Criminal Investigative Failures

The Wallet, the wallet… haven’t I told you this story?

It’s called the least-effort-principle:
Why would someone wait six months to discard the wallet? Six months to have all that evidence around them: why would someone expose themselves to that level of risk?  The logical thing would be to get rid of it as soon as possible. Also, all the contents of the wallet were found intact, and the water damage of the contents was consistent with prolonged exposure to elements. 
I find it hard to believe that someone would travel around with it for six months and risk  losing track of some of the contents. 
But in case your still not convinced:
I bought an identical wallet on Ebay some five years ago (same era, same color, etc…). I buried it in the snow on November 3, 20xx at the same location where the original wallet was found. Six months later I had the police dig it up. Police confirmed that the “dummy” wallet showed the same evidence of deterioration as the actual wallet. Therefore, the wallet had been left there for six months.
Don’t get seduced by pet theories and intuition. It can kill an investigation. 

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