Possible Connection – Quebec / U.S. Murders?

Dear Kathy:

Thanks for contacting me. I am not convinced that the assaults, rapes and murders committed by Avedis Ralph Seaward in the Concord, New Hampshire area circa 1978 – 1982 are in any way connected to the three murders of my sister, Theresa Allore, and Manon Dube and Louise Camirand during the same time period in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

As is the case with the Quebec deaths, Seaward’s activity is heavily clustered in the Concord area. You would need to find some rational explanation for him crossing the border into Canada at that time to capture my interest. Yes, he was a long-haul trucker, and, yes the the main route out of Concord is Interstate 93 which directly connects to Highway 55.  And Hwy 55 was, and is, the main artery for trucking from the United States into Quebec (And passes very close to the Quebec crime scenes). However, you would have to know a little about the Quebec dump-sites; they are not easily accessible by transport. I would consider it high-risk behavior, if not entirely impossible for a truck could access those roads.

Briana’s abandoned car

On the overriding subject of a possible cross-border offender; I have spend a considerable amount of thought and effort in investigating this possibility. As I am sure you are aware there are a number of unsolveds from Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire from that era where the possible crimes took place in proximity to the Canadian border. For a time myself and the families of Maura Murray and Briana Maitland were working for approx. 6 months with Dateline NBC on a possible story.

Brianna Maitland

We had also contacted police and professional investigators about the likelihood of such a suspect. The bottom line was there was no evidence to suggest such a suspect ever existed. The prospect is certainly titillating to the imagination, but such behavior defies logical explanation (there would need to be some concrete proof to justify such a suspect operating in the two different regions). However, I always remain open to someone coming forward with that proof.

Maura Murray

Thank you for contacting me. I am always interested in cold cases, and I hope you are able to find some answers.


John Allore


I ran across your site and I am wondering if the cases on your page could belong to Avedis Ralph Seaward of Concord New Hampshire. I noticed there are quite a few in that area. Seaward raped several girls in New Hamphire. Please let me know if you think he could be resposible for any of these crimes:

In 1981 I was a victim of Avedis Ralph Seaward. I was working in a King Kwik store when he came in and robbed, kidnapped and raped me. In the car was a deceased girl. She had dirty blond hair, green eyes. At the time he raped me he was a suspect in 278 rapes and murders. He was a long haul truck driver. He wrote a confession to the F.B.I. in the confession he said his crimes are from New Hampshire to Florida and from Massachusetts to California. The states he mentions specifically are New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Texas, Tennesee, Michigan, Missouri, and California. Seawards crimes include murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and arson among others. His crimanal records go back to 1961. He states these crimes occured between 1968 to 1979. Also in 1981 he committed several crimes of rape and one murder that I know of. He was in the Georgia state prison from 2-8-1979 to 2-1-1981.

Seaward says he killed an elderly lady in Concord New Hampshire

Seaward says he raped a girl in Concord walking up North State St. near the Blossom Hill Cemetary may have been August 1981.

Seaward says he raped a victim he believed lived in Pennacook near Concord. He raped her at the end of Perkin Court in her own car. may have been Feb 1978?

Seaward says he murdered a Frank Gurton In Boston Massachusetts. He caught up with him 1968 at the Hillbilly Ranch Bar, Park square area. Shot Gurton in the head with a 357 magnum and buried him some where around where the John Hancock building stands.

Seaward states he murdered a Frank Buxton in the area of Park Square area, Boston. He caught up with him at a Avis Car Rental and took him to an open field near what he believes is the Cambridge River, near the Boston Museum of Science and a large bridge. Seaward shot him with a 38 calibur in the head and chest. Seaward then dismembered him and buried him in different holes.

Seaward said he murdered a Freddie Conner in 1971. He shot him in the head 5 times and buried him in an open field behind the Turtle Inn on First St. Atlantic Beach Florida.

Seawrd stated in he worked for a contractor Jack Anderson in 1971 installing counter tops. At a apt. complex when Anderson didn’t pay him he burnt the complex down.

There was a complaint filed in march 1981of a rape

Seaward raped two girls in Concord May 1981. Plead insanity spent six weeks in a mental institution. One girl was 15 one was 16.

Seaward raped a girl in Agust of 1981 in Concord.

In September of 1981 he stole a car, checks and other items in Concord.

Seaward murdered a girl Oct 6, 1981

Seaward robbed, kidnapped me and raped me Oct 7,1981

Seaward robbed, kidnapped and raped a victim in Sandusky ohio Oct 13,1981. At this time he was caught.

At the present time Seaward is in the Ohio Prisons system. He is charged with 2 counts of agg. robbery. I do not know what happened to the charges of murder. The 2 counts of rape and kidnapping were plead down to agg. robbery, in which he recieved 7 to 25 on my case and 7 to 25 on the Sandusky victim. I have been fighting since mid eighties to keep him in prison or at least label him a sexual preditor. He is up for parole in 2011. He will not be labeled a sexual preditor.

I am hoping that someone has ran across some of these crime. I don’t know how truthful he was on the names. I am hoping to find cases that may fit these crimes. Since I am not from these areas I need to find someone that knows of these locations.

I am also interested in unsolved cases that fit this time period. I know he committed alot of rapes in or around cemetaries, some were at gravel pits and wooded areas. He also robbed convenient stores and some victims were at bars.Hopefully someone knows something about these cases.

If you have any cases in your town that fit Seawards confessions please let me know. I am not sure if he gave the right names but I bet he gave the right details of the crimes. All his victims and thier families deserve justice. Will you help please. I also have more paper work on him.

Thank you,


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