Hey Canada? Wake up!

The exact battle that was waged in Quebec after the disappearance of Cedrika Provencher, and such a shame another child had to die.
You’d think Canada would put two-and-two together and make this a national policy?:

Online petition seeks changes to Amber Alert in light of Tori case

Victoria Stafford is shown in this 2006 family handout photo. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO)

Thousands of people have signed an online petition aimed at forcing changes to Ontario’s Amber Alert system in light of the Tori Stafford case.

The person who created the petition has dubbed the changes “Tori’s Law.”

The petition asks that the law be changed to require an Amber Alert be issued without question if the guardian of the child finds it “out of character for the child to be missing for any length of time.”

An Amber Alert is currently issued when police confirm a child under 18 years old has been abducted and could be in serious harm. There must also be enough descriptive information about the child, abductor or the suspect vehicle in order to be issued.

Local media then interrupt scheduled programs in order to broadcast the information.

An Amber Alert was never issued when Tori Stafford went missing April 8, 2009.

The online petition goes on to claim that if an alert had been issued, Tori “could still be alive today.”


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