Back to Work – Ebay for Endowment

Ok, so we have 2 Ebay auctions going on for the Theresa Allore Memorial Endowment. 100% of all winning proceeds go towards the scholarship fund named in Theresa’s honor.

The Bob Dylan Poster:  4 bids, 3 watchers… high bid is $30
Well done, though we’re not there yet, these things go for approx. $70 so I have high hopes for this one. FYI: Theresa was a big Dylan fan. I still have her LP of Blood on the Tracks (I’m not parting with it so don’t even ask)

The three Archie Comics:  13 bids, 1 watcher… high bid $51.  

SAY WHAT?????  $51 for these?  I thank you, I thank you so much… I think our work is pretty much done on this item. 
This is a great way to contribute to the endowment, while getting a little something back in return. With all proceeds going to the memorial fund through Ebay’s Giving works, please bid generously.
Additional items will be listed in the future. For all auctions go to Ebay and search on “Allore”
Good luck!

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