Richard Oland search warrants to be made available tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the day that edited versions of search warrants and related documents in the Richard Oland case will be made available to two media outlets. It’s been over a year since the Saint John beer titan’s murder and still no arrest. Maybe this will finally shed some light on what has been going on.

In the last year I have never written about Oland, and for good reason. My parents still live in Saint John, and I grew up in a house approx. 4 blocks from where Oland’s body was discovered. I know the South End of Saint John very well; when I was a teenager it was my playground. (note: from birth to age 12 I lived in Montreal. At the time of my sister’s disappearance, we moved to Saint John, New Brunswick where I lived from the age of 12 until I went to college.)

If you want to know why everyone is being so hush-hush about this, all I can tell you is, if you ever lived in Saint John then you’d know. A close-knit community, controlled by a few powerful and very influencial families (the Olands, the Irvings, the McCains). Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you’ll quickly find yourself unemployed in a region with one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada. Certainly I have heard stories about who killed Richard Oland, and I’m not saying anything. My parents still live there. You don’t sh*t where you eat.

UPDATE: The CBC gives some details of what they found in the documents.


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