It’s No Game – WKT #24


Who Killed Theresa? gets on a top ten true crime list, we talk about that. The victim Should be represented more in true crime.

A discussion of corruption and public inquiries in Quebec.

The Netflix series, The Keepers about the unsolved murders of Sister Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki.

Puzzles, games, looking for clues.

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Here is the link to the Quebec public inquiry post:

The Theresa Allore Youtube station:


One thought on “It’s No Game – WKT #24”

  1. The Keepers is fascinating– I’m about 4-5 episodes into the series. The priest was pure evil (actually both priests were). Despite all of the victims, its hard to believe that they were able to continue for as long as they did. Its putting a high level of trust, coupled with fear and humiliation of the victims, into people who simply don’t deserve it. When I was a kid in the late 1970s, our parish and school priest was having sex with young boys and was eventually defrocked (decades later). I remember being in the confessional with him, and the questions he asked were inappropriate and sexual in nature– and while I thought they were odd, I remember thinking this must be his job. During his hearing in court on sexual abuse, the said that he thought he was bringing these boys closer to God. Another series to watch on Netflix is Who Took Johnny; however, its quite difficult to watch when you have young kids.

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