Parts and Labour

So we were talking about my new crush, Parts and Labour (yes, Anon I do love that synthesized bagpipe sound)…

If you recall I was riffing on how great the drumming was. Well imagine my shock when I later found out the original drummer was replaced with a more conventional guy who seems to have been instructed to just keep time.
Yes, virtuoso, Christopher Weingarten is no longer with P&L, he went off to write a book about Public Enemy…  So I wrote Chris. Here’s some of what I said:


You left the band? Ah sh*t… this bites. I just learned about you! Look, I’m almost 45, live in North Carolina and don’t get out much anymore, but…

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your drumming! I have a drum set that’s been collecting dust for 30 months. After xmas I picked up the sticks and tried to follow you.. couldn’t on most (the paradiddle on GOLD… I’m three weeks out), but just knowing I could participate on Long Way Down was complete pleasure, and a release from my daily drudge working for the government.

I Know that you’ve inspired someone who is jaded. Are you still playing? (Of course you are, but where?)

If you ever make it to the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC let me know…”

Yours Truly circa 1980… look at the size of that cowbell!

So (and you know where I’m going with this, right?)… CHRIS WROTE ME BACK!:

“Damn! Thanks, man! That means so much for me to hear that! Wow!

You’d probably be sad to know I haven’t played drums more than two or three times in the course of the last 18 months.

I’m working on a book and a career and zzzzz boring, but I’m probably gonna start a metal band this summer if (here’s hoping) my book is done and whatnot. I miss playing so much right now. :/ I’ll be sure to let you know.

PS: the paraddidle on “Gold” is more like RLRRLRRL with reversed placement (ie, the RIGHT hand on the snare and the LEFT hand on the hi-hat). Bass drum is just four on the floor the whole way thru.

Wow, thanks agaiN!”

How cool is that! (and that paradiddle thing is tricky, believe me)
Chris is a long time music contributor to the Village Voice and blogs over at Poisson d’Avril. Check him out

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