CBC interview on 1970s Cold-Cases



This is the audio from an interview I did a couple of weeks ago in Montreal with Kate McGillivray of CBC Radio Montreal. The interview aired on Monday, April 18th, 2016. I would call it one of the best of the interviews on these matters, simply because Kate was a very skilled host, and took the time to slowly understand the story:



In this interview there is discussion of the original Who Killed Theresa? casse, the Denise Bazinet case as the glue between Montreal and the Eastern Townships, and Stephan Parent’s initiative to make a film focusing on seven of these cold-cases.


I am also linking an interview I did with Canadian journalist, Rob Tripp on his podcast, CanCrime. This was done about a month ago:


Unsolved murders blamed on “incompetent” Quebec police

Finally, this is a brief five minute spot I did with Barry Morgan from CJAD that aired April 19, 2016:

The death of Theresa Allore is getting another look from the SQ


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