The Allore-Camirand-Bazinet-Blais theory is supported by Claude Poirier: WKT #8

In this podcast we discuss the Quebec television program Poirier Enquete which aired a 1/2 hour program on the Theresa Allore case on January 4th, 2017:

The program discusses the possible links between the cases of Theresa Allore, Louise Camirand, Denise Basinet, and Lison Blais.

Later we sit down for an interview with criminologist Sue Sutherland who organized the searches of the Chemin des Peres nexus site.

Here are some links to topics of discussion:

This is a link to Historia television’s website where – in Canada – you can find full episodes of Poirier Enquete, including the program on Theresa Allore:


CBC article calling for a Quebec public inquiry into 8 of the cold cases:

L to right: Solange Blais, Stephan Luce, Michel Dorion, Moreen Prior, Yvonne Prior, Lise Dorion, Remi Dorion, Collete Dorion, Doreen Prior John Allore, Stephan Parent, Sue Sutherland, Ugo Fredette



Louise Camirand, Theresa Allore, Denise Bazinet, Lison Blais:

Camirand, Allore, Bazinet, Blais



This is a photo of me in front of the Surete du Quebec’s headquarters on Parthenais street in Montreal:



A pretty good article from the Courrier Laval on the Johanne Dorion Case (in French):


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