Allo Police / a listing of all 179 murders in Quebec in 1977


Here’s a gift. Every murder committed in Quebec in 1977. There were 179 murders. At the time of publication of this article (1978?)  52 were unsolved. In 1976 there were 177  murders. For a quick comparison, Quebec had about 66 murders in 2014, with a 10 year trend (2004 – 2013) of about 100 homicides per year.

These are from paper files I had in storage that I am converting to digital. I got these from the Quebec library about 13 years ago. What I find interesting is well over a decade ago I circled the Denise Bazinet case, then forgot all about it (the other pen marks are from me more recently).

Use these however you see fit.

The numbers are PDF versions. Just click on a number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1977 1 1977 2 1977 3


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