Stephan Parent explores the unsolved murders of seven women


I found this in a Quebec newspaper. My only quibble? The only one who dubbed the suspect “The Bootlace Killer” was me. And I did it deliberately to call attention to the issue. Guess it worked:

After the success of November 84 ‘, the filmmaker Stephan Parent visited Oasis du Vieux-Palais in Assomption, Saturday, May 30 for the filming of his next feature film. With the working title, Seven Women, Parent wants to give a boost to police investigations involving seven women murdered in the 1970s.

articleAs with  November 84 ‘, which deals with a series of kidnappings and unsolved child murders that took place over 30 years,  Seven Women concerns the murders of Louise Camirand, Helen Monast, Denise Bazinet, Dorion Johanne, Theresa Allore, Lison Blais and Sharon Prior.

“With this film, we will focus on seven women, but we believe that nearly fifteen cases could be associated with the same killer despite the fact that this has not been confirmed by police”, says Stephan Parent in interview with TC Media Hebdo Rive Nord. “There is a modus operandi in these murders that lead us to believe that the same person could be responsible for these crimes.”

The director explains that the victims were all women aged 16 to 25 and that they were killed in a similar way, their naked bodies found after they had been raped and strangled with their own clothes.

“At the time, some had even dubbed the killer as the “Bootlace killer” because victims would likely have been strangled with their own shoelaces or scarf. In our view, there have been cases in Montreal, Laval, Sherbrooke and elsewhere in Quebec. In all cases, the bodies were found adjacent to highways or in woodlands.”

With Seven Women Stephan Parent will examine police investigations that began in the 1970s to elucidate these crimes, with the goal of reviving these cold cases.

“In the scene we are shooting today, we reconstruct the evening when Denise Bazinet, who worked as a cashier at St-Hubert, went to a disco bar with a friend”, says the filmmaker. “What we know is that she lived in the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, and her body was found on the edge of Highway 35 in the Eastern Townships. It might be that someone could probably remember something, even if the disappearance was in 1977. ”

For this production, Stephan Parent has once again enlisted the collaboration of crime reporter Claude Poirier and Marc Bellemare, a lawyer and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec.

Despite the success of November 84 ‘, the new film by Stephan Parent is being independently produced with Ugo Fredette. For both men, it is important that these victims do not fall into oblivion.

“In 1984, I lived in the same area as Maurice Viens, who was 4 years old when he disappeared on November 1 and was later found dead”, recalls Parent. “So I witnessed the whole story and all the police deployment, I was deeply touched. When this happens near you, you feel challenged. Eventually I developed a certain expertise related to investigations”.

Seven women should hit theaters in the Fall or early Winter.


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