SQ’s Operation Hammer – will it end with a bang?

I am struggling to keep up with all the news out of Quebec about the construction industry inquiry. There has been this much police buzz since Carcajou and the Poitras investigation into the Surete du Quebec (rather than discuss it all, I just posted a bunch of stuff below). I will say this “Operation Hammer” is a lame, Carcajou (or Wolverine) was so much cooler, and it gets bonus points because it came years before the X-Men hype.

In other news, I have been asked to do a guest post over at Britain’s Thinking Policeman’s blog ( more on that later), and Rob Tripp over at CanCrime will be doing a piece on Theresa’s case shortly. As Anon pointed out earlier this week, someone indeed has written a book on Canadian unsolved murders with Theresa’s case in it, and guess what? It’s news to me! Yup, no one asked my permission to write about the case even though Theresa’s story has publishing protections. I’ve decided that before I go Full Breezer on Line Pine Publishing I’ll read the book (they are sending me a complimentary copy).


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