Kim Rossmo / Chandra Levy

I’ve been ill, and thus somewhat preoccupied for a week, so no new posts. But thank you Anon, for pointing out two articles to me. The first concerns the arrest of Ingmar A. Guandique for the murder of Chandra Levy and Kim Rossmo’s comment,  “When you consider the relatively low violent crime rate in Rock Creek Park, Guandique stands out like a neon sign.”

So why did it take eight years to discover a neon sign? Don’t answer that question, we’ve been down this road before. It’s a criminal investigative failure and the current generation of police investigators is not immune to error and bias. Despite advances in police technology, people continue to make the same mistakes that have been made for decades. Is there ever going to be a solution for this? Someone really has to get a handle on knowledge management and passing critical information on to the young-guard. Whatever police management is currently doing is clearly not working. 
The second article I believe comes from a Texas local magazine. It is basically a restatement of how Rossmo came to become a chaired researcher at Texas State University. Points that stand out to me:
– Clearly Kim is price catch for any academic institution. A guy that can drum up huge funding opportunities by the amount of grants he generates. 
– His focus is behavior and criminology, but at the heart Kim is a math guy. That’s what makes his work in criminal profiling so attractive; unlike the “first wave” of profilers that came out of the FBI whose foundation was based in psychology, Kim has his feat on the ground with an application based on logic. Yes, offenders behave irrationally, but what we perceive as irrational is only because we haven’t found the pattern yet, and the pattern is there in their daily habits, their life experiences, their relationships, etc…
– He has been working on military applications for geographic profiling. I have spoken to Kim about this, essentially it has a lot to do with patterns of insurgency in Iraq (if you can predict how the enemy will behave based on time / space you have a better chance of commanding and controlling in Iraqi hotspots.

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