Luc Gregoire granted limited parole

The Surete du Quebec assured me this would never happen (I never believed them anyway). So here we are: Luc Gregoire has been granted limited parole allowing him to leave prison accompanied by a corrections officer.

If you click here you will see why I still consider Gregoire a good suspect in my sister’s case. This, despite being told by the SQ that he has been cleared (he passed a polygraph: big deal, those things can be gamed). 

If he is reformed, if he can be rehabilitated, I am happy for the man. So give him limited rights, trust but verify.  I can tell you that last year I wrote Luc asking him if he had any knowledge of Theresa’s death. He wrote me back and assured me that he was not involved, and had no knowledge of anyone who had anything to do with the affair. But what was he going to say? He knew conditional release was in the balance. You don’t confess to crimes under those circumstances.  We shall see where this leads.




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  1. Psychopaths can pass lie detector tests because they have no conscience. I guess that’s why they’re not admitted as evidence in court in many jurisdictions.

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