How to grieve like a victim

What’s the proper way for a crime victim to grieve? Well there’s no right way.  There’s no shortage of crime victims who have turned their suffering into advocacy, and here are links to some of my favorites:

– Afpad

– Lindsay’s Law

– Power No Parole

I would like to focus on two people who did something quite different with tragedy:

1.   Erin Runnion’s 5-year-old daughter Samantha was kidnapped and murdered in 2002. After Samantha’s death Erin started Joyful Child, a California non-profit dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse and abduction through programs that unite and uplift communities.  Runnion believes that parents should be concerned about common threats to young childen, and should not be overly focused on relatively rare occurrences such as child abduction by strangers.

Take a look at Runnion’s website which is so bright and positive. It’s filled with beautiful pictures of Samantha, her art work, and some of the great things she used to say:


Joyful Child

2.   In July Elias Sorokin went missing in Southern California. Though he is still missing, Elias is presumed dead (Adam Hunt and Stewart Skuba are awaiting a preliminary hearing for the murder).


My neighbor is a friend of Elias Sorokin. In his memory she started a garden for Elias:

Yesterday was the first harvest and I was lucky enough to benefit:


Sauteed Bok Choy!:

There are lots of ways to grieve and recover. Please send me your suggestions.


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