Ian Thomas Caterill is dead

Ian Caterill

Ian Caterill was the subject of much discussion in the editing of Wish You Were Here. Eventually we took his name out of the book at the advice of the publisher’s lawyers (this particular lawyer had successfully defended a challenge from Conrad Black, so I was not going to ignore his advice).

Except when I did ignore it. He also said I couldn’t accuse Roch Gaudreault of being a dirty cop, I said, “Yes I can, it was on the front page of the newspaper that he fabricated witness testimonies!”

Roch Gaudreault

Ian Caterill was Gaudreault’s chief suspect in the death of my sister. The ring leader, in fact, in Gaudreault’s theory of “adolescent conspirators” and a drug overdose. Because he was Gaudreault’s chief suspect he became my father’s suspect. I never saw Ian as capable of such a thing, and anyway, there wasn’t any evidence – but that’s a long story, read Wish You Were Here.

Wish You Were Here

Still, there were always questions surrounding Caterill that never got answered. As his obituary documents, he ended up on Gabriola Island, B.C., North of Victoria and Vancouver Island. One of the reasons we mentioned Luc Gregoire’s 1985 arrest in Saanich, B.C. – also on Vancouver Island – was to open the door for the possibility that Gregoire and Caterill knew each other, maybe having met in the low -evel drug trade in the Sherbrooke area in the late ’70s.

More unanswered questions. Ian died of a heart attack on October 6th, 2020 exactly two weeks after Wish You Were Here was published.


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  1. Même nom que Nicole Gaudreault 1979. Plusieurs victimes portent le même nom que les policiers détectives dans les années 70. Basinet, Yelle,

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