CTV Montreal – Special Report: Who Polices the Police?

CTV does a profile on why public inquiries don’t work; especially when police are conducting them. When I was considering completing a PhD in criminal justice my thesis was going to be the role of public inquiries in society… and I had already pretty much figured out they area waste of tax payer money ( you only have to look at Quebec’s Poitras Commission to figure that one out).

Yet, here is Quebec again throwing good money away at in inquiry into Montreal police conduct in the Freddy Villanueva shooting, with another police force, The Surete du Quebec leading up the commission.

Who Polices The Police indeed?

Recall Plato’s Noble Lie from The Republic where the guardians of the State would be told they are better than ordinary citizens and that this lie would maintain a Rawlson balance in society. Or, in a more negative and contemporary spin – and I’m totally geeking out here – in Alan Moore’s Watchmen the illusion of order is maintain by the threat of destruction (if the earth don’t stay peaceful Dr. Manhattan will come back and finish the job.) This might be the more appropriate analogy under present circumstances in Quebec.

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CTV Montreal – Special Report: Who Polices the Police? – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television


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