,” Ross, 21, said Sunday.

But it was the news many students were expecting, Ross said. In the five weeks since Graham disappeared, a dark mood has again descended over the school.

Hannah Graham timeline
“It revives the whole pool of sadness everyone went through originally,” Ross said.

Many students have donned orange ribbons to keep Graham in mind. Every day since Graham vanished, Ross has worn one pinned to his shirt.

“I told myself  I’d wear it until they found her,” Ross said.

Ross said many students recalled that it took investigators 101 days to find Harrington.

“A lot of us were worried that it would take a long time or infinite time to get closure” in Graham’s case, Ross said.

On Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Heather Warren crafted the words for her evening sermon at St. Paul’s Memorial Church, across from the Charlottesville campus.

“It’s just profoundly sad,” Warren said. “There was always this hope that she might be found alive. That’s not there now.”

In the weeks after Graham vanished, the church kept its doors open for students distressed by the sophomore’s disappearance. Warren said the church has helped students find solace in prayer and passages of Scripture. In recent days, Warren said, she has been drawn to Psalm 139, which explores the constant presence of God even in the worst of times.

“Whither can I go from your presence?” Warren said Sunday, quoting the psalm’s first verses. “You might not know what that presence feels like. But that does not mean you are abandoned.” She began Sunday evening’s service with a moment of silence for Graham.

Friends and teachers have described Graham, a 2013 graduate of West Potomac High School in the Alexandria area of Fairfax, as a good student with a sense of humor.

At U-Va., Graham participated in an alternative spring break as a freshman, volunteering to spend long hours rebuilding homes destroyed by tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Ala. She was known as a central figure in the college’s ski club.

The investigation into Graham’s disappearance has produced leads in other unsolved cases.

Matthew, who had worked as an orderly at the U-Va. hospital, has been linked by DNA evidence to the investigations of two violent crimes: a sexual assault in Fairfax City in 2005 and the abduction and slaying of Harrington, police have said.

He has not been charged in either case.

In addition, two Virginia universities that Matthew attended between 2002 and 2003 said he was implicated in sexual assault cases. Both women declined to press charges against Matthew, and he was not convicted of any crime connected to the allegations.

Graham spent the evening of Sept. 12, a Friday, drinking and socializing with friends near campus before going out about midnight. By 1 a.m., she was seen wandering the Downtown Mall, about a mile and a half from her apartment. She sent messages to friends indicating that she was lost.

Shortly after 1 a.m., witnesses saw Graham with Matthew near the Tempo restaurant.

Brice Cunningham, the owner of Tempo, told The Washington Post that his employees later saw Graham and Matthew leaving the area together. She had not been seen since.

Police quickly focused on Matthew, searching his car and his Charlottesville apartment and eventually seeking a warrant for his arrest. Matthew was arrested Sept. 24 on a beach near Galveston, Tex., more than 1,300 miles from his apartment.

Matthew was charged with abduction with intent to defile, indicating that police think he planned to sexually assault Graham.

He is being held without bond in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

James L. Camblos III, the lawyer representing Matthew, said he would await further information.

“The police have located human remains, and we will wait to see what the medical examiner says to see who it is,” Camblos said.


#HannahGraham Our Greatest Hopes, Our Worst Fears:

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

Maybe this will bring some good. Help Save The Next Girl:


Human remains believed to be those of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham have been found on an abandoned property outside Charlottesville, authorities announced Saturday evening.

Graham, 18, of the Alexandria-area of Fairfax County, vanished in the early hours of Saturday Sept. 13. She was last seen by witnesses on the Downtown Mall with a man identified by police as Jesse L. Matthew Jr., 32, of Charlottesville.

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo Sr. said authorities must still make a conclusive identification of the remains. But he said police have notified the teen’s family. Authorities also said Graham’s case has become a death investigation.

If the body is that of the sophomore, it marks a grim end to a five-week search for the teen, who apparently became lost after a night out drinking and socializing with friends.

The remains were found by a sheriff’s deputy in Albemarle County.

“I want to thank everyone who gave up their days, their nights, their weekends,” Longo said of the search for Graham. “People who called, wrote and dropped food and good wishes and words of encouragement to the search groups and the detectives who work so hard through this investigation.”

“Today would have not been possible without their prayers, their encouragement and their help,” the chief said.

Longo said a police official reached out to Hannah Graham’s parents, John and Susan Graham, with “a very difficult phone call to share this preliminary discovery.”

Police said they have been searching the property for any clues, and said they would not release further details at this stage of the investigation.

“Today’s discovery is a significant development. And we have a great deal of work ahead of us. We cannot and we will not jump to any conclusions in regards to today’s discovery,” said Col. Steve Sellers, of the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office.

“This sadly is now a death investigation,” Sellers said.

Police have said they linked Matthew’s DNA to the investigations of a violent sexual assault in Fairfax City in 2005 and the abduction and murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, 20, in October 2009.

Hannah Graham timeline

Matthew has also been identified as a football player who was accused of sexual assault at Liberty University in 2002 and transferred to Christopher Newport University, where he was accused of another sexual assault in 2003 before dropping out. The university investigations did not lead to criminal charges.

James L. Camblos III, the lawyer representing Matthew said he would await further information. “The police have located human remains and we will wait to see what the medical examiner says to see who it is,” Camblos said.


#JesseMatthew timeline via Websleuths

The "tracks in the field" theory

The “tracks in the field” theory

Websleuths has posted an incredible timeline for Jesse Matthew. Note: Items in blue are not necessarily tied to Mathew but occurred during the time frame  as possible victims:

12/14/1981 – Jesse Mathew born

Charlottesville Athlete of the Year – earned him scholarship to Liberty University…icle-1.1952383

Graduated from Moticello High School…=image&photo=0
Begins attending Liberty University, Plays Football
~~05/02/00 Namus #789 -African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 30-50 Sussex County, VA
~~11/11/00 Hope Curry missing – Virginia Beach, VA

~~6/03/01 Annie Horne missing – Richmond, VA[/COLOR]
**9/1/01 Liberty Flames @ Boone, NC (L)
**9/8/01 Liberty Flames @ Richmond, KY (L)
**9/22/01 Liberty Flames @ home (W)
~~09/27/01 Namus #6470 – African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 15-20 Fairfax County, VA
**9/29/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**10/13/01 Liberty Flames @ @ Orlando, FL (L)
**10/20/01 Liberty Flames @ Boiling Springs, NC (L)
**10/27/01 Liberty Flames @ Tampa, FL (L)
~~11/01/01 Janice Johnson – Henrico, VA – 42 – missing…on_janice.html
**11/3/01 Liberty Flames @ Cullowhee, NC (L)
**11/10/01 Liberty Flames @ Charleston, SC (W)
**11/17/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**11/23/01 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)

~~01/21/02 Namus #788 – African American Female Found – EPI unknown – age 25-35 Petersburg City, VA
~~05/31/02 Marlene Robinson – Hampton, VA – 57 – missing
~~8/29/02 La-Teasha LaMone Brooks missing – Farmville, VA…la-teasha.html
**8/31/02 Liberty Flames @Home (L)
**9/7/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**9/21/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
~~9/22/02 Sharon Jones missing – Norfolk, VA
**9/28/02 Liberty Flames @ Orlando, FL (L)
**10/5/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**10/12/02 Liberty Flames @ Akron, OH (L)
10/17/02 alleged sexual assault at Liberty University…277088541.html
**10/19/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (W)
**10/26/02 Liberty Flames @ Lexington, VA (L)
**11/02/02 Liberty Flames @ Home (L)
**11/09/02 Liberty Flames @ Elon, NC (L)
**11/23/02 Liberty Flames @Hempstead, NY (L)

01/2003 – begins attending Newport University, Newport News, VA
~~02/01/03 Julie Marie Fraser missing – Norfolk, VA
~~7/24/03 Autumn Wind Day missing – Newport News, VA

8/14/03 – 9/12/03 Member of Newport Football Team
**09/06/03 CNU Game – played
~~9/07/03 Sophia May Rivera missing – Newport News, VA…-newport-news/
**9/13/03 CNU Game- played
**9/27/03 CNU Game – no play
**10/4/03 CNU Game no play
**10/11/03 CNU Game no play
10/15/03 – Leaves Newport University
~~10/18/03 Rachel Good – Elkton, VA – 20 – missing
10/29/03 – Traffic Charges – No State Inspection (charges dropped), failure to wear seatbelt (guilty) in Newport News

6/17/04 – Traffic Charge: Fail to obey traffic signal
8/5/04 – Hearing –guilty in absentia 6/17/04 – Fail to obey traffic signal
~~09/10/04 Namus # 960 – African American Female Found – EPI 3 years – age 40-60 – Norfolk City, VA

~~1/24/05 Crystal Soles – Andrews, SC…_crystal.htmll
~~1/28/05 Vestora Leatrise Spriggs – Norfolk, VA…s_vestora.html
3/04/05 – Traffic Charge: Speeding
4/22/05 – Hearing: waived/paid – Buckingham General District Court (Charlottesville address) 3/04/05 – Traffic Charge: Speeding
~~9/24/2005 Fairfax, VA Sexual Assault…ope-fresh-fear
~~10/21/05 Kathleen Hulderman missing – Chesapeake City, VA…_kathleen.html

2/1/06 – Traffic Charge: failure to obey stop sign
2/21/06 – Hearing: guilty 2/1/06 – failure to obey stop sign
6/21/06 – Traffic Charge: speeding
7/24/06 – Traffic Charge: speeding
7/25/06 – Hearing – cont 6/21/06 – speeding
8/9/06 – Hearing – guilty 7/24/06 – speeding
8/22/06 – Hearing –not guilty 6/21/06 – speeding
~~8/26/06 Qauisra Khan missing – Alexandria, VA

Receives taxi permit
1/24/07 – Traffic charge – speeding – Charlottesville 22903
3/21/07 – Hearing- RE: Speeding Charge in Greene County 1/24/07 – guilty
~~05/14/07 Namus # 6665 – African American Female Found – EPI weeks – age 20-30 – Petersburg City, VA
~~7/22/07 Ivonne Biviano missing – LaCrosse, VA…no_ivonne.html
~~07/28/07 Namus # 9512 – White Female Found – EPI: 3 years – age 18-99 – Richmond City, VA

Fall 2007 – Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
~~9/21/07 Sereda McGlothin missing – Carrol County, VA…in_sereda.html
~11/16/07 Namus # 6666 – African American Female Found – EPI: Years – age 20-35 – Dinwiddle County, VA

11/20/07 – Traffic charge – speeding – Charlottesville 22903

Holds taxi permit
2/4/08 Hearing – RE: 11/20/07 speeding charge – guilty
~~4/21/08 Gracie MacCord – Spotsylvania County, VA…rd_gracie.html
Spring & Fall 2008 – – Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
~~ 06/27/08 Anne Turner – Newport News, VA – 38 – missing
8/19/08 UVA Health Services Warranty in Debt (civil)

Holds taxi permit
~~3/14/09 Latonia Smith – Portsmouth, VA…h_latonia.html
6/4/09 – Assault & Grand Larceny Charge Incident
6/23/09 – Warrant in Debt – Martha Jefferson Hospital
~~07/07/09 Hattie Brown – Halifax County, VA – 48 – missing
7/9/09 – Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
8/20/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~8/27/09 Heidi Childs & David Metzler Virginia Tech students found murdered – Jefferson National Forest
9/17/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~10/10/09 Cassandra Morton missing – Lynchburg, VA…rg-10-Nov-2009
10/02/09 Traffic Charge –speeding
~~10/17/09 Morgan Harrington goes missing (Forensic link to JLM)…-2009-1/page12

10/22/09 Hearing: RE: 6/4 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges – Continued
~~11/11/09 Morgan Harrington – shirt found @ corner of 15th St & Grady Ave outside apt building
~~11/18/09 Tatawanda Hill – Norfolk, VA
11/24/09 – Hearing – cont 10/02/09 speeding
~~11/29/09 Norma Avillan – Herndon, VA…lan_norma.html
~~11/29/09 Cassandra Morton – body found on Liberty University property

12/22/09 – Hearing –cont 10/02/09 speeding

Holds taxi permit
dba Jesse L MatthewJr – Ponderosa Trail business shows founded
~~1/24/10 Joan Cook – Salem, VA
~~1/26/10 Morgan Harrington body found at Anchorage Farm in Southern Albemarle County

1/26/10 Hearing: RE: 10/2/09 Traffic charges – dismissed
3/17/10 Trespassing after Forbidden – Keswick, VA 22947
3/24/10 Traffic Charges – Speeding – Keswick, VA 22947
~~ 4/5/10 – Morgan Harrington- info RE: Shirt found released to public
4/22/10 Hearing: RE: 6/4/09 Assault & Grand Larceny Charges & 3/7/10 Trespassing Charges – nolle prosequi on assault and grand larceny; guilty on trespass after forbidden
~~4/30/10 Arianna Davis – Henrico, VA…s_arianna.html
5/6/10 – cont 3/24/10 – speeding
5/23/10 Traffic Charges – Speeding – Charlottesville 22903
6/3/10 Hearing: RE: 3/24/10 Speeding Charges – guilty in absentia
07/10 Authorities announce forensic evidence connects Harrington case & 2005 Fairfax rape case
7/6/10 Hearing: RE: 5/23/10 Speeding Charges – guilty
~~9/3/10 Samantha Ann Clarke – Orange, VA…_samantha.html
~~10/1/10 UVA Robbery 1AM “blk male 5’6-5’8, 120-140 lbs” – NOTE: all dates marked “UVA” are taken from this source:
~~10/25/10 UVA Robbery 10:30 pm “blk male 6’1-6’2 early 20’s”

11/2/10 Traffic Charges – Failure to obey RR signal – Charlottesville 22947
12/9/10 – Hearing – cont 11/2/10- fail to obey RR crossing signal
~~12/12/10 UVA Sex Assault 1am – “blk male, 5’10”
12/26/10 – Traffic Charges – Driving on suspended license & speeding in Madison County, VA– Charlottesville 22947

1/13/11 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 11/2/10 guilty in absentia
~~1/29/11 – Bethany Decker- Loudon County, VA…r_bethany.html
3/18/11 – Hearing –cont 12/26/10 – driving on susp license; speeding – Madison General District Court
5/26/11 – Hearing-RE: Driving on Suspended License & Speeding– Madison County – guilty sent 10 days, susp 10 days
8/10/11 – Traffic Charges: Def. exhaust, no inspection, driving while suspended – 2nd offense – Charlottesville 22947
8/19/11 – Hearing –cont 8/10/11 – Def Exhaust, no inspection
8/27/11 Traffic Charge: Driving suspended 2nd offense & evading traffic control – Charlottesville 22947
Fall 2011- Matthew enrolled as part time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College
9/2/11 – Hearing –cont 8/27/11 – evasion of traffic control drive susp – amended to drive susp 2nd offense
9/6/11 – Hearing – cont 8/10/11 – Def Exhaust, no inspection Driving Susp 2nd offense
9/13/11 – Hearing – cont 8/27/11 – evasion of traffic control – drive susp – amended to drive susp 2nd offense
~~10/15/11 UVA sex assault 4:30 am – “blk male 5’10”
10/17/11 Failure to Appear – Charlottesville 22947
~~ 10/22/11 UVA sex assault 3:40 am
11/7/11 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 8/10/11 nolle prosequi
~~11/21/11 Lauren Smith – Leon, VA…h-va-11212011/
12/16/11 Hearing-RE: Traffic Charges 8/27/11 & Failure to Appear on 10/17/11- guilty 30 days sentence, 26 days suspended, 30 days suspended license – driving suspended 2nd offense; not guilty – evasion of traffic control; dismissed failure to appear
~~12/22/11 Joseline Arriaza – Alexandria, VA…_joseline.html

Listed on Virginia Silverbacks Roster as #55
1/12/12 Warrant In Debt – University of Virginia
~~4/9/12 Heather Hodges- Rocky Mount, VA…s_heather.html
**5/5/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**5/12/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ AHS
**5/26/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**6/23/12 Silverbacks Preseason Game @ CHS
**7/14/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Fairfax, VA
**7/28/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Richmond, VA
**8/4/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
**8/11/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Richmond, VA
~~8/12/12 – Namus # 10692 – ? Female – Found unknown EPI – age 9-99 – Petersburg City, VA
8/12/12 Hired at U of VA Medical Center
**8/18/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ St. Augustine, NJ
**8/25/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home (We know LJ plays)
~~9/1/12 Kathleen Haley – Newport News, VA…y-va-09012012/
**9/8/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
**9/15/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Baltimore, MD
9/20/12 Garnishment – Martha Jefferson House – Charlottesville 22903
**9/22/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
9/22/12 Traffic Charges: Possession of stolen inspection sticker – Charlottesville 22902
9/22/12 Traffic Charges: Driving under revocked/suspended license, illegal inspection sticker, failure to submit inspection, failure to obtain registration/altered registration – Keswick 22947
~~9/23/12 UVA Sex. Assault 1:45 am “blk male”
9/28/12 – Hearing cont 9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension – stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration
**9/29/12 Silverbacks Regular Season Game @ Home
10/18/12 Warranty in Debt University of Virginia
**10/20/12 Silverbacks Play off game against Arbutus, MD team – Lost (unsure home or away)
10/23/12- Hearing cont 9/22/12 – stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension
~~08/14/12 Leyla McCullagh – Leesburg, VA – 36 – missing…h-va-08132012/
11/04/12 –Hearing RE: guilty – sentence 90 days, suspended 90 days; license susp 30 days9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension
~~11/20/12 DaShad Laquinn Smith missing – Main St/Charlottesville
11/27/12 – cont 9/22/12 – drive revoked amended to drive under revo/suspension stolen inspection sticker; failure to submit inspection; altered registration
~~12/1/12 DaShad Laquinn Smith – search dogs “hit” on pond behind UVA Medical Center
12/4/12 – Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 9/22/12 – guilty

~~2/24/13 UVA Indecent exposure “blk male”
3/1/13 Traffic Charge: Operating uninspected vehicle – Keswick 22947
4/1/13 Hearing- RE: Traffic Charges 3/1/13 guilty in absentia
~~5/3/13 UVA 2:30 AM “2 males”
~~5/17/13 UVA Sex. Assault 1am – “blk male 6′ heavy build”

5/26/13 Warrant in Debt – University of Virginia
~~5/30/13 UVA Stolen Purse 3 AM “blk male 5’9”
~~ 6/5/13Wendoline Garcia – Manassas, VA – 16 – missing
~~6/14/13 UVA Possible Abduction Attempt “possible blk male”
~~6/28/13 UVA Sexual Assault “blk male 5’8-5’10 140-150 lbs”

6/28/13 Garnishment – University of Virginia Medical Center
~~9/6/13 Shanea Lockwood – Fairfax, VA – 16 – missing
~~11/16/13 UVA Theft 2:45 & 3:12 AM
~~11/29/13 Jamisha Gilbert missing after car accident- Lynchburg…7a43b2370.html
~~12/7/13 Margennae Dixon – Fairfax, VA – 16
~~12/8/13 Jamisha Gilbert body found in briar patch in cemetery – unclothed

12/27/13 Traffic Charge: Failure to to obey traffic signal – Charlottesville 22902

~~1/1/14 UVA Sexual Assault 8:51 pm “light skinned blk male w/mustache”
1/9/14 – Garnishment – University of Virginia Medical Center
2/6/14 – not guilty 12/27/13- speeding
~~5/19/14 UVA Sexual Assault
~~05/30/14 Ogechi Uwasomba – Chesterfield, VA – 28 – missing…ld-30-May-2014
~~06/06/14 Namus # 12683 – White Female Found Estimated Postmortem Interval 1 month – age 25-45 – Newport News, VA
~~06/06/14 Zulma Pabon-Midlothian, VA – 26 – missing…ld-6-June-2014

6/27/14 Traffic Charge: No rearview mirror – Charlottesville 22901
8/01/14 – Hearing- RE: 6/27/14 – no rear view mirror– waived “complied with law”
8/14 Begins as part time volunteer coach at Covenant Christian School
8/1/14 Hearing – RE: Traffic Charge 12/27/13 waived “complied with law”
~~9/13/14 UVA Sexual Assault
~~9/13/14 Hannah Graham Missing – Charlottesville, VA
~~9/14/14 UVA Sexual Assault – early morning
~~9/15/14 Sexual Assault – early morning

9/18/14 Hearing-RE: Failure to display license plate/driving suspended
9/19/14 Police receive warrant to search car and condo of LJ Matthew
9/20/14 LJ Mathew visits Police Dept/asks about lawyer – later police lose trail after Matthew drives recklessly
9/21/14 Warrant issued for Matthew for 2 counts of reckless driving
9/22/14 Uses Cell Phone @ Tiger Truck Stop – Baton Rouge Louisiana
9/23/14 Matthew charged with abduction with intent to defile in Graham case
9/24/14 Matthew found in Galveston, TX
9/27/14 Matthew flown back to Charlottesville, VA
9/29/14 Source: Confirms forensics tie Matthew to Harrington case
10/2/14 – continued9/20/14 – Reckless Driving (2 counts); abduction with intent to defile

Note: Items in blue are not necessarily tied to Mathew but occurred during the time frame we are discussing as possible victims.