Chandra Levy – The end of a disgraceful journey

Eight years ago I embarked on a personal journey to discover what led to the death of my sister Theresa. At the same time, in the national arena, the murder of Chandra Levy was playing out in sensational fashion. Recall that congressman Condit was the early prime suspect in this investigation. The theory that Condit was responsible for Levy’s murder made for good press, and fit the general public’s notion of murder as portrayed in novels, television and the cinema.

In reality this primetime theory was a most unlikely scenario. When possibilities and probabilities were analysed against known, acquaintance and stranger encounters; given the circumstances of the crimes (location, etc…) it was always the case that a stranger encounter was the most likely explanation.

Happily the Condit family is now fully exonerated. Sadly, it took eight years to get here, at a tremendous waste to taxpayers.

(with a nod, as always, to my favorite criminologist)

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