Suzanne Blanchard – August 9, 1982 / WKT #23

Discussion of the Montreal police, victim advocacy, and the 1982 murder of Suzanne Blanchard:

Suzanne Blanchard’s Facebook page can be found here:


RIP Chris Cornell:



“I know I’m headed for the bottom, but I’m riding you all the way”:



But seriously, by 1997 this was more my speed:



Cedrika – absolutely destroys me. This is the actual photo I took in 2007. My FB comment from the time:  “Pictures of Cedrika are everywhere. She’s been missing since the summer”:











My parents, Quebec City 2007. And my selective memory is at work (bias). I recall – now – that I wasn’t “simply” there recreationally: I had a meeting with Quebec Justice, we discussed several injustices:


























Tout La Gang / Hotel Bonaventure:


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