Richard Jenkins – Everything is Illuminated

Ok, here’s the deal… back when I was an actor I was in a movie called Trapped In Paradise. (a not-so-good movie, but people still recognize me for it) The stars were Nicolas Cage, John Lovitz and Dana Carvey, but my charge was with Richard Jenkins.  Richard played the FBI special agent chasing the stars over a bank robbery, and I was one of his seconds.

This was 8 weeks of filming in and around Niagara Falls Canada / US in the bleak of winter.
And I might add I remember a particular evening-off spent in St Catherines where I got the hibbies over being in the locale of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo.
So that’s how I met Richard and we remained friends. Not long after filming wrapped Richard gave me the opportunity to meet his agent in New York. I travelled by train and stayed in NYC with a then undiscovered writer-friend. The meeting with the agent was a bust, but at least I had the opportunity.
A year later:  Sony Pictures is auditioning for Crimson Tide. Jenkins gets me an audition. I have to fly to LA for it. I’m sandwiched b/w Ric Schroeder and William Macy in my audition slot.  I don’t get a part in the film.
Bottom line: (aside from my flaming out as an actor of course) Richard Jenkins is a stand-up guy. I saw his production of The Miser at Trinity Rep in the early 90s… it was outstanding.  This is a man who has paid his dues in dozens of character roles. He is deserving. 

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