Top Ten Crime Advocates

Here are my top ten crime advocates – Canada. These people rock relentlessly, tirelessly doing your dirty work so you may never fall into the abyss:

1.   Randy McCall:  Is there any aspect of victimology Randy isn’t involved with? Check out his links: 


Randy is your go-to guy for all things victim related, advocating for Canada but equally entrenched in the United States, Europe and Asia. His weekly Twit compilations are a personal favorite.  Randy seems to get more driven with age, negating the adage that our creative potential is effectively dead at 32. I have dubbed Randy Night Owl because he has proven to be the most level-headed of the bunch of us (and he has appropriately dubbed me Rorschach)

2.   Judy Peterson: She had the stroke of genius to connect missing persons with unidentified human remains. Judy was the first to advocate for changing Canada’s DNA identification laws. Others quickly followed suit including the Ontario Provincial Police and  the United States Namus project, and recently Quebec’s efforts to link remains with missing persons. 

3.   Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu: I have blogged so much about my friend Pierre and his Quebec victim advocacy group, AFPAD that to elaborate would be redundant.


Let it be said that his recent efforts to follow suit with Lindsay’s Law are beautiful.

4.   Carolyn Gardner:  In Canada we have a problem. A “life” sentence means a maximum of 25 years served in prison (usually 16 years if the offender demonstrated good behavior). This leaves the business of advocating for longer sentences to the victims. No one has done a better job at this than Carolyn Gardner advocating for a longer sentence for her sister, Sheryl Gardner murderer Ralph Power.

5.   Wayne Leng: A controversial and polarizing figure, Wayne is nevertheless a key advocate for the Missing Women of Vancouver. He has also been one of the strongest voices for the missing women along the Highway of Tears in British Columbia, a recent case that seems to get ignore as much as the missing women in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

6.   Holly DeSimone:  


The hardest working victim in victim advocacy. Holly seems to be everywhere speaking out on sexual violence against women.

7.   Marcel Bolduc:   A pioneer.  Marcel was fighting the fight when we were all in diapers.


He has bragging rights beyond what we could comprehend. Search on Marcel and you will find nothing; he is a shadow-warrior, and a great personal inspiration.

8. Michel Surprenant:  Again… a shadow warrior. Michel is a member of AFPAD and fights on in the memory of his daughter, Julie Surprenant.  Another personal inspiration.

9.   The Unsolved Victims from Vermont. New Hampshire and Maine:  Close to 100 murders unsolved and possibly connected to Quebec.

10.   Sharron Prior: Then unsolved journal of the 1975 murder of Sharon Prior, maintained by her sister Doreen: Inspirational, and in need of more attention.


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