Theresa Allore Update – The Wallet

Many already know I was in the Eastern Townships this weekend. I will post more on that later ( there is A LOT to update you on), but for now here is a brief update on some evidence. 

The Wallet


On Friday, May 6th, 2016 I met with the head of the Surete du Quebec’s Cold -Case unit for a check-in, but chiefly for some forensic business regarding my sister’s wallet.


So the wallet was found about 10 days after Theresa Allore’s body was found in the Spring of 1979 to the side of a road in Lennoxville, about 10 miles from where the body was found. 

Because it was a personal item, the wallet was returned to my family (thank god, otherwise it would have been destroyed): the police gave it back to my father, and he kept it in the back of a file cabinet for 25 years. 

In 2003 I gave it back to the Surete du Quebec and asked them to test it forensically. They did, and found male DNA. They were able to determine that the DNA DID NOT belong to Luc Gregoire ( a suspect at the time, now deceased), but they could not rule out DNA from my family, the guy that found it, or from a police officer who handled it (possibly) in that era.

Thirteen years later – because forensic techniques have advanced – I asked the SQ to re-test the wallet. They thought this was a good idea, and did me one better: why not take a sample of my DNA to exclude me (and anyone in my family) as possible candidates.

I know, I know… Bravo SQ!  Great idea, I give you credit; but let’s not get too chummy. I will criticism them soon enough in a later writing (Good cop / bad cop).

So on Friday I gave them a blood sample. Yes, I had the same reservations some of you might share – rest assured – but I will not operate from a position of total mistrust: despite our differences, we ultimately need to work together.

I can assure you that the taking of the blood sample was thorough, and “by the book”.

We will wait for the results, and see if we can pull a needle from this haystack.





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