Hare Raising

Now comes the utterly predictable development that a Quebec television show is doing a “Ghost Hunters” show on the former Champlain College student residence at Compton, Quebec (known as Kings Hall), and that according to their “readings” the lead ghost (apparently there are over 40 of them) is a spirit called “Theresa”.

King’s Hall haunted?  No surprise to me. Here’s what I wrote about the place back in 2003:
“King’s Hall – the one-time girls’ school, one time student residence for Champlain College – is today a “resort” hotel. In advertisements (check out the website) it refers to itself as a “Four Seasons Resort”. Careful. Not a “Four Seasons Hotel”, as in the world leader in luxury hotels and resorts. Four seasons; as in, this hotel is open in all four seasons of the year. The place reeked of desperation. A gothic anomaly in the middle of dairy country. It looked like the setting for one too many cheap horror movies. Trying to say these were luxury accommodations was like trying to pass off Dollywood as a major theme park. After the lease was up in 1979, the owners tried to unload the school on the Canadian government for 1.1 million, but even the Canadian government wasn’t that stupid. I pulled into the parking lot. There was one car in the drive. One car, and over one hundred rooms. This place wouldn’t last the summer.

I entered the lobby. Not surprising, there was a suit of armor propped up in the corner. If the red tennis shoe monster from Bugs Bunny suddenly ran out of the dining room I wouldn’t have batted an eye. What was this place? In any other situation, I suppose I would have called it beautiful – Mahogany paneling, a tea service, a harpsichord. Under the circumstances it just seemed weird. A bed and breakfast maybe. Something country quaint to go along with the cows and the gristmills – but this place: Windsor castle? Meet Children of the Corn.”

Hey, no one loves a good scare more than me, but my belief in such things is limited. To the point, no matter what they came up with would never be admissible in a court of law. That ultimately is the point: to solve the crime of Theresa Allore’s murder.
So hunt away good people. Bring attention to the case. Find tantalizing patterns of meaning  in utter randomness. You will have no complaints from me.

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