Louis Camirand (preview)

Camirand is found
I’m going to post this quote in full from Allo Police because I find it so pathetic and funny:

Murder or Suicide?

“That is the question that the Surete du Quebec’s “Crimes Contre La Personne” of Montreal are asking after the discovery at 10:20 am on the morning of Friday the 25th of March of a frozen body of a young woman”

Really??!! That is the question the Surete du Quebec was asking?

Camirand article French April 3 1977

Camirand was found butt-naked in the snow, her clothing next to her body, with a bootlace around her neck. And there was speculation of suicide??
FYI: That’s Roch Gaudreault, head of the investigation in the center of the picture frame. He would go on (not) to solve the murders of Manon Dube and Theresa Allore.

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