Serial killer behind 7 cold cases on the island of Montreal

So I will write more this evening, but for now here’s a brief on what I know about this affair.

I know the Sebastien Metivier case because I am friends with his mother, Christiane Sirois. She and I – along with the families of Sharon Prior and Helene Monast – were part of a victims group that I briefly participated in. At that time, there was chatter of a possible connection between Sebastien’s case and Tammy Leakey, but nothing came of it.

As for Leakey? I mentioned her as a possible victim of a serial killer – a bootlace killer – but certainly a possible victim on the frontier ( that is, she should be looked at with the core group, but not a strong connection.

I have her case files at home. I will look at them and my notes this evening at post more.

So what has taken police so long to connect the dots? It’s been over 30 years, the public knew these were not random murders, the police has all kinds of resources at their disposal, and only now do they get their act together.



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