Stéphan Parent: Novembre 78?

gauche à droite: Stephan Parent, Marc Bellemare, Michel Surprenant, Ugo Fredette et Francine Viens

gauche à droite: Stephan Parent, Marc Bellemare, Michel Surprenant, Ugo Fredette et Francine Viens

I have been corresponding with Stéphan Parent. He reached out to me through email, and the two of us have been doing some collaborating. Québécois will instantly know what this means. To be honest, when he first contacted me, I didn’t quite know what it meant. Our conversation went something like this:

– Hi, This is Stéphan Parent. Would you be interested in helping me with a film project?

– That depends… Who are you? What have you made?

– I made Novembre 84. I work with Claude Poirier and Marc Bellemare.

– Yes, I DEFINITELY want to help you.

For the uninitiated, Novembre 84 is a Quebec documentary film released last year that suggests a possible link between 7 child-murder cold cases in the region in the 1980s, possibly with a connection right up to the disappearance of Cédrika Provencher in 2007. I have not seen the film. I have read that it is very dramatic, provocative, and at times goes too far in suggesting possible connections. 

So Stéphan Parent is apparently a bit of a provocateur. And that’s ok because so am I. There is nothing wrong with agitating, so long as you know the limits of agitation. When I write about a series of unsolved murders and call the piece, Quebec 1977 – Who was The Bootlace Killer?, I am completely aware that that title comes fully loaded; bringing with it all kinds of suggestions that shock, disturb, and that may in the end be misleading. But equally true, I have been very careful to explain clearly that I am NOT suggesting every unsolved murder case is connected. Only that the police should investigate these cases to see if there is in fact a connection. That was always the argument with the Allore-Camirand-Dube evidence from the Pearson-Rossmo-Allore articles in 2002. It remains the argument with my Camirand-Bazinet-Monast-Allore posts from 2013.

So I think Mr.Parent and I are going to work together just fine. So far we have had much to share, and have a lot in common. I welcome, and am excited about what may come from an Allore-Poirier-Bellemare collaboration.

For more information on Stéphan Parent, you can find an excellent interview with him from my good friend Andrée-Anne Lavigne  on Youtube.



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  1. I have been following your blog for years and have great admiration for your dedication.

    I think a link between the 80’s cases and Cedrika’s disappearance is a very plausible one.

    I run the North American Missing Persons Network, if I can ever be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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