Hey Nineteen

Some follow ups….

1.   La Presse contacted me today… they saw I was blogging in French and now want to do a story on Theresa and cold-cases… knew this would pay off.

2.   Anon referred to Theresa as 19 forever… I find that sweet and very kind. Thx. Some lyrics from Steely Dan which – out of context at least –  appear appropriate:

“Hey Nineteen 
No we can’t dance together 
No we can’t talk at all 
Please take me along 
When you slide on down”

3.   If you check Pages on this blog you will see a restricted area called CLOSER – LIVING WITH MY SISTER’S MURDER. Thinking of posting the book I wrote about Theresa here and allowing access if people will make a small contribution to her scholarship (trust me… there’s good stuff I’m still holding back).

4.   When the clock struck 12:01 last night I wasn’t pining over  loss, I was doing this:


Which I think would have given T a chuckle. You can see more of the band here.


One thought on “Hey Nineteen”

  1. 1. Great news. Glad your plan worked.
    2. You’re welcome.
    3. Been waiting to read that book for a couple of years now…
    4. Nice drummin’, John.

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