A Very Nice Response from WUNC’s Senior Producer

“My name is Susan Davis and I’m the Senior Producer of “The State of Things,” which is a production of North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC, which is an affiliate of National Public Radio.

I appreciate your thoughtful emails and your blog posts about this summer’s special programming, “Law & Order Week.” It’s the second time we have dedicated a week to law and order in North Carolina. I refer you to the first time: July 16, 2007 through July 20, 2007. That week we spent an hour with Regina Lane, a crime victim: http://wunc.org/tsot/archive/sot072007a.mp3/view?searchterm=Regina%20Lane

Our special programming weeks are not meant to be comprehensive nor have they ever been presented as comprehensive. I apologize if we failed to meet your expectations.
We have also spoken with the family members of crime victims on the program in the past:


The voices of crime victims are vital, crucial voices in our community and we will continue to feature them, and consider more and better ways to include them on our program as we pursue future topics and ideas.

I appreciate your keen ear and hope that you will continue to listen and continue to communicate with me when you have questions and concerns.

Susan Davis
Senior Producer”


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