5-Year Anniversary

Somewhere along the line we just hit our 5-year anniversary at WKT…. Yippy!

Also, the Kim Rossmo book, Criminal Investigative Failures has finally come out (delayed due to misprint). You can get it over at Amazon.
Don’t mean to be a grinch, but check out the note I received from publishers last week:

“Pursuant to the letters sent throughout the year, I’m pleased to offer something special for the holiday season.

Place your book order by 12/29/08, 12:00 noon EST and receive an extra 5% discount and free shipping.

Send via fax or e-mail to my attention to assure correct processing.

Happy Holidays!

Taylor & Francis Group, LLC – US Books Division”

How do I say this politely…   
5% on a $60 book is not helping me a whole lot. I mean I know you’re an academic publisher and all, but can’t you do better than that?  At least spare me the part about the special holiday season offer which smacks of insincerity. And where’s the FREE copy I was promised? Shouldn’t we take care of that first?

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