Clifford The Big Fed Con

More surprises. I spoke with the Surete du Quebec yesterday: Theresa Allore’s case is in the portfolio of the special Cold-Case Squad.

Bennie say’s he told me that a year ago when I came to visit; the file’s with the squad, but he is still assigned to the case, since he has all the knowledge of it.

My bad? I don’t know, I checked my notes from last year and really couldn’t confirm anything.  I’m pretty sure I would remember a thing like that, and I’m pretty sure my French comprehension is beyond making such a mistake. And… I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the first time the SQ contradicted itself. 

Anyway, Bennie’s a good guy, I like him. He cut his teeth on white collar crime, and was assigned to the Carcajou task force that investigated the Bikers. He’s primarily a polygrapher now with the SQ, a lot of work on the psychology of criminals (no he is not assigned to Earl Jones and he will not be working on Operation Hammer).

No new leads in Theresa’s case, though we did talk shop for a bit. He said that he received a copy of the letter Clifford Olson sent saying he had knowledge of Theresa’s murder. Then he did me one better. 

“Mr. Allore, remember years ago when I told you about false leads, and that one infamous guy had claimed he’d killed your sister? Olson was the guy.”

So Clifford Olson first tells the police that he killed Theresa Allore (check the dates, it’s impossible), then he comes back and says, no it’s something different, he knows the guy that did it. 

A full blown psycho-sociopath: Mr. Olson please continue to wallow in obscurity.


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