The Suspense Is Killing Me

Court to rule on Robert Pickton appeal today

The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — The B.C. Appeal Court will hand down a decision today over the conviction of serial killer Robert Pickton.

Some family members are hoping the former pig farmer actually wins his appeal.

If the court upholds the six second-degree murder convictions, the Crown has already indicated it won’t go ahead with the remaining 20 murder charges again Pickton.

But many family members of those 20 women want a trial, including Lori-Ann Ellis, whose sister-in-law Cara is on that list.

Ellis says it’s unfortunate that she has to hope the convictions will be overturned so they can have their day in court.

The Crown has launched a cross appeal over the trial judge’s decision to split the original 26 murder charges into two trials.

Police moved into Pickton’s Lower Mainland farm in 2002, setting off a massive murder investigation that uncovered body parts, blood samples, bone fragments and victims’ belongings.


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