Bullet Bill and the Genuine Article

Last week my Facebook page gained some controversy when I posted the message, “John needs a Bullet Bill”. I was in fact referring to the Nintendo Wii device used in Mario Kart to give you a boost of acceleration. I was NOT courting controversy in reference to the piece of legislation currently floating around North Carolina that would ban convicted criminals from obtaining ammunition in the state (this is also known as the “bullet bill”).

A Bullet Bill / The Bullet Bill
For what it’s worth, I am not in favor of state public policy that in effect tosses problems over the wall to neighboring states. This has always been the problem with Washington’s “ban on guns”; criminals just cross the border into Maryland or Virginia to buy what they need. The same is true for the bullet bill. Even worse, if offenders can’t buy bullets legally, watch for a whole slew of underground bullet manufacturing operations to spring up across the state.  Better to have a National policy and strategy on guns where the laws are consistent for everyone (so they can run across the border into Canada and obtain a pea-shooter).

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