Yer Mourning Newz

SOS! A politician has lost faith in another politician! We’re doomed!:

Layton no longer trusts Harper


It’s call character research ya GD Pudknocker…:

Actor Sam Shepard charged with drunken driving


Yes folks, Fergie – the most over-documented celebrity in pop music – has got her groove back. Good to know:

Fergie et Josh Duhamel: la pop star retrouve la forme pour son mariage


Prince prévoit lancer 3 albums en 2009:

Terrific: will they all suck less than Emancipation?


“Those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you rattle your jewelry”:

Renowned Rainbow Room Can’t Afford to Serve Food


Madoff Investor's Suicide Was an 'Act of Honor'...:

Oh you French, you’re so chivalrous, you got burned like the rest of us; deal with it.


This morning’s Ebay bargain:

RARE 3v Lg Book set Indian Jesuit Relations 1858 Quebec

Only $900!


Oh come on, forget about it! It’s like saying, “where to find the best Labatt product in Quebec”!:

Where to get Toronto’s best poutine

Besides… Is that guacamole and peppers on top? What-the-hell? Sure and add some ginger-ale to my beer while you’re at it ya Bay street bumpkin.


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