5 thoughts on “Who Killed Theresa?”

  1. Hello John, Please allow me to express my opinion on the video. I feel in spite of the thousands of written words the portrayal of Theresa’s life in film brings a stark reality to Theresa’s murder. I truly hope the search for answers plaguing your mind will soon be quenched.

  2. Hello John, i hope that Theresa is resting in peace. Norman Jacques passed away on the 20 of february 2019. And by coincidence, all the data on his pc was wiped clean. I was hopping that we would have found answers but it’s too late now.

  3. Hi John, great choice of music that goes through so many dynamic and sporadic changes… portraying so many different emotions. Joy… the joy of living, beautiful loving children then to reality, portraying the Québec FLQ crisis of the 70s and on to the minor portion portraying incomprehensive and unjust brutality and hopeless tragedy, something no parents nor brother nor sister should ever have to go through. I have 4 kids ranging from 19 – 26 and I pray to God that nothing like this ever begets them. Thank you John for your commitment to all these cases.

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