Alleged serial killer Col. Russell Russ Williams may have been a busy boy

The Vancouver Sun has posted the Canadian Department of National Defense’s profile of Russ Williams (after the agency took it down):

So let’s see:

1.   He was stationed at Trenton Air Force base (where I was born)

2.   He graduated from the University of Toronto circa 1986 (when I attended U of T)

3.   1990: Stationed at 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba (“any cold cases there?” have a look at Glenda Morrisseau:)

4.   1992: Stationed at Shearwater Canadian Forces Base in Halifax (“calling all cold cases!” check Carla Gail Strickland, Andrea Lynn King, Shelley Conners, and  Kimber Lucas:)

5.  Late 1990s: Posted to 412 (Transport) Squadron in Ottawa (gotta be some unsolveds there)

6.   2004: obtains Masters from Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario (prison capital of Canada)

7.  2004:  437 (Transport) Squadron, Trenton, Ontario

8.  2005 – 2006: Camp Mirage,  Middle East

9.  2009: 6 months French language training, Gatineau, Quebec

And those are just the highlights. This guy has been everywhere, and as a military officer has had privileged access to virtually anywhere.


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  1. Well sure. Only cold case I recall from that era is Allison Pirot (sp). But was solved years later. Possibly some early Scarborough rapes? Though I’m going from memory here, not Google.

  2. The Gilmour and Tice murders are interesting Erik. That area of Toronto (Yorkville) is adjacent to U of T. I was in residence maybe three-four blocks from there? Don’t recall the murders.

  3. What about Elizabeth Bain U of T in Scarborough. They say he could haved started early. We’ve got kids dead too. Nicole Moran in the westend of toronto with her sweater found at Pearson Airport and the one in Sharon that Mr Moran was tried twice.

  4. there were two other unsolved deaths in the in the trenton area around the same time as the macvicar disappearence and death. iIdont remember the name of the young woman, but similar to the jessica lloyd story, dissappeared from her apartment after talking to friends, found her body near the trent severn waterway, and an exotic dancer that worked in the old dance club across from the ford dealership in trenton. Neither have been mentions so I thought there might be more there to look at as well

  5. The following is not an indictment nor is their any proof whatsoever that Russell Williams is or has been involved in any of these outstanding crimes.These are inferences and analysis based on nothing more then media accounts of his activities.

    Col. David Russell Williams (Sovka):

    Personal – Married to Mary Elizabeth Harriman in Manitoba 1991, no children.

    His official military biography described Williams as an athlete and photographer (avid golfer as well). Look for clues connected to airfields, bird watching areas or golf courses? I can think of at least a dozen right off the bat across several provinces.Remember this guy ALSO went on vacations. Have yet to find any of his personal photography available online- too bad.If anyone does find a link please be so kind and send a copy to

    Asked in an Intelligencer interview in January what he liked to photograph, Williams fumbled a little before responding with a laugh that he had many pictures of his car, including one he kept on his Blackberry. He said he also enjoyed photographing nature scenes; neighbour Larry Jones recalled seeing Williams photographing birds at the birdhouses outside the colonel’s bungalow

    Timeline –
    1978-1979 Highschool Birchmount CI Scarborough
    1980 – ? (possibly in S.Korea w/ family?)
    1981-1982 UCC in Toronto
    1983-1986 –Toronto Scarborough campus @ U of T then after grad enlists in RCAF Stated he was going to Buttonville airport to learn how to fly in last two years of university.
    1987-1989 – Base Borden for official training? Unknown where he was living or what he was doing.
    1990 – Earns wings @ Borden/Trenton?
    1990-92 Officially posted to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, & flew to Moosejaw Sk (and other locations) where he worked as an instructor.His commend is still out of Winnipeg – so travel to MB through the years is very likely.
    July 17th, 1991 Glenda Morrisseau & Janice Howe Aug 1992 (obvious ones but many, many more)
    1993 – 1994 Shearwater NS RCAF 44.637222,-63.502222 (Note: Not at same airport as where Andrea King went missing)
    Ottawa post till 1994-1999ish? – House in Orleans at 545 Wilkie Dr. till Aug 2009
    Aug 2003-June 2004 IN TORONTO taking course via Kingston at RCMC – K7K 7B4
    June 2004 – Based in Trenton- but had house in Orleans still – bought house in Tweed (Aug 2004) on Cosy Cove Lane , which is about 60 kilometres northeast of CFB Trenton.
    Dec 2005- June 2006 Camp Mirage Afghanistan

    2006 – alleged b&e theft of woman’s articles- pattern dates back to 2006 (according to press rumour regarding the Col. statement to police)

    A former roommate describes him as a misfit.
    “He completely lacked any social skills whatsoever,” said the roommate, who asked not to be named. He said that even though they shared a room, they managed to have “zero social interaction.”
    While classmates formed sports teams and went to dances to meet girls, Russell Williams – then known as Russ Sovka – did not partake. According to the ex-roommate, about the only things he did outside class was play a trumpet and meticulously fold his clothes. “I never recall seeing him with a woman,” the roommate said.


    A source said police are probing 48 such cases and have recovered stolen lingerie – neatly stored, catalogued and concealed – in searches of the suspect’s Ottawa home.
    A source said she had been gagged and blindfolded before the killing.(did not like to be seen – possibly close encounter adaptations and police unknowingly have composite or description of him from other events and therefore changed this specific behaviour or did he always blindfold?)

    **The detail about “meticulously folding his clothes” may help to round out habitual behaviours and may make it easier to nail down his signature(s) as related to other crimes as i feel he likely has a few. MO in my mind is variable but involves the element of surprise attack on VICTIMS TURF (including routine outdoor leisure/work/exercise areas of victim) and using victims items available at scene.He jogs so look for random attacks of all genders on bike paths, known jogging zones, beaches, waterfront etc..I don’t think gender will matter to this guy as i believe gender dynamics may be part of this.

    I think he may be a good candidate for police to consider for the TO serial killer of woman, some of them street workers dating back to the 1990’s as the first several were in 1994 then stopped then started up again, maybe related to postings and travel times? Also random attacks in victims home of men with no burglary apparent but victims was bound before death.

    I have worked up a timeline with mapping on what we know so far and included street based and home invasion type sexual assaults and homicide with partial nudity. (Clothing missing or distinct items missing may lead to the conclusion of a fantasy/trophy collector such as what we see in the alleged crimes concerning Col. Williams)

    Finally, if the “businesslike” confession delivery from Col. Williams of the alleged four dozen thefts is in fact true then it may be a rehearsed response from him and would caution police to consider ALL possibilities including that Russ Williams is a long term sexual offender and potentially a serial predator since mid teens. Look for Atypical “starter” crimes of paraphilic nature – peeping to arson to murders committed via arson to direct contact violent sexual assaults and forward..

    Example of just one out of dozens of “coincidences” i am finding interesting: Look at the unidentified female remains located right where Russ Williams’ step dad worked as a senior scientist with CANDU reactors. The dated watch potentially puts her date of death back in the 1980’s:

    Hope the updated timeline helps.

  6. One more quick note Russ Williams’ mother Nonie Sovka is a physiotherapist based out of Sunnybrook Womens college hospital in Scarborough. There have been a few notable unsolved homicides of young woman in their homes in that general vicinity. Have not been able to locate information as to how long Nonie worked at the hospital.Anyone?

  7. There were 2 break and entries that happened in his neigborhood where he lived at 545 Wilke Ave in Orleans in Oct 2008. The only items missing were womens underwear. I know this because I had a delivery route with one of the local parcel companies and was questioned by the police wondering if I had seen anything. I have also had to deliver packages to his house. When I met him he wasn’t very friendly and sort of rude.

  8. It is very strange that his wife Elizabeth Harriman was not interrogated by Ontario police regarding her husband’s ways of life! The couple has been maried for nearly 20 years ans she is thus the person who knows about everything about Colonel Russel Williams life, soul and desires. Soon after the arrest of Col Williams the police declared that she had nothing to do with the crimes and that she was completely unaware of her husbands conducts. it is unlikely that colonel williams was able hide his crimes from everybody he was in contact for the last 25 years or in including his classmates, military superios, civilians personnels,neighborg and his lovely wife!! I can’t believe that!

  9. I have come into new information that the colonel williams had in last three years been treated for some medical problem and been treated with a drug – prednisone. Look it up – this drug can cause weird changes in personality and other psychological symptoms. Maybe this military man, hard driving, very successful was twisted by prescription drug. Everyone is asking how someone got this far and then do this. Maybe answer lie there. If so, likely no old crimes will be found. anyone else come across more of this info type?

  10. Depression, mania, psychosis – are all possible side effects of prednisone. None of these psychiatric conditions would likely lead to sexual slayings. And if any of these conditions existed in a man in command of an entire base, he would never have been successful, organized, and capable. There are temporary pychoses that can result from personality disorders – Col. Williams was recently exempted from being suicidal, according to DSM 1V. It would seem that he’s not even clinically depressed! Personality disorders are where William’s alleged crimes lie, but personality disorders do not, in and of themselves, exempt a person from criminal culpability.

  11. I believe he was posted in Ottawa from 1999-2003. He lived in Ottawa at 545 Wilke Dr since 95′ or 96. I used to see him jogging in the neighborhood. This may have been a good way for him to stake out houses he wanted to break into. He used to use his rank as a Colonel to his advantage. I spoke to him once and when I looked into his eyes, they were transparent. Nothing there. Just vacant looking. I often wonder how did his wife not notice that there was something wrong with him? They did seem to lead separate lives to a certain degree and they had no children. Thank god for that!

    If you look at his time line since early 2008, he lived in Ottawa and in the fall of 2008, 2 lingere break-ins happened in close proximity to his house. Then he was promoted to base commander of CFB Trenton and moved in July 2009 while leaving his wife back in Ottawa where she worked. Then in late September 2 sexual assaults occured close to where his cottage was in Tweed. Then a murder in November and then January of 2010. It definitely looks like an escalation where he is getting ramped up to do something more serious. Serial killers kill in certain periods and can stop for years at a time because of work, family or other issues. Just like BTK did. They have their certain trophies or personal items taken from the victim to look at while they’re not killing just as Williams had hidden in his home.

    I don’t think someone starts killing at such a late point in their life. I bet he started in his late 20’s which is the reported age a serial killer begins his career in murdering people. And as he was stationed in other parts of Canada over the years, it is no coincidence that there are unsolved crimes from the same year when Williams just happened to be living anywhere from Manitoba to Nova Scotia. We haven’t heard the end of this.

  12. This website could be used by Colonel Russell’s defense to justify a claim that he cannot get a fair trial anywhere. The reason: unsubstantiated and wild media speculation which has already found him guilty.

  13. It’s very odd that his wife of 20 years did not clue in to the fact he had a disturbed sexual nature. She’s now being sued by one of his home invasion/sexual assault victims for damages of $2.45 million.

    I hope she gets it. Williams tried to put the house in his wife’s name only to get out of the lawsuit.

    There’s a lot more to the story that meets the eye…his wife could have stopped a lot of the sexual assaults, killings, and 82 break-ins if she had been a more concerned citizen.

    If she doesn’t divorce him, she deserves NO RESPECT. This means she condones what he did and finds it acceptable. She has a good job at the Heart & Stroke Foundation but her peers must see her as a total loser. She’s constantly going to see the colonel who from reputable sources suffers from a micro-penis. He had a HUGE EGO and TINY DICK…DEALY COMBINATION.

  14. The comments on this website are incredible. They are based on nothing but speculation and the musings of some very disturbed minds.

    Janine Brideau: you should get your sexual fantasies checked out as well as deal with your envy of successful people. Your hatred of Ms Harriman says more about you than it does about her

  15. Il y a des évidences très claires qui démontrent que ces cromes sont l,affiare d’un couple et non seuleemnt d’une suele personne. En effet, le couple Williams-Harriman est vraisemblablement un coupe bi-sexuele qui aime faire des fantaisies sexulees de toutes sortes, On peut voir facilement que mMe Harriman aimes les femmes et demande à son mari adoré d elui apporter des sous-vêtements féminins. Celui-ci, très obéissant et soumis envers sa femme,s’introduit dans de srésidences et vole des sous-vêtements d etoutes sortes, des centaines, mais cel;a ne suffisant pas, alors Mme Harriman, demande plus d,action et exige de son mtendre mari qiLil agresse des filles e tausiis en supprime quelquies unes afin de lui donner les émotions qu’elle xige. Voilà tout el’affiare!!

  16. There’s a lot of sick individuals out there. I’m not speaking of the colonel and his wife. All you commentators – get your lurid imaginations under control!

  17. Some of you know Mary Diwell as the opinionated voice on the Russell Williams’ posts. While others were inclined to play super-sleuths, Mary has been quite critical of the “looky loo” mentality; expressing that we should all wake up and get a life.

    I struck up a friendship with Mary because I saw the merit in her argument. While biding my time here at WKT? I often post about other cases, and I often get caught up in them. But like Mary, I really believe that this is a warped obsession. In passing a car crush it is oftentimes hard to avert our eyes, but lest we gaze too long it is always good to heed the words of the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche:

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.
    And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    I do not wish to be a hypocrite. I have many times watched “Unsolved Mysteries”, CSI. and any number of Discovery Channel forensic dissections that are lurid and fascinating. But I would emphasize that all my car-crash gawking came LONG BEFORE I had an inkling that my sister was a victim of murder. When that horrific reality took hold I abandoned television altogether, and became addicted to facts. To anyone who derives pleasure from unsolved crimes, a word of caution: unless you have been touched with such tragedy, go back to enjoying your lives… you have no business here.

    As you might have now guessed, I have invited Mary Diwell to post some comments here about our public obsession with horror, tragedy and violence. Here is her piece. Thank you Mary:

    “The recent arrest of Colonel Russell Williams on sexually motivated murder charges brings to mind the notion of those who derive pleasure from the misfortunes of others. In this case, a voracious media and ignorant on-line commentators have had a field day.

    Surely this is a human tragedy for all concerned – firstly for the victims and their families but also for the colonel and his family particularly his wife. However, what do we see? A media attributing every rape and murder in Canada to the colonel and a public baying for the blood of both them. Particularly disturbing to me is the fury over the defence of property transfers in order to financially protect Ms. Harriman. Woman who probably call themselves feminists are baying for this woman’s blood – supposedly in support of the women who were the colonel’s victims.

    We all should be silent in pity for those who are victims of violent crime. The pain of their families can only be imagined by those of us who have no experience of such horror and special concern should be for the families for whom there is no closure because the killer has never been found. The anguish is there forever.

    And then there is the hypocrisy in the case of Colonel Williams. The media was ever so quiet and respectful when the bodies of three teenage girls and an older woman were pulled from the Rideau Canal last summer – murdered by their own family. Political correctness demanded a muted response to such barbarism because it was a “cultural” matter. The colonel and his wife have no such excuse. Its been open season on them.

    The sometimes tragedy of the human condition should be considered by all those who pass judgement on others and a humble respect given in its place.”

  18. Having served 34 years in the RCN and Canadian Air Force, I cannot believe that Williams’ supervisors did not notice something badly out of place about him. If they didn’t, they weren’t doing their job as required of senior officers. They should be held accountable for dereliction of duty. That is the trouble with the Officer Corps – they are under an erroneous belief that officers, especially senior officers are honourable and honest people – nothing could be farther from the truth – as a Company Master Warrant Officer, I found most of the officers disgusting and undeserving of leadership roles.

  19. Hymie, I was a MCPL and I totally agree. We had a creep major who tried to get my section to come to his cottage near Ottawa to lay paving stones on weekends. I told him to poke it or chage me. He never brought that up again. Just goes to show the brass may be shiny, but they dont always get respected because of their low ethical standards.Actually, this Col Williams doesn’t come as a surprise to me, as far as unethical behaviour goes, he is likely just the tip of the officer corps ice-berg.

  20. I feel bad for his wife. If she had anything to do with his crimes, the police would have figured it out by now. Most of his crimes, especially the more serious ones, where commited in her absense. There is no indication that she was a part of any of it, or had knowledge of it. If there was, I highly doubt that she would have remained in her career. But she’s still there because she’s got nothing to hide and her employer believes in her innocence. And the fact that she’s a VICTIM TOO! That says alot IMO. As for her not divorcing him, as it stands now, thanks to the lawsuit against them, she can’t. All assets have been frozen until the case is heard in court. The exchange of real estate shows that she was attempting to extracate herself from the marriage. Not to “defeat” the plantiff in the civil action. The tweed cottage was signed over to Williams. Harriman bought out Williams remaining interest in the Ottawa home, and assumed the remaining mortgage. That’s not hiding assets. It’s working towards a legal separation agreement as part of a divorce. She’s also offered to disclose her personal PRIVATE finances for the civil action, but doesn’t want them to be public record. Why should they be public record?!?! Do the other victims in this case have to make all their private records public?!? I understand “Jane Doe” wanting financial compensation. But going after his wife is just wrong, when there is no evidence of wrongdoing on her part. In fact, Doe is just victimizing his wife farther by preventing her from getting closure and moving on with her life, as well as threatening Harriman’s financial future which she’s clearly worked for.

  21. Yes, Jane Doe” deserves financial compensation. And Williams’ wife is fair game, as she supports his wrongdoing by continuing to visit him regularly. She has not condemned his actions or offered condolences to the col’s victims or their families.

    She is no victim herself rather she chooses to stay in close contact her killer husband. Harriman does not want closure or is she ready to move on with her life without the colonel. Any speaeration arrangemetns merely speak to her fear for her own financial future. The couple had no children and they both focussed on their careers to put away money for a wealthy lifestyle.

  22. I agree, Ms Harriman is fair game. This woman must have something seriously wrong with her. To continue to visit this monster who she knows abducted a young woman, raped and tortured her for days and than killed her speaks volumes about her own sickness. She has also been hounding the OPP to pay for new floors in her home because they made a few scratches during the investigation. That things like scratched floors and protecting her assets would be a priority to her under the circumstances reveals to me someone who just doesn’t get it. She is acting like whe is resentful toward the police because they caught her husband. Furthermore, it has been reported that she is the one who convinced him not to commit suicide. Why would she do this? Not for him, what await him is a life of misery. Locked alone in a cell with no one to talk to and only the walls to stare at for the rest of his life. It certainly is for the public. We don’t want to have to pay to keep this guy alive or worry about him escaping. So who was it for. Her, that who. Apart from her job, she has nothing. No family, few friends (who I suspect as slowly disappearing). The best she can do as an unattractive old lady is stick to her demonic sidekick. Really, is there anyone who can see this woman as anything more that a self-centered materialistic phony?

  23. If this woman were poor, destitute, falling apart in public would that make any difference? Would there be thoughts of anything but sympathy? Do I detect a touch of resentment that she have some assets left after the shredding of what she thought was her marriage. A self-centered materialist phoney? Personally I can’t imagine the horror or perhaps the disbelief that the man to whom she is married could be responsible for this carnage. Perhaps she is, or perhaps she is just living under a microscope and not handling anything well right now. Do we so easily dismiss this woman by saying she must have known? This man was a Colonel in the military. A position of accomplishment not easily reached, a very public figure at least on a military base. It is incomprehensible that he was able to carry on this dual lifestyle considering the visibility of his rank and the expectations of that position.
    As for holding his seniors accountable, do we make employers of other criminals responsible for the behavour of their staff, after hours? Does the fact that they wear the uniform make their responsibility different than anyone else? This man obviously lead a Jekyll and Hyde life. I do not for a second believe that anyone had a clue of Colonel William’s actions. Haven’t we all worked in the same facility as someone we looked at as ‘creepy’ but did we ever, in our wildest imagination considered them to be sexual preditors, murderers, capable of what Williams has done? Of course not. Those are people on the news, not our colleagues, family members, friends, next door neighbours.
    My husband retired from the military many years ago, as an MWO. We had the privilege of knowing many exemplary men and women all all ranks. I am embarrassed to hear someone of that same rank comment that most officers are undeserving of their position. I would suggest that smacks of a them and us attitude, borne of envy and resentment.
    As for visiting him in prison, does a wife easily walk away from the man she married? Resentment that he be kept in prison? Do we make every prisoner responsible for his upkeep? What of the families of other prisoners? Do they not visit their spouses?
    If the police in any way considered their assets to be the result of criminal activity they would have already seized them. Give this woman some space to try to salvage some scraps of her dignity and let her try to get on with what is left of her life, she isn’t the one on trial.

  24. The internet is a place for people to communicate and express opinions. As some have stated that are obviously siding with the col. and his wife, that we shouldn’t be crucifying them, your opinions are just the same as the others – ONLY PERSONAL VIEWS AND OPINIONS!! When such hideous crimes become public wouldn’t you say a more sane view would be to condemn those who have ended and forever screwed up innocent people’s lives. If your husband would have been convicted of these things, i would feel most betrayed and disgusted and would never want to see him again. any marriage dissolution activity could be taken up by our lawyers. i don’t see that any compassion can be given to people of this psychosomatic sociopathic behaviour because no innocent people deserve this kind of behaviour. isn’t it a good enough sign that he himself wanted to kill himself – he knew he wasn’t any good to society??? so why try to represent how they must feel and they need some humble quiet – to you, diwell – you must be as messed up or worse off than him (so sorry to hurt your feelings – is that humble enough for you)! and any mention of unsolved cold cases – why wouldn’t we be interested in finding out if he could be responsible. these families could get some closure and any intelligent sane person would definitely be making some connections as well friends with Bernardo, duh there’s got to be some kind of disgusting insane connection there! he has gotten away with this kind of stuff long enough and lived his humble quiet long enough and it is overdue to be questioning such events and information. hopefully the crown gets its hands on more information like this and investigates as many cold cases as possible to keep hineous incredulous monsters off the streets where hard working, innocent people like my, yours and everyone’s families are walking and sleeping in our own homes, etc.!!! please keep communicating, it’s obviously healthier than becoming anti social and whatever else comes with that…and we saw what came with that with the col…please no more of that kind of behaviour is needed in this crazy world!

  25. By remaining silent Ms. Harriman becomes an accomplice.

    Mr. Williams has undoubtedly had a double lifestyle since his youth – check out every place he has been – and tidy storage containers that he has (probably not in his name). I believe he will attempt escape or actually escape (he is military trained and fuelled by evil, and yes he has some money and equally evil connections).

    As citizens we do not need to shut up or pretend this never happened; as Roman Catholics have when yet another priest is transferred after discovery of sexual misconduct. Rather, we need to expose crime which allows healing to occur, and question all authority.. this is our country and world.

    In the late 80s early 90s I worked at CFB Trenton, and lived on the base, and even if I had not, I am entitled to be concerned about Ms. Harriman’s knowledge, in the same context as the knowledge of Bernardo’s ex. And, perhaps consider Bundy’s words in his interview with Dr. Dobson when he said there are many like him that have not been caught (Bundy claimed his problem began with pernography).

    May there be zero tolerance for crime, and help for our judicial system to allow for more funding to assist police to investigate (ie., manpower), and greater penalties for criminals like this as a deterrent. Spiritually speaking, Mr. Williams will answer, and his penality will be greater in view of the fact he was entrusted with much.

    Laura S. – we do not give a fig if you are embarrassed. Ms. Harriman is covering up.

  26. Just popped onto your blog while searching for info on Williams but wanted to add I, too, wonder about Harrimans knowledge. How does a woman not notice BOXES of womens underwear in her home? From reading the transcript of Williams interview, as he describes where to find to evidence, it seems the items were not hidden too well.

  27. As a reply to “Paladine” I am a military wife of 26 years. I can say with certainty that I am aware of everything stored in my house. I would certainly notice boxes out of place and check their contents if they were not familiar to me. I go in our attic, shed, crawl space and the rafters of the garage to get Christmas ornaments etc. As for the untouchable “fly away kit” mentioned in other articles(MacLeans magazine) as off limits to spouses I have looked in there at least 4 times in our marriage. If my husband was telling me there were certain areas of the house I was forbidden to look in, a red flag would be raised. Possibly media reports of the closeness of these two is wrong and they led separate lives.
    One report I found interesting was that a particular photo of him dressed in lingerie and posing was time dated to just after midnight on New Years Eve. Wouldn’t most married couples with virtually no family be together on that night?.You have to wonder and we will probably never know. If my husband committed those crimes I would not be sitting quietly in the background-everyone, including him would know my fury.

  28. as a reply to Catlady and Paladine…. I agree…. and also didn’t she wonder about his late night jogs? How did he manage to continually bring in loads of undies?

  29. I have been wondering all of the above myself, and was he in camp mirage when Michelle ?, military phsycologist supposedly committed suicide, something I have never believed, was he trained at the School of Americas, no longer a list available since it came to light they taught torture, just 5 Canadian military personnell from 2003 – 2004.

  30. When these terrible murders and sexual assults happen, it leads to more reasons to not trust people in the world. While it is important to know why these things happen and what drives men like this to commit these crimes, it makes me look at my small part of the world with yet more suspicion. How can anyone feel safe in such a cruel, dark world. People that we as a nation have given such great respect to have greatly been a large dissapointment and disgrace. To have so many lives ruined and probably many more to come in the near future if other crimes have been committed by this monster, is just a waste of everything that matters in life. I am still amazed that Karla walks free after the “Deal with the Devil” was made. This man is a very good reason for the death penalty should be brought back to Canada.
    As for “the wife” she probably knew that he was “off” in some ways and perhaps even condoned his wearing of female underwear, but if Williams was able to dupe his fellow officers, it would not be difficult for him to dupe a wife two days a week.

  31. janet brioche, matilda and just opinions all are showing the delight of the lower social orders in the pain and suffering of others. Frankly, none of you care a fig for the fate of Comeau and Lloyd; you just want to vent your hate of Ms. Harriman because she is smarter and a finer woman that any of you will ever be. By the way Brioche (I thought that was a bread roll) how do you know what Ms. Harriman has been doing? Do you have a private source of information?

    The only source of info that these three have is their own hateful imaginations. Too bad the fun is over: these three just lap it up. Nothing gives them more pleasure that the pain and misery of others.

  32. Dear janet brioche ( or should I address you as ms croissant?)

    Among other things you should learn how to spell. However, you’re probably not bright enough to be able to do that.

  33. Hey just opinions

    You’re the messed up one – vindictive hate make you “normal” in your world. You’re right; the majority of human beings are like you.

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