Case details: Allore, Camirand, Dube



I have expanded the Wikipedia page on Theresa Allore, and submitted two pages to Wikipedia on Manon Dube and Louise Camirand. I have included many details about the cases. Some of this I have written about in the past, but it’s nice to have it all laid out in one place. Also, I get tired of answering the same questions over and over, so hopefully this will elevate some of those problems.

The information is from a variety of sources (mostly newspaper articles from the 1970s), but chiefly adapted from the chapter I contributed to Kim Rossmo’s academic text, Criminal Investigative Failures.

Here are links to the pages:

Theresa Allore

Manon Dube

Louise Camirand

We’ll see how long they stay up. Since Wikipedia is open source, they can be pretty picky about the nature of content.

If all goes well, I hope to add additional pages about Helene Monast, Denise Bazinet, Jocelyne Houle, Johanne Dorion, Tammy Leakey, and Sharron Prior.


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