Justice Week?

WUNC’s The State Of Things this week has called its programming “Criminal Justice Week”. Five one-hour programs, and not one focusing on crime victims. I brought this to host, Frank Stasio’s attention and here is his response:

“Criminal justice systems that function poorly make victims of us all. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the failure of the prison system to prepare offenders for their return to society. Recidivism rates are high. They victimized us once. Returned unprepared, they’ll do it again. We deserve better better protection, don’t you think?”

And here is my response to Frank:

“Sorry Frank, but that doesn’t answer the question. That’s a dance and you know it. I am the brother of a murder victim, and the FIRST graduate in Criminal Justice from NC State’s program. So you can’t bullshit me. I know all the angles, and the fact is that the first victims are the innocents that didn’t ask for this fate. I am disappointed that you have not profiled victims in such an important feature, and I will vocalize it.”


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